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The Soul Within

The Soul Within

5.0 4
by Nancy Adams

Alex's body is in a coma. His soul, however, is not. Desperate to become whole, he must first convince stubborn beauty Evening Sinclair that he is not dead.

For generations, the Sinclairs have been healers. Using a gentle touch to heal the body and a soothing word to heal the soul, Evening Sinclair is no different. Yet despite her secret abilities,


Alex's body is in a coma. His soul, however, is not. Desperate to become whole, he must first convince stubborn beauty Evening Sinclair that he is not dead.

For generations, the Sinclairs have been healers. Using a gentle touch to heal the body and a soothing word to heal the soul, Evening Sinclair is no different. Yet despite her secret abilities, Eve has a somewhat normal existence. She enjoys her small physiotherapy practice, dotes on her eight-year-old daughter and occasionally helps souls get back into their bodies-that is until Alex, with his brooding good looks and glowing eyes, appears in her kitchen.

Alex is desperate to get back into his body-two innocent lives depend on it. His only obstacle is Eve and her stubborn fear. Unfortunately for Eve, Alex is ruthless and just as stubborn. He will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. He will not 'go away' and no matter how much Eve tortures him with her lush body and perfect mouth, he will not change his mind. Eve will merge him, and if it takes him haunting her day and night, she will merge him back with a body-any body.

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The right honourable Brad Rhodes jumped at the knock on his office door. Quickly closing the files on his laptop, he called out. "Yes, who is it?"

"Security, Mr. Rhodes."

"Shit." He muttered under his breath. "One sec." He glanced nervously over at the door to his private bathroom.

His hands shook as he ejected the flash drive from his laptop, and slid the data on the new Defence contracts into his pocket. He stopped before the door, took a deep centring breath as he buttoned his suit jacket and smiled, his nervousness now hidden behind a mask of absolute confidence. Opening the door, he had only time to gasp before he went flying back into the room.

The sheer force of the kick to his chest had him gasping for air. With his chest burning and head spinning Brad was quickly pinned to the floor by two men. Stunned, he stared up at a masked face leaning in close. The vivid blue of the eyes that stared back were beautiful, divine and yet deeply disturbing. Those eyes saw more than just the government employee, husband and father, those eyes saw the dark secrets sitting on his soul.

"Who are you?" There was no answer as he was quickly patted down. A hand stopped on the pocket that held the Flash drive. Pulling it from his pocket the man with the blue eyes held it up and tossed it to his partner. He then stood, settling his eternal eyes on him, before stepping over him and proceeding behind his desk.

"Now Bradley," The second attacker began. This man was different from the other; his eyes were black, empty chasms. "You know very well who we are."

The quiet words sent a shiver through him. "Oh God!" These men were part of the Guardian Project and they were here. That meant the other members knew what he had been up to. That meant these men were here to kill him. "But you can’t...I’m a member on the committee that sanctions you."

"Yes, you are." The man reached into a pocket hidden on his sleeve and withdrew a syringe.

"That’s the reason why we didn’t shoot you. We don’t want any unwanted attention, so you will die of natural causes." The man squatted down next to him. "Your wife will be taken care of for the remainder of her life and your child will only know of a father that worked incessantly to improve our country." The masked man paused and shrugged casually. "If you ask me, that’s pretty good considering the amount of shit you stirred up." The man turned to his partner who was behind the desk. "Ace?"

"Just cleaning his hard drive." There was a brief silence before he announced, "Done."

The man ‘Ace’ walked around the desk and stopped by his feet, giving his partner a quick nod.

"Wait." Brad began to panic. "Please. You can’t do this. The people that want this..."

"Are dead." It was ‘Ace’ who finished. "Just like the soldiers you sold out."

"I didn’t know they would kill so many. Please..." Brad held up his trembling hands, his face now coated with a light sheen of sweat. "I have a...my family."

"Those soldiers had families." Ace gritted out between clenched teeth.

"Your family will be better off without you." The killer next to him said. "Now, are we going to have to hold you down or will you take your punishment like a man?"

Brad’s heart began to race, blood pounded in the ear. He was going die. He didn’t want to die.

The basic need for survival had Brad fighting the men the best he could, but they were too strong, too fast. He felt the pinch at the base of his hairline, before the killers released him. Their mission now complete.

Two sets of eyes stared down waiting for him to die. Both so dramatically different, yet both the same. "You’re monsters." He mumbled.

Miles nodded. "We have to be, in order to protect the world from people like you."

In the last seconds of his life, Right Honourable Brad Rhodes watched as the man who killed him took off his mask and he realised that the head of his own security team had killed him.


"Well that’s six months of my life I won’t get back." Miles sighed. Standing, he snapped the cover on the end of the syringe and slid it back inside his sleeve. "This guy was a real dick. Next time we’re tasked with a job like this, you’re on point."

Alex ‘Ace’ Hunter raised his eyebrows. "Stop whining like a bitch. We could still be in the desert roasting our asses off."

"Yeah!" Miles snorted. "That was by far the easiest part of this job. I didn’t have to do anything." Miles narrowed his eyes. "You still miss all that shit don’t you?"

Alex shrugged. "Not always. I have missed using my rifle though. It was nice to blow holes in things again."

Meet the Author

Nancy’s addiction for a good trash novel began in her late-teens when her grandmother gave her a bag of Harlequin Romance books. She was hooked and spent the next few years lurking in the dark corners of used bookstores searching for her next fix. Until, one marriage and two kids later, her own ideas had her jumping up at 3 am (much to her husband’s annoyance) and typing them into her laptop. Beside her husband and children, Nancy has three passions, rearranging furniture, buying bed linens and, of course, writing. Nancy lives in Eastern Ontario with her family and two over sized lap dogs.

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The Soul Within 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Lisahelo08 More than 1 year ago
This is a fantastic story with a great combination of paranormal, suspense and romance. The story pulls you in from the very beginning and keeps you on your toes with lots of great twists. This is a book I'll be reading again. I highly recommend it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This story was a little treasure to read, and Nancy Adams is an author to watch. The way she draws you into her characters lives, like you're right there with them is thrilling... The Soul Within was a wonderfully romantic read, with just the right amount of action, suspense, and soul magic thrown in. Alex Hunter is a government assassin who has just been betrayed by his partner. Shot in the back, and left to die while trying to save the life of a innocent pregnant women who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He doesn't die. Alex's body is in a coma, while his soul is left to roam free. Eve Sinclair is a woman with the ability to merge a soul back into a persons body after a major life threatening trauma. She was born with this ability, it's handed down by the women in her family. Due to a previous scary experience with an evil soul, Eve has sworn off helping anymore lost souls. She spends her life ignoring them, and pretending they don't exist. Alex is told that Eve can help him, and he sets out to find her. At first she tries to ignore him, and send him away, but Alex won't take no for an answer. He can't... Innocent lives are on the line, and his treacherous partner is closing in. I really enjoyed this story, it took off a little slow, but once the pace picked up it was hard to put down. The hero and heroine are both extremely likeable, determined, loyal, and had great chemistry in and out of the bedroom. The plot was nicely paced, the action and suspense kept me turning the pages, desperate to see what happens next. The sexy scenes were well written, sizzling hot, and fit in right with the pace of the story. The paranormal aspects were thought out, explained, and completely believable. The secondary characters were also fun to read, some were endearing, and they left their mark on the story and kept it fresh. I will be adding Nancy Adams to my list, and keeping my eye out for her new releases. 4.5 STARS *I was given a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review. My opinions are my own.*
Books_on_Silver_Wings More than 1 year ago
Review posted on Books on Silver Wings blog. *review copy received in exchange for an honest review* 4.5 Stars rounded up to 5 This is an amazing romantic story with lots of action and soul manipulation magic mixed in. Alex saves a pregnant woman who accidentally witnessed a crime. However, he is betrayed and shot by his partner, who wants no witness to his crime. Alex is physically  in a coma, but his soul is free to roam and find Eve, who can put his soul back into his body in order to save the witness from being murdered by his ex-partner. Alex is like a the man of anybody's dreams. He's got charming good looks, comes from a wealthy family, and is a kickass, top-secret government agent. He's stubborn and determined. He needs a body to affect the physical world and convinces Eve to put his soul into Cade's body, whose soul has departed. Eve has her own baggage to deal. She is extremely afraid of ghosts, whose physical bodies already died but can't move on, and pretends they don't exist. She doesn't want her daughter to inherit her gift of seeing souls and avoids her own mother, who is highly adept at using the gift. Alex helps her overcome her fears and accept the things she is afraid of in the world. It bothers me that Alex was in Cade's body and he has sex with Eve but only realizes that it's not his own body afterwards and things get awkward. Shouldn't he be freaked out before they have sex?  I definitely like the plot better than the character romance. The suspense and action builds up as Alex's ex-partner gets closer to to killing the eye witness. I like that the ghost and soul mending abilities are explained. Eve's idea of using tattoos as protective charms is ingenious and I think it's cool that it's works. The supernatural elements in the story are well explained and incorporated into the plot so it's not jarring. Overall, this is a great read with romance, the supernatural, and crime scenes thrown in. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ms. Adams makes it easy to believe in disembodied souls, mystical powers and eternal love that never ends. Plus the wonderfully imaginative plot kept me guessing right up to the fantastic ending!   Add in some steamy love scenes and It's a great read that shouldn't be missed!