Sound of Bassline 2

Sound of Bassline 2

by Jamie Duggan

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Release Date:
Ministry Of Sound Uk


Disc 1

  1. Duppy
  2. Love Shy (Thinking About You)
  3. Taking the Hardest
  4. Moving Too Fast
  5. Manny Man
  6. Sweet Revenge
  7. Right There
  8. Game Controlled
  9. You Got Me
  10. Good Times
  11. Dare You
  12. Boomerangs
  13. I Know
  14. Back of My T
  15. Bad Girl Bass  -  Subzero
  16. Hey That's My Sound
  17. Candy Rain
  18. I'm Leaving  -  DVA
  19. Fallin'
  20. Yea Yea Yea
  21. Etap Riddim
  22. Tears

Disc 2

  1. Day 'N' Nite
  2. Lovesick
  3. Back It Up
  4. Trouble
  5. End with Goodnight
  6. G Star
  7. It's Over
  8. You Got Me Feelin'
  9. Club La La
  10. Hey
  11. Be with Me  -  Subzero
  12. Love Me Again
  13. Hypnotic
  14. No Means No
  15. Frontline
  16. Hush Baby
  17. I Got U
  18. Addicted
  19. In Love Again
  20. Reason
  21. You Dont Know

Disc 3

  1. No More Calls
  2. Hideaway
  3. Single
  4. Show Me Love
  5. Deep in You
  6. Dance Wiv Me
  7. Boxers
  8. Blazin'
  9. All About You
  10. Playing Around
  11. To Be Real  - Danny Bond
  12. Baby Baby  - Carly George
  13. I Wanna Know
  14. Make Up Your Mind
  15. Hmmm Yess
  16. Mussy Mad
  17. Rain Drops
  18. Take Me In
  19. Badboy Tunes
  20. Rolex Sweep
  21. Beyond Words
  22. Do You Mind

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Jamie Duggan   Primary Artist
Robin S.   Vocals
Hal Ritson   Vocals
Yolanda Quartey   Vocals

Technical Credits

Whodini   Composer
Najee   Composer
Steve Kipner   Composer,Producer
James Grant   Producer
Jason Lee   Producer,Remixing
Fred McFarlane   Composer
Josh Milan   Composer
Teresa Shaw   Composer
Jason Thompson   Composer
Billy Mann   Composer
Subzero   Composer,Producer,Remixing
Dick Charles   Mastering
Adrian Robinson   Producer
Wideboys   Producer,Remixing
Wayne Wilkins   Composer,Producer
Wayne Rodrigues   Producer
Andrew Frampton   Composer,Producer
Kevin Hedge   Composer
Andy Lysandrou   Executive Producer
G. Bonnick   Producer,Remixing
Dipesh Parmar   Executive Producer
Steve Angello   Producer
Elin K. Smith   Producer
Natasha Bedingfield   Composer
Nick Detnon   Composer
Patrick James   Producer
Tom Knott   Engineer
Guy Katsav   Engineer
Hal Ritson   Producer,Engineer
Nicola Fasano   Producer,Remixing
Skepta   Composer
Mina Poli   Composer
Dezz Jones   Producer
Jamie Duggan   Producer,Remixing
Simon McDevitt   Producer
Aaron Evers   Composer
Michelle McKenna   Composer

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