The Sound of Diamonds

The Sound of Diamonds

4.8 5
by Rachelle Rea

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Her only chance of getting home is trusting the man she hates.

With the protestant Elizabeth on the throne of England and her family in shambles, Catholic maiden Gwyneth seeks refuge in the Low Countries of Holland, hoping to soothe her aching soul. But when the Iconoclastic Fury descends and bloodshed overtakes her haven, she has no choice but to trust the rogue


Her only chance of getting home is trusting the man she hates.

With the protestant Elizabeth on the throne of England and her family in shambles, Catholic maiden Gwyneth seeks refuge in the Low Countries of Holland, hoping to soothe her aching soul. But when the Iconoclastic Fury descends and bloodshed overtakes her haven, she has no choice but to trust the rogue who arrives, promising to see her safely home to her uncle's castle. She doesn't dare to trust him...and yet doesn't dare to refuse her one chance to preserve her own life and those of the nuns she rescues from the burning convent.

Dirk Godfrey is determined to restore his honor at whatever cost. Running from a tortured past, Dirk knows he has only one chance at redemption, and it lies with the lovely Gwyneth, who hates him for the crimes she thinks he committed. He must see her to safety, prove to the world that he is innocent, prove that her poor eyesight is not the only thing that has blinded her-but what is he to do when those goals clash?

The home Gwyneth knew is not what she once thought. When a dark secret and a twisted plot for power collide in a castle masquerading as a haven, the saint and the sinner must either dare to hold to hope...or be overcome.

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The Sound of Diamonds 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
okiewildflower More than 1 year ago
The history {5 stars}: To be honest, it’s been awhile since I’ve studied this time period, and so I needed a bit of brushing up on the history behind the Iconoclastic Fury. The clash of Catholics vs. Protestants during the middle ages was violent and wrought with much suffering and bitterness. Rachelle gently wove bits of the struggle in her story and genuinely wowed me with her amazing retelling of the history behind her story in a way that intrigued. If you don’t know much about the 1500s and the struggle of Catholic/Protestant, or you just would like a refresher, this book is a great start! The plot {5 starts}: Catholic maiden meets wanted Protestant rogue and she must trust him to take her back to her English Manor. It really couldn’t get more interesting than that! The plot line was very solid and I loved the way she drew us into the story, leaving us relieved and satisfied in the end. I didn’t find anything larger than life or too hard to believe, which is always a pet peeve in historical fiction. The characters {4 stars}: Gwen was a bit stuck up and distrustful at first. Dirk was a bit abrupt and didn’t explain himself well. I really felt that the characters were real in this way…not too perfect and not overly annoying. As the story went along, they grew and developed, making me smile, nod my head, and feel their pain along with them. I love the supporting character of Joseph (you’ll read about him, so I won’t give anything away!), and his story of revelation and redemption. One thing I did miss was the other supporting characters who I felt could have had a bit more of their back story told. The romance {5 stars}: Oh, it’s there. It’s not overwhelming. And it’s sweet. Like the author.
BrittanyMc More than 1 year ago
This story immediately grabbed my interest, as it is packed with danger and high emotions right from the beginning. It was an exciting, action-packed, and romantic read from the first page right to the last. It is written in first person and alternates the chapters between the perspectives of the two main characters, Dirk and Gwyneth. I really liked this approach and enjoyed knowing what was going on in their minds as the story progressed. It made it very interesting to see things through their eyes and be able to compare how they were viewing each other and the situations they were in. The other characters on the journey with Dirk and Gwyneth added much to the story, as well, particularly Cade and Margried. The historical detail was wonderful and the dangerous times that this novel was set in made for such an exciting book! There were twists and turns and misunderstandings, as well as pain and love and the quest to understand who God really is. It is also a story that I believe could be enjoyed by adults and older teens alike. I enjoyed this book from beginning to end and look forward to reading the next in the series. I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
MelissaF More than 1 year ago
This is Rachelle’s debut novel. It has been exciting to read about her writing journey and celebrate with her when this book released. Although, I don’t know her personally I have enjoyed watching her writing path unfold. This is a rich historical set in a time when it was Catholic against Protestant and vise versa. So much hate and violence from people professing to love Jesus. I can only imagine the amount of research that had to go into this book. I truly felt like I was taken back in time, escaping from a convent under attack, boarding a ship, drowning and fighting growing feelings for a man who I should despise. So many secrets to uncover in this book. I just kept thinking there was no way Dirk could’ve killed Gwyn’s parents but if not him then who? I also kept wondering who wanted Dirk to rescue Gwyn and why? I didn’t trust the motives. And what is the sound of diamonds? You’ll have to read to find out. Overall, a wonderful debut novel. If you enjoy books set in a different time I highly recommend this one. A copy of this book was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.
DeniseW 4 months ago
"The Sound of Diamonds " by Rachelle Rea is an amazing story set in the 1500's during the Reformation Era. The main character is Gwyneth, a Catholic, who left her homeland in England after losing her parents. She was later rescued from a convent, during an attack on those who practiced Catholicism, by the one man that she believed did the unthinkable. She was returned to her uncle in England where she begin to unfold the truth. In the midst of all the chaos, Gwyneth began to realize that she had found true love but she didn't want to risk him losing everything for her. In the end, love prevailed. This story is very well written. It is a page turner from beginning to the end. The author offers a hint of mystery in addition to the theme of love conquering all. She goes into great detail which reveals that she completed extensive research before writing this novel. This is a wonderful way for one to understand church history and the extreme conflicts during the early church. Overall, I truly enjoyed reading this novel. I always love reading Christian fiction, but never was interested in romance novels. This novel made me desire to read more like it because it included many other aspects of fiction. This is not your typical novel. The author did an amazing job unfolding the plot. If you would love to learn about church history, with a little mystery, and a great love story all in one. Then this is the book for you! I give this novel 5 stars. There aren't many novels out there that are written in such a creative manner. Kudos to Racelle Rea for a job well done!!
InTheBookcase More than 1 year ago
"The Sound of Diamonds" is the story of a young man, a supposed rascal, attempting to redeem himself and his past actions... "The Sound of Diamonds" is the story of a Catholic maiden, tucked away in a convent, far from harm's reach... During the Reformation, religious quarrels are on the tip of every man's tongue. The Catholics and Protestants are in the rage of battle during the 1560s. The Spanish King Philip II cannot control the revolution, and neither can the English Queen Elizabeth I. So the Iconoclastic Fury snakes its way deep into the Dutch Low Countries, where Gwyneth thought she would be kept in the safety of the nuns. Not so. To further Gwyneth's endangerment, on the unexpected night that the Fury arrives, a person she completely despises -- the murderer who she cannot bear to look upon -- again appears in her life. In some twisted way, Gwyneth considers him the lesser risk of the two harmful things that night -- to be slaughtered by the Beeldenstorm, or to be carried away from the convent by the one man she doesn't dare trust? "God knew. He knew the suffering of a stained soul lifting equally stained hands high to His heaven. He knew the muttering of the heart and thought it eloquent." (Chapter 28, The Sound of Diamonds) Her hope is to take refuge at her uncle's castle in England, and that this murderer will fulfill his word of getting her there safely. Her hope rests on the word of an honor-less man. The plot thickens, twists, and surprises the reader with every chapter. As a reader of historical fiction, I found this book to outwit and surpass many a book I've read before. So much research and study went into its writing. The historical details weave themselves so effortlessly into the plot, as only a true wordsmith can make the words do. The use of Dutch and Spanish authenticate the dialogue. Sweet romance harmonizes with the enthralling plot. And the spiritual transformation completes the story as a whole. "As for yourself, consider a different method in your pursuit of the truth. God does not desire us to come to Him with our minds so much as He is interested in our hearts." (Chapter 45, The Sound of Diamonds) This is a tale of trust, forgiveness, God's abounding grace -- and that in all things you should... Hold to hope. Rachelle Rea's debut novel is one of the best. Her writing style builds intrigue, engages the reader, and makes one desire to be daring. I'm eagerly anticipating volume 2 of the Steadfast Love series. "The Sound of Diamonds" hits a shelf near you on June 15th.