Sound of the Soul: Music for Qin and Xiao

Sound of the Soul: Music for Qin and Xiao

by Shasha Chen

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Disc 1

  1. Flowing Waters  - Zhu Lei
  2. Three Variations on the Melody Plum Blossoms  - Zhu Lei
  3. Hearing the Music of a Flute on the Terrace of the Phoenix  - Zhu Lei
  4. Tears for Yan Hui  - Zhu Lei
  5. Hearing Someone Play the Flute One Night in the Town of Luo  - Zhu Lei
  6. Bamboo Branches  - Zhu Lei
  7. Dawn Over the Jade Palace  - Zhu Lei
  8. On the River Below the Qingming Festival  - Zhu Lei
  9. Three Variations on Parting for Yangguan  - Zhu Lei
  10. Spring Water Flowing Over the Rock  - Zhu Lei
  11. Serene Night  - Zhu Lei
  12. Clouds Over the Xiao and Xiang Rivers  - Zhu Lei

Disc 2

  1. Spring Morning  - Zhu Lei
  2. Seagulls Never Forget  - Zhu Lei
  3. Su Wu Herds Sheep  - Zhu Lei
  4. Yellow Clouds, Autumn Wind  - Zhu Lei
  5. The Phoenix's Hairpin  - Zhu Lei
  6. The Phoenix's Hairpin  - Zhu Lei
  7. Jingling Pendants in Space  - Zhu Lei
  8. Pu'an's Prayer  - Zhu Lei
  9. From Eighteen Songs About a Nomad Flute  - Zhu Lei
  10. Wild Geese Descending on the Sandbank  - Zhu Lei
  11. Moon Over the Mountain Pass  - Zhu Lei
  12. The Creak of the Oars  - Zhu Lei

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