Sound of the Vaudeville, Vol.1

The Sound of the Vaudeville, Vol.1

by Eddie Morton

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Archeophone Records


  1. That's Gratitude
  2. Just a Friend of the Family
  3. Mariuch Mak-a-the-Hootch-a-Ma Kootch Down at Coney Isle
  4. The Peach That Tastes the Sweetest Hangs the Highest on the Tree
  5. The Right Church But the Wrong Pew
  6. The Party That Wrote "Home Sweet Home" Never Was a Married Man
  7. Don't Take Me Home
  8. Somebody Lied
  9. Music Makes Me Sentimental
  10. In Right Church But the Wrong Pew
  11. A Singer Sang a Song
  12. I'm a Member of the Midnight Crew
  13. In Ireland
  14. I'd Rather Be a Minstrel Man Than a Multi-Millionaire
  15. That's the Doctor Bill
  16. Please Don't Tell My Wife
  17. Wild Cherry Rag
  18. Then We'll All Go Home
  19. Don't Take Me Home
  20. You Ain't Talking to Me
  21. If He Comes in I'm Going Out
  22. I Won't Be Back Till August
  23. Wild Cherries Rag
  24. Let George Do It
  25. Oh You Dream
  26. That's the Fellow I Want to Get
  27. Don't Make Me Laugh Bill
  28. If I Could See as Far Ahead as I Can See Behind

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