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The Space Between Two Thoughts

The Space Between Two Thoughts

by Dr. Virginia Davis Harper D.C.

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"The guides, when they come, should bring great feelings of love. This is the true indication that a high guide is present; there are few else...The guides can only come in the space between two thoughts - in that space between the in-breath and the out-breath, that space that is the quiet pool or reservoir of the deep wisdom within." - IAM

IAM represents the wisdom


"The guides, when they come, should bring great feelings of love. This is the true indication that a high guide is present; there are few else...The guides can only come in the space between two thoughts - in that space between the in-breath and the out-breath, that space that is the quiet pool or reservoir of the deep wisdom within." - IAM

IAM represents the wisdom in each of us, and is a true teacher and friend. Written from a whole-brain perspective, The Space Between Two Thoughts is profound and accessible to individuals of all faiths and paths. With humor and compassion, this text weaves over 70 healing transmissions with commentary, dialogue, and easy to use Armchair Enlightenment exercises, demonstrating that the spiritual and material planes are not separate. What people are saying about IAM:

"IAM's advice and exercises have been very useful for my personal growth and mental well-being."

"IAM has made me realize that there truly is a higher power, and it cares very much about every aspect of our lives, no matter how small."

"IAM tells us things about ourselves that are really helpful and transformative in a way that no one else would know. It gives us the clues or guideposts to help us transform and evolve."

A realization that I gained from IAM was the importance of each person, each animal, every plant, every action, every moment. We are all interconnected."

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The Space Between Two Thoughts: The Teachings of I AM

By Virginia Davis Harper


Copyright © 2010 Dr. Virginia Davis Harper
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4490-5043-6

Chapter One


There is some turbulence in your weather as some energy centers are shifting now already. Some of you have known this through your dreams, and are having trouble keeping regular hours of sleeping and waking. Others of you are noticing changes in your eating patterns. You go to eat something, and yet you find you have no desire for this thing, which a few moments ago you thought you desired. This is all because the inner cellular memory is attuned to this universe, and each of you is a receptor for this cosmic universe.

There are parts of this universe that are heating up and there are parts that are cooling down. It is difficult to find stability and security these days, and many of you are distraught over your inability to put life in one place one day, and find it there the next! There is much of the upsetting feeling that this thing called life is so elusive, and difficult, and so changeable; but such is the case, so let us give you the message that you should embrace change.

The shifts in the earth's energies are serving to open up the consciousness on the planet, and expanding the notion of what is. This is a time of quantum leaps forward, which many of you are exemplifying at this time. This information does not concern itself merely with the imparting of factual information, but also with the transmission of change through the physical body, so you can be more effective in your families, in your work places, and in your communities.

Many of you are not aware of your leadership capabilities, and even doubt you have the power of which we speak; but indeed this is the case. We have shown time and time again that these human beings can be leaders, and we have held hands and given advice, and we have watched as many stepped out the door to take on greater and greater pieces of work in this world. We are here to do this again and again, and we never tire of this process!


All of you feel, perhaps, that it is happenstance that you are reading these words. This is not the case. Many of you have received inner messages that you have not acknowledged. If you could pay some attention to these inner messages, and understand that there is no activity that happens in isolation, this will do much to build your character and your own strength for the upcoming times. These words are not just a point in time in hours or minutes, but this is just the beginning of a series of events put into action from this point forward. So when you leave this small session, do not think that it is over; it is merely a beginning.

Many of you are experiencing subtle changes that you are not aware of, and if you should bring your attention to it, you would be most pleasantly surprised ... There are actually some changes being made now in the Universe, in the time-space continuum so to speak, as there are new requirements for change. There are many species of animals that are in danger of becoming extinct. There are many cultures where there is starvation, and these numbers will be growing in the upcoming years, so there is some urgency for change. Prayers have been heard, so hope has been forthcoming.


This includes beings in other dimensions. You might be able to see these as angels. These beings have wings, and you yourself have some ability to catch this apparition from out of the corner of your eye. They come primarily one at a time to individuals who need assistance. We will have to speed up the vibration, because they are not formed of matter in the same way that you are. In addition to these beings, there are other beings from other dimensions, likewise, that do not have bodies, do not have arms and legs, that are formed from substance of a higher vibration than the human body.

There are many of these now being called into service. Do not forget to look for these winged beings, for many of you can see them, and take comfort in them. We shall for one moment accelerate the beating of the wings of the angels that are here. Perhaps you can hear this sound, and may enjoy this; we shall do this for some short time. (*Long Pause, as the room is filled with the presence of angels). We have to say that we have not met anyone yet, who did not love a fairy! (Group laughter)


We are working with you closely to help you create a time warp, where the soul is invited to step aside and learn in other "universities" and become "educated." This is especially helpful for souls who have not taken full advantage of lessons in the past. Many will come for this assistance, for it will prove quite valuable; there will be other benefits as well. The body system will not experience aging during this process ... this is a concept out of your reality.

Some of you are experiencing some constraint on the individual energy, and this is because you are taking some time out of your time to learn in other dimensions. Some of you are doing this while you sleep, and some of you are doing this while you day-dream. What we are suggesting here is that other influences are in effect during your so-called "waking state" that serve to bring up these lessons that you have started to learn in the past, and accelerate this learning. So, there should be a sense of relaxing and trusting during the course of this educational process. Even though it is a bit unorthodox - the way we teach, and sometimes the way you learn - it is the way to the goal!


The thought that you are a limited channel is a concept requiring re-evaluation at this time. In reality, there are many channels coming through to you at any given moment, and it is a matter of openness to the higher frequencies. There is actually an ability to record and transmit on several of these at any given moment. Likewise, the information stored is fully retrievable. You are still struggling with this concept; you get confused by the input and think you need rest.

It is merely a matter of focusing, which will come in time. With increased focus there will be less and less fatigue, and in fact, an increase in energy. This is truly a reversal in the field of human potential! The energy that is available though the channelings is constantly flowing to you, and through you. It is actually not unidirectional, as you would perceive it! It is a great pleasure to be here with you, and remember to look for IAM all the time, for we are not limited to these sessions.


Some of you are actually changing bodies in the same body! That is to say, you are having two lives in one. How is this done? It is a gradual transformation, as we on the other side assist you into action because the need is so great. The net effect of this is that there is much more activity going on, and the imperative is for change; the imperative is not for earning a living, in the way that it was, say 200 years ago.

All this is leading us to say that there is actually a speeding-up of time, so that these sensations that you are experiencing are, in a sense, real. We are removing the negative aspects of your life that would normally lead to a termination of the life span ... we do this gradually and subtly, and there is usually little notice of this in you human beings. These negative events are modified and changed so that they do not lead to the demise of the human body. There may be a period of time where there are unfortunate events or discouraging situations, but after some period of time, if these are sustained, there is a new beginning. We cannot have all these dead bodies lying around, and it is a mess to clean them up, anyway. (Laughter)

So rather than take them away and make new ones, we use the ones that are here; is this clear? (More group laughter) For instance, some of you were scheduled to lead rather pedantic lives - but they have gone in some unusual directions, have they not? This is because we took hold of your coat tails, so to speak, and directed you, thusly. This interest in the occult was developed in some lifetimes, and then abandoned, and again now, we direct you to this area for attention. In this manner, we bring in influences that would not normally have been dealt with for another lifetime.


Some of these changes are happening because of your prior agreements with your higher self to change, and indeed, the times are pressing towards change. Some of these changes are occurring due to specific guides that are working with you, and for specific short-term purposes. Some of these changes are occurring as you develop heart relationships and have an increased desire to serve your fellow man.

So these categories are forcing change upon you, and on the higher levels of the etheric bodies, and it is difficult to put these changes into words, yet they are there. So we would say to be patient with your selves, and to nurture this process of change; to discard all thoughts of impatience, and thoughts of controlling this process, which comes only from the ego. When this process is given up to God ... then true peace of mind can be achieved.


In the future we see the government structure crumbling and the superficial things being laid waste. This means the superficial formalities of life, and we caution those who wish to make progress at this time to look deeply inside, and ascertain what it is that is real and true, and what is not needed must be eliminated! This can be human relations, or the job places that are toxic and noxious, and one must come back to the basic relation of service to one's fellow human beings.

Human values will be much more important in the upcoming times, and if one can find ways to use their talents to interact with others in new and creative ways, this is the key to the new century. Gone will be the money motive, the profit motive, and the desire for profit and greed. These will soon be a thing of the past and humans will live more collectively and much more peacefully together. These future events are not set in stone; the actions that you do today will influence these future events. If it were not so, you would be but a pawn in the game of light, and this is not as it is.

Every thought that you have in this moment, every question that you ask IAM, every deed that you do, and every person that you encounter in the coming days, will influence this future calamitous period! So you play an active part in this so-called shifting! You are an agent for good or evil in the upcoming days. You must walk around with your head held high, and with the knowledge that your very viewpoint is helping to avert calamity. To think otherwise - to focus on disaster and future upheaval - would only be to live in darkness and in fear. And such is not the nature of your soul.


We would do an experiment. We would bet that each of you knows five people that do not like to change; for instance, five people that would not be caught dead in a church, five people that would not want to hear the word 'meditation,' or five people that would cringe at the thought of New Age music, and so forth ... And so we would like to invite them into the center of the room here, now.

So, if you would humorus, and place these people - they may be family members or roommates or friends, or childhood acquaintances, or even spouses - visualize them above the head of the one called Virginia, and we shall pray with these five, to show you some power. We begin now. (*There is a long pause as IAM pauses and sends energy) These five, when you encounter them over the next two and a half weeks, will appear different to you, and more open. When you see this, you must think of IAM, and the power of the light, and the upcoming times!



Let us remember that, even though for some of us it is dark, for others of us there is light, and also in life, do not expect that everyone should receive blessings at the same time. If everyone in your universe were to jump up and down at the same time, it would perhaps throw off the rotation of your planet! (Group laughter) So, it is devised that some of you should be weeping, while some of you are playing, and some of you are laughing, while some of you are sleeping. Some of you are going on a honeymoon, and some of you are feeling very much alone and afraid. Let us all take a moment to step into the sunlight for a moment, and experience the warmth that the sun provides!

The sun should be visualized above the head - raise the arms above the head all the way, as if grasping the sun - and there will be sensation of heat in the fingertips, and you must bring it down and into the chest. Force this into the chest, wrap the arms about the body, and hold this circle of light in the body. It is good to gather and become warm in each other's presence! For the warmth that is in one can ignite the warmth in another!

Each of you must remember that you carry within your own warmth, and the sunlight you see above you in the sky is also within, and most of our problems arise when we forget that this sunlight is within ourselves. Some of you may visualize this as being in the heart area, and some of you may experience this feeling lower down, in your solar plexus; it does not matter where you imagine this ball of light residing.

*Take a moment to feel the source of this energy. You will know you have contacted it by a sudden warm flush. Do not allow your mind to negate any impressions you have, for there is no one correct way to do this exercise. At the same time, let the weight of your body sink against your chair, and find the place in your spine that is saying to you, "If I go to sleep, the spine will fall down." This is the place where it feels it has borne much, and has not the strength to go on. There is usually one place - it may be in the lower spine, and it may be in the mid-spine, and it may be in the neck. Feel warm fingers encircling this bone; allow your weight to sink back fully. There should be 60% of the body weight distributed into the support behind the spine.

Often when we try to relax, we still maintain one area of rigidity, so we work at relaxing, and we do not really accomplish our goal. It is important to find that one place of tension, and to love it. We wish to create with you the emotional posture of sharing this burden with the universe! Yes, and for many, the image of hands is a comforting one - hands tucking us in, hands feeding us, hands putting mittens on us, hands waving to us, hands hugging us. You can also use the energy from this exercise to heal problems in any part of the body. (As the group is trying this exercise, IAM continues.)

You are demonstrating some increased receptivity, now, and we wish to say that this issue of support is one felt by many. It is a rare individual who feels supported by the mate, the job, the children, by the state in which one lives, by the government which exists there, and we could go on and on ... So the average individual is feeling unsupported, unloved, misunderstood, and mis-communicated with here. This gives rise to these joint problems, because the joints are the communication links between the various segments of the body.

So this is a condition that is common now, and must be alleviated through the re-education of the mind, to know that it is supported at all times. But in seeking support in the wrong places, it becomes prone to disease. So we must re-educate ourselves away from the concept that support can be had through these avenues that tend to disappoint us, and brought to understand that support can always be had through the divine love of the mother and father. This is not a concept that is abstract and far away, it something that is as real and tangible as the pillow behind your back!

In the upcoming week, when you are sitting, or working, or standing, or doing some activity, you can pause for a moment and shift that 60% of your body weight into the ground - or lean against a wall, or into a chair or against some other person, or sit on your children, or lean on your spouse, or step on the person next to you! (Laughter) You will come some closer to an understanding of universal support that is always available to you!


Excerpted from The Space Between Two Thoughts: The Teachings of I AM by Virginia Davis Harper Copyright © 2010 by Dr. Virginia Davis Harper. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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