Speed of Dark

Speed of Dark

by John Wolf Brennan

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Leo Records Uk


  1. Ever For Never
  2. R.R.R.R.R. - Riggenbach's Rigi Rail Road Riddle
  3. Maelstrom
  4. Suonen - From the Source To the Songline
  5. Vals 1/Divine Cosmody - a Trip(Tych) For Samuel Walsh
  6. Last Inferno (the Nine Circles of Hell)
  7. List In Purgatory (the Seven Terraces)
  8. Lost In Paradise (the Nine Spheres)
  9. Kepler On the Run
  10. Vals 2/Auf Valser Pfaden
  11. Läntahütte
  12. Murmelitanz
  13. Zerfreila
  14. Pumpkinet(H)Ics
  15. L.U.C.a. (Last Universal Common Ancestor) Meets (M)Arco Polo
  16. Little Drop (On Müseralp)
  17. What's the Matter?
  18. Lost In Violin/Variations On Mani Matter's "Us Emene Lääre Gygechaschte
  19. Pump & Circumstance
  20. Vals 3
  21. Black (W)Hole
  22. Off Course
  23. Xednindex

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