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The Spinning Tops of Light: Science and Spirituality

The Spinning Tops of Light: Science and Spirituality

by B. N. Dicte Civet-Lobstein, Benedicte Civet-Lobstein

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The Spinning Tops are disembodied beings who coexist with us on Earth in an invisible, parallel dimension. They send us messages of love and peace, and they help relieve our anxieties. They support us on our way to perfect harmony and, ultimately, to God.

Lucie is the medium who delivers these loving messages. She withholds nothing … her mind is a blank


The Spinning Tops are disembodied beings who coexist with us on Earth in an invisible, parallel dimension. They send us messages of love and peace, and they help relieve our anxieties. They support us on our way to perfect harmony and, ultimately, to God.

Lucie is the medium who delivers these loving messages. She withholds nothing … her mind is a blank page. The Spinning Tops shine through her like crystal, and she delivers their messages faithfully.

In these loving messages, the Spinning Tops explain how adversity and misfortune are repercussions of accumulated human negativity that counteracts God’s plan. God is perfect order, harmonious unity. Unknowingly, our minds wield forces that are disturbing the vibratory zones around the Earth, putting our planet out of balance, causing more and more natural disasters.

For all of us, saving the planet means first finding the courage to walk the path of wisdom, joy, happiness, and love of others. This is the eleventh commandment, and it is our responsibility to the future.

By not following the personal path you were given before birth, you disturb the terrestrial forces. By following your very own preprogrammed destiny, you are helping the Earth to come back into alignment.

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The Spinning Tops of Light

Science and Spirituality
By Bénédicte Civet-Lobstein

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2012 Bénédicte Civet-Lobstein
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4525-5666-6

Chapter One


I met Alice, a childhood friend. We immediately started to reminisce about the past, about our old friendship and connivance. Each in turn, we told the story of our lives, our little secrets, our joys and our woes. As we spoke, it soon dawned on us that, over the years, we had both been driven by spiritual searching, both equally fascinated by the invisible and the essential. We shared anecdotes from our journeys and then, at one moment, Alice told me something that would open up a whole new life-path for me. She was in touch with her deceased mother, Jacqueline, with whom she regularly conversed via a medium whose name was Lucie. The conversations mostly took place by telephone, because Lucie lived in a tiny village in the center of France.

Alice had gleaned much information about the hereafter and had received answers to questions we usually veer away from, mentally filing them under the mysterious and mystical.

So what do you make of this Grandpa? Skeptical perhaps ... do you think it's a joke? I'll continue and you'll tell me what you think later ...

Alice handed me a transcript of her conversations and a telephone number. Here are some of the chapter headings from her transcript:

God The Disembodied Beings Light Beings Mechanisms of life on earth The brain Humans and their supreme aim

I was amazed and somewhat bewildered. What was this all about? And there was the telephone number. Would I ever dare to call?

Grandpa, when I used to call you, I pictured you in your study, in your big armchair with your stern look. When you came to the phone I heard your affectionate voice.

But who is Lucie? What's she like? Where is she?

I needed to find out more about this Lucie.

My friend Alice had known her from childhood. Lucie had been a frail, discreet child and not very communicative. She did not get on with her parents. This is why Jacqueline, Alice's mother, had played a big role in her upbringing and had given her much love and affection. Lucie had grown very close to Jacqueline with whom she developed a deep gratitude and friendship and to whom she devotedly offered her love and affection from the time Jacqueline fell seriously ill right up to her death. Lucie was devastated when Jacqueline died and she returned to her native village in the center of France.

Several years later, she suffered a cerebral congestion and was in a coma for three days. It was then that she started hearing multitudes of voices, especially the voice of her friend Jacqueline. Lucie got better. She became a medium, transmitting messages verbally.

Grandpa, you know that I have always been interested in those intensely mysterious moments between life and death. I am always amazed by the people I support in end-of-life care. Where are they? What can they see? What do they feel? You know don't you? But it's a story that you haven't told me yet ...

Alice spoke to Lucie on a regular basis by phone. In the messages delivered via Lucie, she recognized her mother's personality, her vocabulary, as well as the rhythm and intonations of her voice. What is even stranger is that, in her normal state, Lucie suffers from dyslexia, gets quickly confused and is desperately shy.

She doesn't like to be the center of attention. However, she can channel messages fluently for hours at a time at an accelerated pace only stopping enough time for people to ask questions.

What would you have done about this Grandpa? You were inquisitive. You were courageous. You used to tell me your stories from the Great War. And here was I with just a number to dial! I didn't know Lucie. I didn't know Alice's mother who was apparently a great and erudite woman, an artist too and spiritually minded. I bet she was very impressive. I was nervous and anxious. But I did it ... You'll be surprised at what comes next!

"Hello. Is that Lucie?"

My heart was pounding (it still does these days, even though Lucie has become a friend):

"I'm Bénédicte, Alice's friend."

A kind yet timid voice replied:

"Hello. Alice told me you would ring. Here's Jacqueline."

Chapter Two

Spinning Top


The voice changed instantaneously! It was a clear, warm, steady voice. Luminous words tumbled forth. She knew everything about me, about my family and my entourage. She answered all my questions accurately. My mind seemed to become transparent.

What would you have made of this Grandpa? I was totally dumbfounded. How can anyone know so much about my life, my most intimate and secret thoughts, and answer questions before I have even formulated them? I began to call Lucie on a regular basis. She always remained shy but untiring. Words flowed through her and she held back none, serving only as a channel.

Time and time again, with a pounding heart, I would converse with Jacqueline wanting to know more, eager to understand this new world that was opening up to my consciousness.

Bénédicte (B): Could you explain what a disembodied being is?

Jacqueline (J): The disembodied beings are your guides. Primitive people used to believe that our ancestors were always our guides, even once departed. These aren't just beliefs. They're facts. When beings pass away, they take care of everyone they have engendered, sending strength and radiant light to all the people they encountered during their lifetime. Family relationships are very important in this process. We love you all very deeply, we are the parents you had, all the generous people you have met, not only in this life you are living now, but in your previous lives as well. We are gathered around you and try to advise you about what is best for you, giving positive energy to your force.

B: Can we contact our guides through thought and talk to them in our minds?

J: It is certain that, if you make yourself receptive enough, you'll hear the disembodied beings and you will be receptive to them just as well as mediums are. You must really awaken this faculty in you one day.

B: Where are you?

J: We are not "up there". That idea only exists in mythology. In reality we are here on the planet with you. When you think of us, we are drawn towards you.

We are in the light and it is the light that gives us life. We communicate by direct telepathy. We move at the speed of light and we meet no material resistance. We are only conscious of the new state in which we find ourselves.

Sometimes, embodied humans are afraid of bothering us. This is a mistake. We are overjoyed when people talk to us and this is already true on the very day we depart. It does us good when you think about us.

You cannot see us because we are in a different dimension, made up of much lighter particles of matter, invisible to the human eye, that spin at a phenomenal speed. It is exactly like a spinning top or a wheel with spokes that you can no longer see when it spins round fast.

You must be spinning around me Grandpa.... And to think I wanted to impress you! I can sense your wry smile, so full of love and compassion. Maybe there are other spinning tops with you!

So we are actually talking to spinning tops, spinning tops of light!

Spinning Top Jacqueline (STJ) talks....

B: How many of you are there?

STJ: Multitudes. It is a place of transit. It is infinite. Cosmic.

B: Can you see us in our daily lives?

STJ: We see you exactly as you are. We see your qualities and your weaknesses. We know your perceptions and potential. We sense your emotions and everything you are thinking about telepathically. It's all imprinted in your auras.

Grandpa, so the spinning tops see all our thoughts and actions, both good and bad. It feels rather unbearable to be so exposed and perpetually observed ... above all when we think bad thoughts!

B: How can we accept this transparency of our individuality without feeling shame or guilt?

STJ: We are here to help you. We see, we understand, we analyze but we forgive you completely. However you have to accept this omnipresence. People used to refer to "the eye of God".

We are near you, we love you. You are all beings we have cherished. There are many of us thinking about you, helping you, guiding you, whispering to you ways and actions that would enhance your lives. The invisible world is there, unfailingly, to guide you on your right path. We try to motivate you to find your own inner force, so that you do not get stuck on problems and caught up in blockages.

Thank you Grandpa. Thank you Spinning tops. You are truly Spinning Tops of Love ...

B: What do you look like physically?

STJ: We have more or less the same appearance as in our last life. Yet we have changed because we have gained more spiritual powers. We are much more evolved, more advanced. We are younger and more beautiful. We take on the age when we were at our strongest in our last life, between 20 and 25.

In fact, we are simply wave forms and we have a body whose matter reproduces a similar shape but 1/100 times smaller, in ultra-rapid cybernetics.

How beautiful you must be Grandpa. Shame that you are spinning so fast!

B: What do you do?

STJ: We have the power of knowing everything on the Earth plane as well as the gift of ubiquity. Our consciousness receives information from different places synchronously. It's as if we had several antennae. We sense perceptions instantaneously and we know that someone is thinking about us. We are conscious of offering a life-enhancing force to that person. It is a state of being, an omnipresence that enables us to be aware of everything.

We do not manifest in this reality and we can only help individuals who ask us. Our work is to help all those who are connected to us by former magnetic energy links (people we have known in past lives). They petition us ceaselessly via this electro-magnetic network but they aren't aware of it. They are not conscious of doing so. It is a cybernetic system of light. We stay with them and help them because there is a perpetual demand.

It's more complicated than I thought my spinning top Grandpa. But I'm happy that you and the other Spinning Tops are taking care of me. I thought I was all by myself. I feel so full of Love and happiness. There's a little light shining inside of me.

B: Do you travel in Space?

STJ: Yes, we are conscious of everything on Earth but we cannot go into other dimensions. There are at least ten other different dimensions and we always reincarnate on the same planet. In each dimension, everyone has several lives to live depending on how rapidly they evolve. Lives are always programmed in the same material environment and, for us, it is the Earth.

B: Do you experience the notion of work and rest?

STJ: There is no such thing as rest, nor can we say that we are active. We are in a certain state of being that changes depending on what is happening in the Universe because we are participating in an overall evolution. Our force resupplies and channels positive actions back into the earth's sphere. We operate through wave energy and forces of diverse frequencies. We try to communicate telepathically with the people we love and with whom we have had beneficial links.

At night, all the minds of embodied beings review what they have analyzed. They meet and exchange their opinions and solutions for advancing in life. It is a system. As for us, we try to contribute in the most positive way so that essential solutions may be found, one step at a time.

B: Do you experience moral suffering?

STJ: We are conscious but we do not suffer. However, we feel regret for things we should have done differently. We want things to take place in the best possible way for you and we feel saddened when you are unhappy. But we know we have to accept this.

Every time you think about the disembodied beings you give them great joy. It is like a spark of happiness for them as if they were receiving a little kiss. The most difficult thing for us is not being able to communicate. This is why we feel great joy with Lucie because she gives us a free passage to communicate.

Spinning Top Grandpa, I will think about you a lot and you will receive many kisses and also Spinning Top Mother, Spinning Top Father, Spinning Top Grandma and all the Spinning Tops I loved. I'm already feeling a great wave of love in my heart.

B: Is there a hierarchy among disembodied beings?

Yes, there are beings infinitely more evolved than us. We see them, but we are more distant from them. We are less drawn to them because they are too high. We are gathered according to forces. We are grouped in families of energy waves, in families of spiritual essence. In the highest sphere, beings have such a highly awakened level of consciousness and their magnetic energy is so strong that their forces are inaccessible to us and we cannot approach them. It's a question of densities that are a lot lighter. The purer their spirituality, the higher they are.

B: Which dimension are you in?

STJ: Everything is much more expansive here and we are not influenced by those terrestrial forces that mobilize humans to believe, take part in, affirm or deny things. We are totally detached.

We are hyper-conscious. We are aware of everything that is happening, everything that is and everything that we can understand on this level. We are really smart! We are and we know.

We can see the past and we know certain things about the future from the sum total of our own inner experience.

We know what is happening in the present moment. However we do not have the power to change what is happening because we are not allowed to, just as we are not allowed to manifest in front of you. There are things that we are not allowed to do for you while guiding you on your path. Humans must help themselves.

When we, the disembodied beings behold how we lived while on Earth, we are saddened because we realize that we did not receive life in its perfection, we were too willful to live our true life story within our environment, our family and friends and we often closed our door to receptivity. In fact, the most important thing is to be is state of vast receptivity. It is about finding the auditory faculty that Lucie has. It is a normal faculty of yours. It is available in everyone's brains but you ignore it. You forget to listen to your heart.

Telepathy is a natural faculty in humans and in all living beings, from humans to plants. Telepathic communication occurs as clearly as you are hearing me now. It's wonderful. It is magnificent to be able to speak to you. People who find themselves in contradiction with their religion on this issue must open their hearts. In fact, their religion does not forbid anything; it has simply been wrongly interpreted.

All the best religions urge humans to constantly open their hearts and to open themselves to knowledge. Knowledge is always enhancing. You must have enough humility to receive knowledge, knowing that you only have fragments of this immense and marvelous picture.

Christ never forbade anything in this sense. Religion says that some people are not able to receive goodness. However, once a step is taken by individuals who are pure of heart, who withhold nothing of themselves, giving their best, this can never be a bad thing. Giving your best is about taking the divine path and in this you are helped by the Light Beings.

Spinning Top Grandpa, let's thank the pure beings. Will I be receptive one day and will you continue telling me stories of the invisible world?

B: What do you have to do?

STJ: An ineffable knowing constantly impels us to evolve.

We want to awaken spirituality on Earth. We want to send you messages and help you understand the forces that govern our planet. We really want something energizing, even scientific to take place because science must not be discarded. However, spirituality is a plus. It is a sense of responsibility and a duty with respect to the great miracle we are living. At the moment, we are trying to help people through the Earth's mediums to realize that life on Earth is extremely important and that life after life is wonderful. We are trying to get this message across as much as possible but, unfortunately, we cannot intervene in what happens. We can only pass on the best messages into minds, which isn't enough because there are so many unleashed forces everywhere. We are responsible for continually reenergizing the Earth.

This work is important. Otherwise the Earth would become a dead astral body and everything would be forsaken. It is a requirement and we must do it so that the deep generosity of ancient societies is re-established. The ancients considered that the ancestors were there to help them. These people believed and they were inspired.

We yearn to help you. We are like embodied parents who want to help their loved ones. We are programmed to give and to help unerringly.

We are connected to you. We are among you. We will remain linked to you on our chain of light until the end of all lives.

We would like your energy to be the most dazzling, the most energized. We try to transmit thoughts, to show you forces that have been generous to you in the past, that have alleviated you, and to bring you relief so that your mind radiates and opens doors to others. We regenerate your forces after failures, because when you are functioning properly on an energetic level, this influences the whole planet.


Excerpted from The Spinning Tops of Light by Bénédicte Civet-Lobstein Copyright © 2012 by Bénédicte Civet-Lobstein. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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