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The Step Family Sexcapades

The Step Family Sexcapades

5.0 5
by Amber Stone

The Ultimate Step Collection! Includes sex with Step Fathers and Brothers! The ultimate one stop shop for everything Naughty and everything Secret! Welcome to the collection that feeds your taboo desires! This package has it all from daddies teaching daughter how it’s done to brothers showing sis the ropes! Read about how



The Ultimate Step Collection! Includes sex with Step Fathers and Brothers! The ultimate one stop shop for everything Naughty and everything Secret! Welcome to the collection that feeds your taboo desires! This package has it all from daddies teaching daughter how it’s done to brothers showing sis the ropes! Read about how these girls grow up right in front of their father’s eyes! There is hardcore action in every scene: these virgin girls are jammed packed with squirting, first time anal, threesomes, revenge sex, spanking fetishes, S&M, bondage, blow jobs, and scene after scene of orgasmic pleasure that is sure to leave everyone in a sticky situation!

Includes titles:

By: Amber Stone

Daddy’s Bad Baby Girl

Camping With Daddy 1

Camping With Daddy 2

Camping With Daddy 3

Daughter Knows Best

The Amber Stone Diary, Witness the Return of Step Dad Steve

By: Estaban Steel and Eden Skye

Naughty Secrets 6: Her Step Father’s Hose part 1 and 2

Naughty Secrets 9: Devyn Does Momma’s Man

Naughty Secrets 11: The Day My Step Brother Spanked Me

By: Lea Wood

Hooking For Daddy: Lea’s First Time

Total word count: 42,442

An excerpt from the book
“Okay. I’ll be back in a minute. Make yourself comfortable.” He winked at her and walked off to close the bay doors and lock up. When he returned a few minutes later, he had a tripod with him to place the video camera on.

Devyn lounged in the back seat of the Caddy, her legs stretched out, waiting for Ryan. Her stomach was tap dancing.

Once the light on the camera glowing red, Ryan climbed over the side of the car and sat down beside Devyn. He brushed her hair behind her ear. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yes. I’m sure. Just take it easy on me, okay?”

“I promise I will. I want you to enjoy this. I want both of us to.”
Devyn placed a hand on his cheek. “I want Clay to hurt as much as I hurt right now, so have fun, Ryan. Make him jealous. Show him what he’s missing out on.”

“My goodness! You really are pissed.” He leaned forward and nuzzled her ear. “You won’t regret your decision. But I don’t want to do this in the backseat. I want them to be able to see everything.”

Ryan grabbed Devyn by the hand and pulled her from the back seat of the car. Still holding her hand he stopped long enough to lower the hood of the ’69 Caddy. It fell with a sharp clank. He pushed Devyn backwards as he eased his arms around her and placed his lips on hers, sending a bucket of butterflies down and into her stomach. The back of her knees pressed against the smooth metal, and it felt cool to her heated body.

Devyn felt the moisture of his lips as they gently sought her own. They pressed together with a firm touch that tingled along her neck and compelled her lips to eagerly grope for Ryan’s. His hand dropped to the small of her back and his strong hand pulled her body close to his, her chest pressed into her own. Her nipples were erect from the excitement and as they pressed into Ryan, each movement of his body tantalized them even more. His free hand came up under her long hair and stroked her head while he dropped his lips to her ear lobe and her neck.

Devyn trailed her hands along Ryan’s side, and she placed her palm over the bulge in his jeans. He was already excited but she felt him growing harder against her hand and she gave it a squeeze.
Ryan let out a small groan that instantly made Devyn wet. She liked having this new power to make a grown man writher. His hand accepted her challenge and slid under her shirt, finding her erect nipple and gently pinching with his thumb and finger.

It was Devyn’s turn to gasp with pleasure.

It wasn’t long before their clothes were shed. Devyn unbuckled Ryan’s pants, and Ryan pulled her clothes off and threw them in a heap on the garage floor. He wore a pair of boxer briefs that perfectly outlined his dick, and it pressed against the cloth eager to leap out. His hand slipped along her belly, and his fingers eased their way down further and underneath the boy-shorts that kept her clean shaven mound from sight.

But Ryan’s expert fingers didn’t need to see it to know exactly where everything was. In moments he found places Clay had never even known existed.

“You feel so soft,” Ryan said. His fingers eased apart her lips and stroked her clit which stood at attention. Each touch sent vibrations of pleasure coursing through Devyn’s body. She leaned back against the hood of the Caddy, her ass along the cool steel, while she spread h

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Dark Sensations
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Meet the Author

Eden Skye Bio

Eden Skye is a former Catholic schoolgirl who evolved into a highly sought after sex maven after a steamy encounter with several members of a visiting football team during her senior year of high school. What she learned that fateful night has stayed with her, providing her with memories she will never forget and a never-ending appetite for new and raunchier sexcapades.

These days, when not working as an office assistant, she can be found writing erotic fiction alongside her partner-in-crime Estaban Steel. On the weekends, she conducts hands-on research with Estaban to ensure her writing, and his, is authentic and believable.

You can contact Eden at

Estaban Steel Bio

Estaban spent his early teens as the local cabana boy in a neighborhood filled with rich willing sex deprived wives. For the right price he was willing to take care of their needs. That is until he met Eden Skye and their sexcapades became more and more risqué. Now he writes about his adventures through his characters and occasionally reenacts them in Eden's garden.

Amber Stone Bio

Amber Stone is the third author belonging to the Dark Sensations family. Amber’s foray into erotic fiction began several years ago, but it wasn’t until recently that she made the decision to share her work with others. Some of Amber’s stories are based on real events, while others are products of a wild imagination that knows no boundaries.

Several of Amber’s stories have landed on Amazon’s Top 100 erotic fiction list.

You can contact Amber at

Lea Wood

Lea Wood is a Tampa native who was introduced to Eden and Estaban through a mutual author friend while on vacation. When Ms. Wood expressed her interest in writing erotic fiction, Eden and Estaban encouraged her, as they do all their friends, to give it a try. They were so impressed with her initial piece that they signed her right away, not wanting anyone else to snatch her up. Her stories, like Amber’s, are based on real events, to some extent. It’s up to her readers to decide what is fact and what is her imagination at play.

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The Step Family Sexcapades 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
RileySK More than 1 year ago
GREAT DEAL and also a great story line. These authors really know how to get my imagination roaring!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ten stories for less then ten bucks. This is a must have for your erotic collection and I am not hesitant to say that. IT is so hot that I had a bit of trouble..er...holding on....
CharleneR More than 1 year ago
This is the perfect step family sex story. Get it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago