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Story of American Classical Music

The Story of American Classical Music


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  1. Overture to Macbeth
  2. Symphony No. 1: "La nuit des tropiques" (Night in the Tropics), for orchestra, D. 104 (RO 255): Finale: 'Feste Criolla'
  3. Piano Concerto No. 2 in D minor, Op. 23: Finale: Largo - Molto allegro
  4. Piano Quartet in C major, Op.23: Movement 1: Allegro comodo
  5. Angel of Death, symphonic poem for orchestra, L. 2/23
  6. Symphony No. 4 in D minor, Op. 64: Movement 3: South (Allegretto giocoso)
  7. Piano Concerto in C sharp minor, Op. 45: Movement 3: Largo
  8. Preludes (3), for piano, A. 86-88: Prelude No. 2
  9. From the land of the sky blue water
  10. Symphony No. 2, for orchestra, S. 2 (K. 1A2): Movement 4: Lento maestoso
  11. The Unanswered Question (I & II), for trumpet, winds & string orchestra, S. 50 (K. 1C25)
  12. Country Band March, for theater orchestra, S. 36 (K. 1C14)
  13. King Cotton, march for band
  14. Maple Leaf Rag, for piano
  15. Cuban Overture
  16. Symphony for Five Instruments, for flute, bassoon, trumpet, trombone & viola (2nd Version, a.k.a. "Quintette"), W. 129b: Movement 3: Presto
  17. The Incredible Flutist, ballet suite for orchestra: Spanish Waltz
  18. Billy the Kid, orchestral suite from the ballet: Finale
  19. Kitten on the Keys, for piano
  20. New England Triptych, 3 pieces for orchestra or band: Movement 3: Chester
  21. Knoxville: Summer of 1915, for high voice & orchestra (rev. for voice & chamber orchestra), Op. 24: Orchestral Introduction - 'It has become that time
  22. Totem Ancestor, for prepared piano
  23. West Side Story, musical: Act 1: Tonight
  24. Trio for piano, violin, & cello: Movement 3: With Swing
  25. Symphony No.22 ("City of Light"), Op. 236: Movement 2: Angel of Light (Largo)
  26. Piano Concerto: Movement 1
  27. Violin Concerto (rev. 2001 by Lyndon-Gee with composer): Introduction
  28. Violin Concerto: Movement 3
  29. Short Ride in a Fast Machine, fanfare for orchestra
  30. Rapture, concerto for percussion & orchestra: Movement 3: Metals (extract)

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