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by H.A. Guerber

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Map _between 10 and 11_
I. Early Inhabitants of Greece 11
II. The Deluge of Ogyges 13
III. The Founding of Many Important Cities 15
IV. Story of



Map _between 10 and 11_
I. Early Inhabitants of Greece 11
II. The Deluge of Ogyges 13
III. The Founding of Many Important Cities 15
IV. Story of Deucalion 19
V. Story of Dædalus and Icarus 21
VI. The Adventures of Jason 24
VII. Theseus visits the Labyrinth 26
VIII. The Terrible Prophecy 29
IX. The Sphinx's Riddle 30
X. Blindness and Death of OEdipus 34
XI. The Brothers' Quarrel 37
XII. The Taking of Thebes 39
XIII. The Childhood of Paris 41
XIV. The Muster of the Troops 44
XV. The Sacrifice of Iphigenia 46
XVI. The Wrath of Achilles 48
XVII. Death of Hector and Achilles 50
XVIII. The Burning of Troy 52
XIX. Heroic Death of Codrus 55
XX. The Blind Poet 57
XXI. The Rise of Sparta 61
XXII. The Spartan Training 62
XXIII. The Brave Spartan Boy 64
XXIV. Public Tables in Sparta 67
XXV. Laws of Lycurgus 69
XXVI. The Messenian War 71
XXVII. The Music of Tyrtæus 73
XXVIII. Aristomenes' Escape 76
XXIX. The Olympic Games 77
XXX. Milo of Croton 81
XXXI. The Jealous Athlete 83
XXXII. The Girls' Games 84
XXXIII. The Bloody Laws of Draco 86
XXXIV. The Laws of Solon 89
XXXV. The First Plays 92
XXXVI. The Tyrant Pisistratus 95
XXXVII. The Tyrant's Insult 97
XXXVIII. Death of the Conspirators 99
XXXIX. Hippias driven out of Athens 100
XL. The Great King 104
XLI. Hippias visits Darius 105
XLII. Destruction of the Persian Host 108
XLIII. The Advance of the Second Host 110
XLIV. The Battle of Marathon 113
XLV. Miltiades' Disgrace 115
XLVI. Aristides the Just 117
XLVII. Two Noble Spartan Youths 119
XLVIII. The Great Army 121
XLIX. Preparations for Defense 124
L. Leonidas at Thermopylæ 127
LI. Death of Leonidas 128
LII. The Burning of Athens 131
LIII. The Battles of Salamis and Platæa 133
LIV. The Rebuilding of Athens 136
LV. Death of Pausanias 138
LVI. Cimon improves Athens 141
LVII. The Earthquake 143
LVIII. The Age of Pericles 146
LIX. The Teachings of Anaxagoras 151
LX. Beginning of the Peloponnesian War 152
LXI. Death of Pericles 155
LXII. The Philosopher Socrates 157
LXIII. Socrates' Favorite Pupil 159
LXIV. Youth of Alcibiades 163
LXV. Greek Colonies in Italy 165
LXVI. Alcibiades in Disgrace 167
LXVII. Death of Alcibiades 169
LXVIII. The Overthrow of the Thirty Tyrants 171
LXIX. Accusation of Socrates 173
LXX. Death of Socrates 175
LXXI. The Defeat of Cyrus 180
LXXII. The Retreat of the Ten Thousand 182
LXXIII. Agesilaus in Asia 185
LXXIV. A Strange Interview 186
LXXV. The Peace of Antalcidas 189
LXXVI. The Theban Friends 190

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