Sultans of Soul

Sultans of Soul


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Wind Hit


  1. Shakedown  -  Black Ice
  2. I Like What You're Doing  - Eddie Horan
  3. I Found a Love/That's Where It's At  -  New Bloods
  4. There's No One Else  - Eddie Horan
  5. I'm a Winner  -  Smoked Sugar
  6. I Am Somebody  -  Henchi & the Soulsetters
  7. Post Card Love Affair  -  Black Ice
  8. The One Who's Hurting (Is You)  -  Roy & The Dew Drops
  9. Mama Told Me to Watch Out  -  Henchi & the Soulsetters
  10. You Ought to Be with Me  - Carl Weathers
  11. Ain't That What You Want  -  Liquid Blue
  12. The Wine Is Bitter, But the Grapes Are Sweet  -  Black Ice
  13. Bump Me  -  Smoked Sugar
  14. Yesterday When I Was Young  - Eddie Campbell
  15. Larry, Move Your Hand  -  Penguin Feet & the Tear Drop Kid
  16. 'Bout Us  - Howard Huntsberry
  17. Caught Up (In a Love Triangle)  -  Trish
  18. Paradise  -  2 the Future

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Melvin Dunlap   Guitar
James Gadson   Drums
Welton Gite   Bass
McKay   Guitar
Ricky Minor   Bass
Werner Schuchner   Guitar
Hiroshi Upshur   Keyboards
Larry Wilkins   Guitar
Agahuna Sun   Drums
Charles Sarceda   Bass

Technical Credits

Clydie King   Vocal Arrangements
Charles Aznavour   Composer
Eddie Horan   Composer
Angel Balestier   Engineer
Dwight J. Emile   Composer
Waters Family   Vocal Arrangements
Larry Wilkins   Composer
Pat Shannahan   Liner Notes,Executive Producer
Herbert Kretzmer   Composer
Alan Mirikitani   Composer
Carl Weathers   Composer
James Carmichael   Arranger
Eddie Campbell   Composer
Ernie Johnson   Composer
B.I.G. Dan   Layout
Hadley Murrell   Composer,Producer
Oliver Williams   Composer
Ray Jackson   Arranger,Composer
Roy & The Dew Drops   Composer
Rich Cason   Composer
Fred Gowdy   Composer
Vincent G. Madrid   Composer
Julian Singelakis   Composer
James Curling   Composer
Frank F. Robinson   Composer
Marvin Graves   Composer

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