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All Music Guide - Stephen Thomas Erlewine
Sam Phillips loved the blues and he recorded plenty of country at Sun Studios -- these two genres are documented on the appropriately titled The Sun Blues Box and The Sun Country Box, respectively -- but rock & roll is what made his legend. He wanted to find a white vocalist who sang with a black feel, convinced that he could find his fortune there, and when he found Elvis Presley, he found an artist who exceeded all his wildest dreams. Phillips released five Elvis singles on Sun before selling Presley's contract to RCA, thereby earning money that he needed badly to keep Sun afloat. Not long afterward, Elvis had his first smash hit on RCA with "Heartbreak ...
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Editorial Reviews

All Music Guide - Stephen Thomas Erlewine
Sam Phillips loved the blues and he recorded plenty of country at Sun Studios -- these two genres are documented on the appropriately titled The Sun Blues Box and The Sun Country Box, respectively -- but rock & roll is what made his legend. He wanted to find a white vocalist who sang with a black feel, convinced that he could find his fortune there, and when he found Elvis Presley, he found an artist who exceeded all his wildest dreams. Phillips released five Elvis singles on Sun before selling Presley's contract to RCA, thereby earning money that he needed badly to keep Sun afloat. Not long afterward, Elvis had his first smash hit on RCA with "Heartbreak Hotel," thereby kickstarting the rock & roll revolution of which Sun was a commercial beneficiary as Carl Perkins' "Blue Suede Shoes" went all the way to number two in 1956. The Sun Rock Box -- a greatly expanded eight-CD, 255-track version of the original Bear Family vinyl set of the same name that appeared in the mid-'80s -- documents the early years aka the rise of Elvis and all the rockabilly that came afterward, rounding up all the major movers and shakers and rockabilly cats Phillips recorded between 1954-1959. Those big names -- Presley and Perkins, along with Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Charlie Rich there are none of Johnny Cash's rockabilly records here -- are sometimes represented by alternate takes and do not have all their Sun hits here. In some ways, their presence is even downplayed: a cult figure like Ray Smith winds up with ten songs, which is just as many as Carl Perkins and twice as many as the Killer, but that isn't a flaw of the box, it's an attribute. This, more than either its Blues or Country cousins, digs deep into the wild, forgotten corners of Sun, placing such widely heralded but still relatively unknown acts like Sonny Burgess, Billy Riley, Carl Mann, Gene Simmons, and Warren Smith on equal level to the titans, then spending even more time with lesser-known rockers as Harold Jenkins, Kenny Parchman, and Vernon Taylor. If there are some very clear reasons why these singers never had a hit -- perhaps the singers are a little too bug-eyed, perhaps the music is a little too raw, perhaps the songs are just three-chord raves -- when they're combined here with the mythic Sun rockers, along with pretty wild one-shots from everyone from Mack Self to Mickey Gilley and Charley Pride here doing a cool laid-back stroll, it's hard to deny the deep power of this rock & roll explosion. By concentrating so much on the lesser-known rockers in the Sun stable, The Sun Rock Box recaptures the kinetic thrill of the birth of rock & roll, so this winds up as history that seems alive.
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  • Release Date: 5/3/2013
  • Label: Imports
  • EAN: 5397102173134
  • Catalog Number: 0217313
  • Sales rank: 148,131


Disc 1
  1. 1 That's All Right - Elvis Presley
  2. 2 Good Rockin' Tonight - Elvis Presley
  3. 3 Baby Let's Play House - Elvis Presley
  4. 4 Mystery Train - Elvis Presley
  5. 5 Carl Perkins In Memphis - Carl Perkins
  6. 6 Blue Suede Shoes - Carl Perkins
  7. 7 You Can't Make Love To Somebody - Carl Perkins
  8. 8 Everybody's Tryin' To Be My Baby - Carl Perkins
  9. 9 Dixie Fried - Carl Perkins
  10. 10 Put Your Cat Clothes On, Pt.1 - Carl Perkins
  11. 11 Put Your Cat Clothes On, Pt.2 - Carl Perkins
  12. 12 That Don't Move Me - Carl Perkins
  13. 13 Only You - Carl Perkins
  14. 14 Pink Pedal Pushers - Carl Perkins
  15. 15 That's Right - Carl Perkins
  16. 16 Crawdad Hole - Jack Earls
  17. 17 If You Don't Mind - Jack Earls
  18. 18 Slow Down - Jack Earls
  19. 19 A Fool For Loving You - Jack Earls
  20. 20 Sign It On the Dotted Line - Jack Earls
  21. 21 Rock All Night - Glenn Honeycutt
  22. 22 I'll Be Around - Glenn Honeycutt
  23. 23 I'll Wait Forever - Glenn Honeycutt
  24. 24 Be Wise, Don't Cry - Glenn Honeycutt
  25. 25 Come On Little Mama, Pt. 1 - Ray Harris
  26. 26 Where'd You Stay Last Night - Ray Harris
  27. 27 Come On Little Mama, Pt. 2 - Ray Harris
  28. 28 Love Dumb Baby - Ray Harris
  29. 29 Greenback Dollar, Watch and Chain, Pt. 1 - Ray Harris
  30. 30 Foolish Heart - Ray Harris
  31. 31 Lonely Wolf - Ray Harris
  32. 32 Greenback Dollar, Watch and Chain, Pt. 2 - Ray Harris
Disc 2
  1. 1 Cotton Pickin 'Boogie - Johnny Bernero Band
  2. 2 Rockin' At the Woodchopper's Ball - Johnny Bernero Band
  3. 3 It Makes No Difference Now - Johnny Bernero Band
  4. 4 Bernero's Boogie - Johnny Bernero Band
  5. 5 I Don't Mind - Johnny Bernero Band
  6. 6 The Blond In Red Velvet - Kirby Sisters
  7. 7 You'll Always Belong To Me - Kirby Sisters
  8. 8 So Tired - Kirby Sisters
  9. 9 Sentimental Fool - Barbara Pittman
  10. 10 I Need a Man - Barbara Pittman
  11. 11 Voice of a Fool - Barbara Pittman
  12. 12 I'm Getting Better All the Time - Barbara Pittman
  13. 13 Everlasting Love - Barbara Pittman
  14. 14 Bop Bop Baby - Wade & Dick
  15. 15 Don't Need Your Lovin', Pt. 1 - Wade & Dick
  16. 16 Don't Need Your Lovin', Pt. 2 - Wade & Dick
  17. 17 Wild Woman - Wade & Dick
  18. 18 Cindy Lou - Dick Penner
  19. 19 Honey Love - Dick Penner
  20. 20 Fine Little Baby - Bum Dick
  21. 21 Move Baby Move - Dick Penner
  22. 22 Ooby Dooby - Roy Orbison
  23. 23 Go! Go! Go! - Roy Orbison
  24. 24 Rockhouse - Roy Orbison
  25. 25 Domino - Roy Orbison
  26. 26 Rock-a-Billy Gal - Hayden Thompson
  27. 27 Rakin' and Scapin' - Dean Beard
  28. 28 Long Time Gone - Dean Beard
  29. 29 That's the Way I Love - Johnny Carroll
  30. 30 Rock Baby, Rock It - Johnny Carroll
Disc 3
  1. 1 Tennessee Zip - Kenny Parchman
  2. 2 I Feel Like Rockin' - Kenny Parchman
  3. 3 Love Crazy Baby - Kenny Parchman
  4. 4 Treat Me Right - Kenny Parchman
  5. 5 Get It Off Your Mind - Kenny Parchman
  6. 6 What's the Reason - Kenny Parchman
  7. 7 You Call Everybody Darlin' - Kenny Parchman
  8. 8 Two Timin' Baby - Bill Bowen
  9. 9 Go Ahead Baby - Luke McDaniel
  10. 10 Huh Babe - Luke McDaniel
  11. 11 High High High - Luke McDaniel
  12. 12 My Baby Don't Rock - Luke McDaniel
  13. 13 That's What I Tell My Heart - Luke McDaniel
  14. 14 Rockhouse - Harold Jenkins
  15. 15 Crazy Dreams - Harold Jenkins
  16. 16 Give Me Some Love - Harold Jenkins
  17. 17 I Need Your Lovin' Kiss - Harold Jenkins
  18. 18 Born To Sing the Blues - Harold Jenkins
  19. 19 Goin' Crazy - Mack Self
  20. 20 Mad At You - Mack Self
  21. 21 Good Lookin' Woman - Jimmy Williams
  22. 22 Rock-a-Bye Baby - Jimmy Williams
  23. 23 Rocking Mama Sweet - Jimmy Williams
  24. 24 Sonny Boy - Jimmy Williams
  25. 25 Fire Engine Red - Jimmy Williams
  26. 26 Tomorrow - Jimmy Williams
  27. 27 Please Do Not Cry Over Me - Jimmy Williams
  28. 28 That Depends On You - Jimmy Williams
  29. 29 All I Want is You - Jimmy Williams
  30. 30 My One Desire - Jimmy Williams
Disc 4
  1. 1 Down On the Border - Gene Simmons
  2. 2 Don't Let Me Down - The Miller Trio
  3. 3 Shake Rattle and Roll - Gene Simmons
  4. 4 It's Me Baby - Malcolm Yelvington
  5. 5 Rockin' With My Baby - Malcolm Yelvington
  6. 6 Trumpet - Malcolm Yelvington
  7. 7 Ten Cats Down - The Miller Sisters
  8. 8 The Fools Hall of Fame - Rudi Richardson
  9. 9 Cheese and Crackers - Rosco Gordon
  10. 10 Sally Jo - Rosco Gordon
  11. 11 We Wanna Boogie - Sonny Burgess
  12. 12 Red Headed Woman - Sonny Burgess
  13. 13 Life's Too Short To Live - Sonny Burgess
  14. 14 Ain't Got a Thing - Sonny Burgess
  15. 15 Feelin 'Good - Sonny Burgess
  16. 16 Truckin' Down the Avenue - Sonny Burgess
  17. 17 Restless - Sonny Burgess
  18. 18 Find My Baby For Me - Sonny Burgess
  19. 19 Sadie Brown - Sonny Burgess
  20. 20 Thunderbird - Sonny Burgess
  21. 21 Rock 'N' Roll Ruby - Warren Smith
  22. 22 Stop the World - Warren Smith
  23. 23 Uranium Rock - Warren Smith
  24. 24 Dear John - Warren Smith
  25. 25 Trouble Bound - Billy Riley
  26. 26 Rock With Me Baby - Billy Riley
  27. 27 Flyin' Saucer Rock and Roll - Billy Riley
  28. 28 I Want You Baby - Billy Riley
  29. 29 Red Hot - Billy Riley
  30. 30 No Name Girl - Billy Riley
  31. 31 One More Time - Billy Riley
  32. 32 Got Your Water Boiling - Billy Riley
Disc 5
  1. 1 Blues At Midnight - Gene Simmons
  2. 2 Pop and Mama - Gene Simmons
  3. 3 The Chains of Love - Gene Simmons
  4. 4 Juicy Fruit - Gene Simmons
  5. 5 Drinkin' Wine - Gene Simmons
  6. 6 I Done Told You - Gene Simmons
  7. 7 Crazy Woman - Gene Simmons
  8. 8 I Don't Love You Baby - Gene Simmons
  9. 9 Money Money Money - Gene Simmons
  10. 10 If I'm Not Wanted - Gene Simmons
  11. 11 Love My Baby, Pt. 1 - Hayden Thompson
  12. 12 One Broken Heart - Hayden Thompson
  13. 13 Fairlane Rock - Hayden Thompson
  14. 14 Blues Blues Blues - Hayden Thompson
  15. 15 Love My Baby, Pt. 2 - Hayden Thompson
  16. 16 Mad Man, Pt. 1 - Jimmy Wages
  17. 17 Heartbreakin' Love - Jimmy Wages
  18. 18 Miss Pearl - Jimmy Wages
  19. 19 Take Me From This Garden of Evil - Jimmy Wages
  20. 20 Mad Man, Pt. 2 - Jimmy Wages
  21. 21 Miracle of You - Hannah Fay
  22. 22 It's Love Baby (24 Hours a Day) - Hannah Fay
  23. 23 Whole Lot of Shakin' Going On - Jerry Lee Lewis
  24. 24 You Win Again - Jerry Lee Lewis
  25. 25 High School Confidential - Jerry Lee Lewis
  26. 26 Crazy Heart - Jerry Lee Lewis
  27. 27 Breakup - Jerry Lee Lewis
  28. 28 Put Me Down - Jesse Lee Turner
  29. 29 Whirlwind - Charlie Rich
  30. 30 Charlie's Boogie - Charlie Rich
  31. 31 Blue Suede Shoes - Charlie Rich
  32. 32 My Baby Done Left Me - Charlie Rich
  33. 33 Rebound - Charlie Rich
  34. 34 Lonely Weekends - Charlie Rich
Disc 6
  1. 1 Stairway To Nowhere - Ernie Barton
  2. 2 She's Gone Away - Ernie Barton
  3. 3 (Did You Tell Me) You Don't Care - Narvel Felts
  4. 4 Cry Baby Cry - Narvel Felts
  5. 5 I Wanta Rock - Patsy Halcomb
  6. 6 Ooh That's Good - Patsy Halcomb
  7. 7 Someone To Love - Patsy Halcomb
  8. 8 Memories of You - Magel Priesman
  9. 9 Judy - Rudy Grayzell
  10. 10 Drive-In - Mack Vickery
  11. 11 Have You Ever Been Lonely - Mack Vickery
  12. 12 Fool Proof - Mack Vickery
  13. 13 Tough Tough Tough - Andy Anderson
  14. 14 Sorry I Lied - Cliff Thomas
  15. 15 To Tell the Truth - Bobbie & The Boys
  16. 16 Flat Foot Sam - Tommy Blake
  17. 17 Lordy Hoody - Tommy Blake
  18. 18 I Dig You Baby, Pt. 1 - Tommy Blake
  19. 19 You Better Believe It, Pt. 1 - Tommy Blake
  20. 20 Sweetie Pie - Tommy Blake
  21. 21 I Dig You Baby, Pt. 2 - Tommy Blake
  22. 22 Shake Around - Tommy Blake
  23. 23 You Better Believe It, Pt. 2 - Tommy Blake
  24. 24 Rock Boppin' Baby - Edwin Bruce
  25. 25 Eight Wheel Driver - Edwin Bruce
  26. 26 Sweet Woman - Edwin Bruce
  27. 27 Baby That's Good - Edwin Bruce
  28. 28 King of Fools - Edwin Bruce
  29. 29 Memories Never Grow Old - Dickey Lee
  30. 30 Good Lovin' - Dickey Lee
  31. 31 Fool Fool Fool - Dickey Lee
  32. 32 Dreamy Nights - Dickey Lee
  33. 33 Hey Heart - Dickey Lee
Disc 7
  1. 1 Right Behind You Baby - Ray Smith
  2. 2 So Young - Ray Smith
  3. 3 Why Why Why - Ray Smith
  4. 4 You Made a Hit - Ray Smith
  5. 5 Sail Away - Ray Smith
  6. 6 Rockin' Bandit - Ray Smith
  7. 7 Willing and Ready - Ray Smith
  8. 8 Forever Yours - Ray Smith
  9. 9 Shake Around - Ray Smith
  10. 10 Breakup - Ray Smith
  11. 11 Sandy Lee - Mack Allen Smith
  12. 12 Mean Woman Blues - Mack Allen Smith
  13. 13 Kansas City - Mack Allen Smith
  14. 14 Young Dreams - Mack Allen Smith
  15. 15 Mona Lisa - Carl Mann
  16. 16 Rockin' Love - Carl Mann
  17. 17 Pretend - Carl Mann
  18. 18 Too Young - Carl Mann
  19. 19 A Thousand Guitars - Tracy Pendarvis
  20. 20 Is It Too Late? - Tracy Pendarvis
  21. 21 Is It Me? - Tracy Pendarvis
  22. 22 Southbound Line - Tracy Pendarvis
  23. 23 Beat It - Tracy Pendarvis
  24. 24 Your Lovin' Man - Vernon Taylor
  25. 25 Today is Blue Day - Vernon Taylor
  26. 26 Breeze - Vernon Taylor
  27. 27 Hey Little Girl - Vernon Taylor
  28. 28 Mystery Train, Pt. 1 - Vernon Taylor
  29. 29 This Kinda Love - Vernon Taylor
  30. 30 Sweet and Easy To Love - Vernon Taylor
  31. 31 Mystery Train, Pt. 2 - Vernon Taylor
Disc 8
  1. 1 Thinkin' of Me - Mickey Gilley
  2. 2 Have a Little Party (C'mon Baby) - Mickey Gilley
  3. 3 Whole Lot of Shakin' Going On - Mickey Gilley
  4. 4 I'll Change My Ways - Danny Stewart
  5. 5 This Old Heart of Mine - Eddie Bond
  6. 6 Love is My Business - Cliff Gleaves
  7. 7 What Are You Gonna Do Now? - Charlotte Smith
  8. 8 I Lost My Baby - Roy Hall
  9. 9 Christene - Roy Hall
  10. 10 Apron Strings - Curtis Hobock
  11. 11 (There's My Baby) Walkin' (The Stroll) - Charley Pride
  12. 12 With Your Love, With Your Kiss - Johnny Powers
  13. 13 No More Crying the Blues - Alton & Jimmy
  14. 14 Raunchy - Bill Justis Orchestra
  15. 15 The Midnight Man - Bill Justis Orchestra
  16. 16 Somehow We'll Find a Way - Bill Justis Orchestra
  17. 17 Wild Rice - Bill Justis Orchestra
  18. 18 College Man - Bill Justis Orchestra
  19. 19 Scroungie - Bill Justis Orchestra
  20. 20 After the Hop - Bill Justis Orchestra
  21. 21 Sally's Got a Sister - Bill Justis Orchestra
  22. 22 Bop Train - Bill Justis Orchestra
  23. 23 Flip Flop and Bop - Bill Justis Orchestra
  24. 24 Rolando - Roland Janes
  25. 25 Little Bitty Pretty Girl - Roland Janes
  26. 26 Hey Good Lookin' - Roland Janes
  27. 27 Sugarfoot Rag - Martin Willis
  28. 28 Hey Bo Diddley - J.M. Van Eaton
  29. 29 That's the Way I Feel - Ace Cannon
  30. 30 Tuff (Cattywampus) - Ace Cannon
  31. 31 That's Just Too Bad - Ace Cannon
  32. 32 706 Union - Brad Suggs
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Album Credits

Performance Credits
Mickey Gilley Piano, Vocals
George Jones Drums
Charley Pride Vocals
Charlie Rich Piano, Vocals
Sonny Burgess Guitar, Vocals
Jack Earls Guitar, Vocals
Rosco Gordon Piano, Vocals
Jerry Lee Lewis Piano, Vocals
Roy Orbison Guitar, Vocals, Choir, Chorus
Carl Perkins Guitar, Vocals
Elvis Presley Vocals
Warren Smith Guitar, Vocals
The Spinners Choir, Chorus
Bill Black Bass
Eddie Bond Vocals
Ace Cannon Saxophone
Johnny Carroll Guitar, Vocals
Roy Hall Vocals
Bill Justis Horn, Saxophone
Carl Mann Piano, Vocals
Scotty Moore Bass, Guitar
Mack Allen Smith Vocals
Rudy Grayzell Vocals
Narvel Felts Guitar, Vocals
Cliff Acred Bass
Joe Baugh Piano
Johnny Bernero Drums
Bill Bowen Vocals
Eddie Bush Guitar
Bill Cantrell Fiddle
Don Carter Choir, Chorus
Jack Clement Bass, Guitar
Wayne Cogswell Guitar, Choir, Chorus
John Franklin Choir, Chorus
Ray Harris Guitar, Vocals
Herman Hawkins Bass
Buddy Holobaugh Guitar
Roland Janes Guitar
Jack Kennelly Bass
Stan Kesler Bass, Guitar, Steel Guitar
Joe Lewis Guitar, Vocals
Gordon Mashburn Guitar
James Morrow Mandolin
Jack Nance Trumpet
Pat O'Neill Bass
Richard Page Guitar
Allen Reynolds Guitar, Choir, Chorus
Dusty Rhodes Vocal Harmony
Mack Self Guitar, Vocals
Ray Smith Vocals
Brad Suggs Bass, Guitar
Jerry Tuttle Steel Guitar, Saxophone
Marcus Van Story Bass
J.M. Van Eaton Drums
Phillip Walker Guitar
James Webb Bass
Johnny Wilson Guitar
Malcolm Yelvington Guitar, Vocals
Reggie Young Guitar
W.S. Holland Drums
Carl Adams Guitar
Al Hopson Guitar
Johnny Ray Hubbard Bass
Jan Ledbetter Bass
Sid Manker Bass, Guitar
Elsie Joe Miller Vocals, Choir, Chorus
Roy Miller Vocals
Robert Oatsvall Bass
Marvin Pepper Bass
Jake Ryles Bass
Mildred Wages Vocals, Choir, Chorus
Asa Wilkerson Choir, Chorus
Hayden Thompson Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Vernon Taylor Guitar, Vocals
Jackie Thomas Trombone
Harold Jenkins Guitar, Vocals
Otis Jett Drums
Bill Pinkney Vocals
Billy Weir Drums
Martin Willis Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone
Willie Stephenson Bass
Jesse Lee Turner Vocals
Mack Vickery Vocals
Jimmy Watson Piano
Tommy Blake Guitar, Vocals
Lee Holt Choir, Chorus
Billy Riley Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
Jimmy Wilson Piano
Bill Riley Guitar, Vocals
Eddie Cash Vocals
J.C. Caughron Guitar
Sid Lapworth Bass
Barbara Pittman Vocals
Thomas E. Cisco Rhythm Guitar
Jimmy Wages Vocals
Dickey Lee Lipscomb Guitar, Vocals
Ernie Barton Guitar, Vocals
Dean Beard Piano, Vocals
Luke McDaniel Guitar, Vocals
Carl Simmons Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals
Danny Stewart Vocals
Cliff Thomas Guitar, Vocals
Roger Fakes Vocals
Talmadge Tubb Choir, Chorus
Barbara Thomas Vocals
Bill Hennen Piano
Billy Buntin Bass
Billy Herbert Guitar
Kenny Parchman Guitar, Vocals
Slim Rhodes Acoustic Guitar
Glenn Honeycutt Guitar, Vocals
Onzie Horne Vibes
Andy Anderson Vocals
Tracy Pendarvis Guitar, Vocals
Jimmy Smith Piano
Jay Salem Guitar
Dick Penner Guitar, Vocals
Bill Harris Bass
Eddie Hall Bass
Charlotte Smith Vocals
Gene Simmons Guitar, Vocals
Jimmy Evans Bass, Vocal Harmony
Wade Moore Vocals
Ed Thomas Piano
James Buck Perkins Rhythm Guitar
Lloyd Clayton Perkins Bass
Jimmy Williams Vocals
Russell Smith Drums
Bette Kirby Vocals
Magel Priesman Vocals
Jesse Carter Bass
Singing Sons Choir, Chorus
Edwin Bruce Guitar, Vocals
James Curry Choir, Chorus
Lionel Prevost Saxophone
The Rhythm Rebels Guitar, Vocals
Cliff Gleaves Vocals
Johnny Gibson Guitar
Dick Ketner Bass
Gary Diamond Drums
Dean Perkins Guitar
Stanley Walker Guitar, Vocals
Rudi Richardson Vocals
Curtis Hobock Vocals
Ronald "Slim" Wallace Bass
Billy Ellis Drums
Jimmy Pritchett Vocals
Bobby Cash Drums
Bobby Crawford Drums
Leon Barnett Guitar
Jimmie Lott Drums
Johnny Black Bass
Tiny Dixon Steel Guitar
Lucky Yarborough Guitar
Warren Gregory Guitar
Danny Wahlquist Drums
Kern Kennedy Piano
Jimmy Ray Paulman Guitar
David Glenn Choir, Chorus
Bob Taylor Drums
Jimmy Johnson Guitar
Jerry Smith Piano
Alton Lott Guitar, Vocals
Roy Estes Piano
Speck Rhodes Bass
James Steward Guitar
The Miller Sisters Choir, Chorus
Johnny Cannon Saxophone
Thurman Enlow Piano, Vocals
Frank Tolley Piano
Reece Fleming Piano
Patsy Halcomb Vocals
Andre Mitchell Choir, Chorus
Frank Stella Drums
Gerald Hendrix Choir, Chorus
Freddie Ravares Guitar
Hank Bowers Trumpet
Harold Aldridge Guitar
Herb Holland Steel Guitar
Hayden Thomas Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Hugh Jeffreys Steel Guitar
Jamieson Bryant Saxophone
J.L. Jerden Choir, Chorus
Hannah Faye Harger Vocals
Eddie Weill Choir, Chorus
Durwood Herbert Drums
Don Gililland Bass
David Lee Cox Piano
Cuz Covington Bass
Carl Holland Bass
Bob Izer Guitar
Bill Tarrance Bass
Bill Fairbank Drums
Mary Kirby Vocals
Lee Cornello Drums
Kern Kelley Piano
Keith Worell Guitar
Keith Vann Drums
Joland Janes Guitar
Johnny Pryor Choir, Chorus
John Pavlick Guitar, Vocals
Joey Reisenberg Drums
Joe Tubb Guitar
David Moore Choir, Chorus
Elijan Franklin Choir, Chorus
Dick Horton Saxophone
Bobby Lyons Drums
L.W. Canty Bass
John Green Fiddle
Joe Payne Drums
Jimmy Harrell Guitar, Vocals
James Terry Piano
James Jones Saxophone
J.W. Bruner Bass
J.W. Grubbs Bass
Thurlow Brown Guitar
Thomas Enlow Piano, Vocals
Thomas Abston Choir, Chorus
Talmadge Hester Guitar
Ronnie Parchman Drums
Richard Mateller Trumpet
Red Hensley Guitar, Choir, Chorus
Red McGregor Guitar
Nelson Grilli Horn, Saxophone
Merrill Williams Drums
Willie Peppers Choir, Chorus
Tommy Jones Guitar
Wilbur Steinberg Choir, Chorus
Vernon Drane Horn, Saxophone
Technical Credits
Roy Brown Composer
Ed Bruce Composer
Floyd Cramer Composer
Hank Garland Composer
Charlie Rich Composer
Tex Ritter Composer
Floyd Tillman Composer
Sonny Burgess Composer
Hank Davis Liner Notes, Reissue Producer, Illustrations, Tape Comparison
Jack Earls Composer
Rosco Gordon Composer
Roy Orbison Composer
Carl Perkins Composer
Eddie Bond Composer
Johnny Carroll Composer
Arthur Neal Gunter Composer
Roy Hall Composer
Bill Justis Composer, Producer
Jerry Leiber Composer
Carl Mann Composer
Norman Petty Composer
Buck Ram Composer
Rudy Grayzell Composer
Narvel Felts Composer
Carl Belew Composer
Jerry Ross Composer
Bill Bowen Composer
Bill Cantrell Composer
Quinton Claunch Composer
Jack Clement Composer, Producer
Wayne Cogswell Composer
Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup Composer
Sunny David Composer
Lew Douglas Composer
Colin Escott Liner Notes, Reissue Producer, Illustrations, Tape Comparison, Introduction
Ray Evans Composer
Joe Goodwin Composer
Ray Harris Composer
Roland Janes Composer
Ross Johnson Liner Notes
Stan Kesler Composer
Dickey Lee Composer
Leroy Kirkland Composer
Jay Livingston Composer
Ballard MacDonald Composer
Bob Neal Composer
Clyde Otis Composer
Allen Reynolds Composer
Billy Lee Riley Composer
Fred Rose Composer
Aaron Schroeder Composer
Mack Self Composer
Mike Stoller Composer
George David Weiss Composer
Hank Williams Composer
Malcolm Yelvington Composer
Billy Pat Ellis Composer
Al Hopson Composer, Liner Notes
Sid Manker Composer
Hayden Thompson Composer
Sam Phillips Composer, Producer
Rob Bowman Liner Notes
Harold Jenkins Composer
Bill Pinkney Composer
Herman Parker Composer
Mack Vickery Composer
Tony Wilkinson Liner Notes
Tommy Blake Composer
Cliff Parman Composer
Ray Scott Composer
Martin Hawkins Liner Notes, Reissue Producer, Illustrations, Tape Comparison, Introduction, Interviewer
Bill Millar Liner Notes
Billy Riley Composer
Dave Booth Liner Notes
R.A. Andreas Illustrations
Jurgen Crasser Mastering
James Paulman Composer
W.S. Stevenson Composer
Bo Berglind Liner Notes
Jimmy Wages Composer
Sylvia Dee Composer
Claude Demetrius Composer
Frank LaVere Composer
Sidney Lippman Composer
Ernie Barton Producer
Murphy Maddux Composer
Luke McDaniel Composer
Danny Stewart Composer
Henry Roeland Byrd Composer
Clara Wills Composer
Kenny Parchman Composer
Glenn Honeycutt Composer
Andy Anderson Composer
Ted Jarrett Composer
Tracy Pendarvis Composer
Ron Hargrave Composer
Dick Penner Composer
Christian Zwarg Metal Transfers
Gene Simmons Composer
Martin Kalmanoff Composer
Aaron Cornelius Composer
Maurice Murray Composer
Andreas Merck Photo Scanning
Klaus Kettner Liner Notes
Ande Rand Composer
Wade Moore Composer
Art Adams Composer
Ed Thomas Composer
Howard Griffin Composer
Jimmy Williams Composer
Magel Priesman Composer
Danny Wolf Composer
J.R. Cash Composer
Edwin Bruce Composer
Mychael Gerstenberger Artwork
Jesmet Composer
William Emerson Composer
James Hanley Composer
Charles Calhoun Composer
Allen Wingate Composer
Ronald Wallace Composer
Sam Malbuch Photo Restoration
Louis Moore Composer
Johnny Cannon Composer
Jo Ann Wingate Composer
Luther Bradley "Pee Wee" Suggs Composer
Reece Fleming Composer
Ira Lichterman Composer
Patsy Halcomb Composer
Aubry Gass Composer
Craig Maki Liner Notes
Colin Davies Liner Notes
John Pavlick Composer
David Kelly Composer
L.V. Bryant Composer
Roy Hobock Liner Notes
Mitt Addington Composer
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