The Sweetest Thing

The Sweetest Thing

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by Deborah Fletcher Mello

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Love is the best treat of all. . .

When the owner of Memphis's most mouthwatering bakery, Just Desserts, suddenly dies, pastry chef Quentin Elliott and his brother, office manager Troy Elliott, are distraught. Everett "Pop" Donovan was more than their boss, he was a beloved mentor. So they're shocked to learn that Pop left the business to his beautiful,…  See more details below


Love is the best treat of all. . .

When the owner of Memphis's most mouthwatering bakery, Just Desserts, suddenly dies, pastry chef Quentin Elliott and his brother, office manager Troy Elliott, are distraught. Everett "Pop" Donovan was more than their boss, he was a beloved mentor. So they're shocked to learn that Pop left the business to his beautiful, estranged daughter—a woman they know nothing about—and who knows nothing about running a bakery. . .

Harper Donovan intends to sell off Just Desserts as quickly as possible. She has no interest in Memphis, much less sweets. However, handsome Quentin has definitely sparked her appetite—and business aside, the feeling is irresistibly mutual. But soon a powerful, smooth-talking rival appears, vying for Harper's heart and her bakery. Harper might have a taste for Memphis after all—and Quentin might have to prove he's exactly what she craves. . .

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"An author who consistently delivers a strong story, complex characters and scorching love scenes." --RT Book Reviews

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Publishers Weekly
Mello (Hearts Afire) delivers a delectable romance that explores family values while ladling on the hotness. Feisty Harper Donovan comes to Memphis, pushed by her indomitable grandmother, to attend her estranged father’s funeral. She’s stunned to learn that he left her all his possessions, including Just Desserts, his pastry shop. His two surviving foster sons, Quentin and Troy Elliott, who work at Just Desserts and didn’t know Harper existed, are likewise shocked. As the three of them grieve and learn to get along, Harper jumps right in to learn about her father and the bakery business. Soon Quentin and Harper begin to flirtatiously tease, tempt, and torment each other, and a six-month moratorium to deal with grief and practical matters before making a commitment encourages them to be creative in satisfying their passionate affections. Complicating matters, Quentin’s former best friend, Dwayne, offers to buy the shop—abetted by Quentin and Dwayne’s scheming mutual ex, Rachel. A wealth of multifaceted characters adds to this scrumptious and satisfying treat. (Mar.)

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The Sweetest Thing 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The charaters and plot grabbed me from the beginning and I couldn't help but hang on for the emotional rollercoaster ride. This is because the characters were well developed and the storyline was beliveable. I found myself switching from sadness to anger, laughter and joy from one moment to the next. The sex scenes were scorching hot and ranged from sweet and sexy to others giving 50 shades of grey a run for the money. In my opinion this has all the makings of a perfect romance novel!
vwambui More than 1 year ago
Deborah Fletcher Mello did a superb job of injecting a minefield of tension with juicy pockets of goodness. The conflict between the main characters was heartfelt, realistic and palpable. Experiencing that push and pull of attraction vs. resentment along with Quentin and Harper then having attraction win out was an exhilarating experience. The Sweetest Thing just happens to be one of those edge of your seat reads simply because of the sexual chemistry but the story itself is more than enough to support that fire - alternating between ignoring the smoke and feeding the flames. The side characters and back story added the perfect amount of intrigue and realness. This is a great introduction to the Just Desserts series because it is dripping with hot sweetness. I can't wait to read the next installment.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good read !!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is the first installment of Just Desserts and I have to say that Ms. Mello is starting off just right………..imagine a tall, handsome and FINE man along with all of the delicious sweet in one place. Well at Just Desserts that is exactly what you get. Harper Donovan arrives in Memphis, TN to attend her father service and to settle his estate. When Quentin and Troy learned of Everett (who they call POP) had a daughter, it was a shock to them to say the least. Quentin is the pastry chef of Just Desserts and Harper is an event planner what a great combination…………..picture them coming together to create something special…………hummmm Quentin and Harper first impression toward each other was a little guarded because they didn’t know where the other was coming from. Everett had left the pastry shop to Harper and along with having to deal with her father death she is now the owner of Just Desserts where she doesn’t know what to do or feel at this point. The death of their adopted father is still a shock to Quentin and Troy but especially Quentin. The one thing Harper is learning about her father is a shock to her because she didn’t get the chance to know her father like the customer and the people of Memphis did. Harper is harboring some guilt for letting so much time passed without getting to know her father. While in Memphis Harper begin to work behind the scene in the pastry shop and getting to know Quentin and Troy but she also realizes the attraction between her and Quentin. The Sweetest Thing is the perfect title for Quentin and Harper because the way she weave the words on the pages of this book took you on a journey, although the attraction between Quentin and Harper strong Ms. Mello delivers such strong characters, and oh yeah she brought the HEAT with Quentin and Harper. The secondary characters in the book help move the story along. Oh and as a bonus you get two story in one in this book…………….If you want to know who the other story is about PUCHASE THE BOOK IT IS WORTH IT. Can’t wait for Troy story which will come out later this year…………………… Reviewed by Louise Brown
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Helped support owlheart
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
She helps support him and slowly helps him back to camp.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Karen Pirnot for Readers' Favorite Deborah Mello offers up her latest steamy romance in The Sweetest Thing. Mello's stories are consistently strong in plot and in romance. Quentin and Troy are brothers who are preparing to put their foster father to rest when they receive word that their father "Pop" has a daughter they knew nothing about. Furthermore, the daughter Harper has inherited the lucrative neighborhood bakery which is being run by brothers Troy and Quentin Elliott. When Harper goes to Memphis to her father's funeral, she is confused and angry. Her father had seemingly abandoned her when she was a young child and she grew up with bitter memories of the man.  After meeting Troy and Quentin, she becomes so confused that she elects to remain in Memphis to try to understand the motives of her deceased father. Instead, she ends up learning about the sons he raised as his own. Harper is a highly believable and resourceful young woman. The reader is able to understand her confusion as well as her willingness to learn another side of the family story. Quentin is charming in his understanding of Harper's needs and he is willing to allow her the time to search for answers to her questions. The romance scenes are graphically but tastefully done, leaving the reader to cheer on young love in all its glory! The supporting characters in The Sweetest Thing are lovable and they also endear themselves to the hearts of readers.  Mello has given her reading audience another heartfelt story with just enough plot and just enough sizzling romance to keep the pages turning!