The Tale of the Kind and the Unkind Girls: AA-Th 480 and Related Tales / Edition 1

The Tale of the Kind and the Unkind Girls: AA-Th 480 and Related Tales / Edition 1

by Warren E. Roberts

ISBN-10: 0814324908

ISBN-13: 9780814324905

Pub. Date: 01/28/1994

Publisher: Wayne State University Press

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Wayne State University Press
Publication date:
Classics in Folklore Series

Table of Contents

Editor's Preface
Ch. 1Introduction
The Tale and Previous Studies3
The Method of Study6
The Material9
The Relationship Between Type 480 and Type 4039
General Remarks10
Table of Abbreviations12
Table I, The Versions of the Tale13
Table II, The Elements of the Tale71
Ch. IIThe Following the River Subtype
The Southern European Form103
The Near Eastern Form106
Elements of the Subtype in India107
The Subtype in the Far East108
Burma, The East Indies, Japan109
Groups Closely Related to the Subtype110
The Italian Group, The Lousing Group111
The Archetype111
Origin and Distribution of the Subtype114
Origin, The Tradition Areas115
The Drink of Water Croup116
The Narrative, Origin and Diffusion116
The Heads in the Well Group119
The Narrative, Origin and Diffusion, Literary Versions119
The House of the Cats Group121
Ch. IIIThe Encounters En Route Subtype
The Fall into the Well Form123
The Rolling Cake Form125
The Pursuit Form127
The Gold from the Forbidden Room Group, The Long Leather Bag Group, The Norwegian Group, The Glowing Iron Group, The Stolen Brother Group, The Archetype127
The Subtype in India131
The Subtype in African and Afro-American Tradition132
The Subtype in Japan134
The Archetype of the Subtype135
The Relationship Between the Encounters en Route Subtype and the Following the River Subtype137
Diffusion of the Archetype and Special Developments139
Ch. IVOther European Subtypes and Groups
The Icelandic Group142
The Finnish Group142
The Celtic Group143
The Heating the Bath Group143
The Birds of the Axe Group144
The Heaven and Hell Group145
The Ogre Kept at Bay Subtype145
The Piecemeal Request Form, The Blindman's Buff Form, The House in the Wood Form, Summary146
The Strawberries in the Snow Subtype149
The Forms, The Twelve Months Form, The Three Dwarfs Form, The Jack Frost Form150
Other European Versions153
Ch. VType 480 Outside Europe
Burma and the East Indies, Indo-China, The Philippines, Borneo, Oceania, Japan156
North and South America159
Ch. VIConclusions
On the Age of Type 480161

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