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The Talents (Delcroix Academy Series #1)

The Talents (Delcroix Academy Series #1)

4.1 8
by Inara Scott

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Previously published in hardcover as DELCROIX ACADEMY: THE CANDIDATES. Danica Lewis accepts a scholarship to Delcroix Acadamy, a school for kids with special "skills." But once she arrives at the mysterious school, Danica suspects the recruiters know more about her "gift" than they''re letting on.


Previously published in hardcover as DELCROIX ACADEMY: THE CANDIDATES. Danica Lewis accepts a scholarship to Delcroix Acadamy, a school for kids with special "skills." But once she arrives at the mysterious school, Danica suspects the recruiters know more about her "gift" than they''re letting on.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
Debut author Scott launches the Delcroix Academy series with this light paranormal romance. Dancia has always kept a low profile, avoiding anything that might bring attention to her secret: whenever she witnesses injustice, a protective instinct kicks in and she’s able to take out the threat (knocking out a gunman or blowing out the tires on a car pursuing a boy). Now Dancia is being recruited to the freshmen class of Delcroix Academy, an exclusive boarding school for geniuses. A mediocre student, Dancia can’t understand why they want her, but Cam, a junior helping with her recruitment, persuades her to attend, and Dancia starts a new life and begins to come out of her shell. Dancia’s crush on Cam grows, as does her relationship with brooding Jack, who suspects there is a conspiracy at Delcroix. Dancia eventually discovers the truth about Delcroix, but the unresolved “telekinetic girl caught between good soldier and edgy rebel” love triangle (which, along with the academy setting, may feel familiar to X-Men fans) and Dancia’s determination to use her power for good pave the way for later books. Ages 12-up. (Aug.)
VOYA - Marlyn Beebe
Dancia Lewis has lived in Danville, Washington all her life. Her parents died when she was four, and she's lived with her grandmother ever since. Dancia has a secret "power" which manifests when someone she cares for is being threatened. It is not something she can control; things just happen, like cars driving into poles or buildings collapsing. Because of this, she takes great pains to be invisible, wearing non-descript clothing, not making friends, and striving to be exceptionally average. Thus, Dancia is taken by surprise when a recruiting team from the nearby exclusive and expensive Delcroix Academy shows up on her doorstep one day, offering her a full scholarship. She is reluctant at first (who will take care of her grandmother?), but eventually agrees, partially out of sheer curiosity as to why they'd want her. Once she gets there, she's even more curious. Unlike her, all the other students have a special talent or skill on which their curriculum focuses, while she takes ordinary classes. Why are there such strict rules about where they can go on the campus? And what is with the military-type training exercises? Does she really want to know? With a nudge from her mysterious fellow-student Jack, she determines to find out what is really going on at Delcroix. This book is designed to appeal to younger teens, and could easily be turned into a movie or television series. Reviewer: Marlyn Beebe
Caroline McCoy
Dancia isn't the top student, the best athlete, or the most talented artist. She doesn't mind that her drab clothing and unpopularity make her invisible, because the alternative could be dangerous. Dancia has powers she doesn't know how to handle. When she sees someone in trouble—car crashes, people falling—Dancia imagines unusual things happening to save them, and suddenly, they happen. Letting people into her life, she fears, will only make matters worse. When Dancia accepts a scholarship to the prestigious Delcroix Academy, she fears she won't be able to maintain her low profile for long. Will her new teachers find out about her gift? Can she risk making friends and keep her powers at bay? Teen readers will enjoy uncovering the mysteries behind Delcroix Academy in Inara Scott's The Candidates. Though Delcroix is fictional, Dancia's struggles to find truth, identity, and friendship inside its gates are engaging and real. Reviewer: Caroline McCoy
School Library Journal
Gr 6–10—Dancia works hard at being nondescript because of her supernatural powers: not too smart, not too pretty, not too friendly. So when recruiters from the prestigious Delcroix Academy show up at her house the summer before her freshmen year of high school and offer a full scholarship, she is sure that there has been some kind of mistake. Once at the academy, the teen begins to make friends and let people in to her life, including two equally interesting but very different young men. While this should be a good thing, Dancia can't help but worry; caring too much causes trouble. When she feels threatened, her protective instincts kick in and things happen that she can't control, like windows breaking and things collapsing, and sometimes people getting hurt. At Delcroix, Dancia realizes she is not alone with her powers and that a program can help her to control and strengthen her talents. Unfortunately, while great for Dancia, not everyone whom she has grown close to feels the same way. While nothing about Scott's premise is especially groundbreaking, the plot is quick and gratifying, and Dancia is much more empowered than the female protagonists in some other popular supernatural thrillers.—Jennifer Miskec, Longwood University, Farmville, VA

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Delcroix Academy Series , #1
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Meet the Author

Inara Scott (www.inarascott.net) lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband and children.The Talents is her first novel.

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The Talents 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I LOVED this book!!! I just wish the main character had chosen the other guy. Thats the only reason i couldn't give it 5 stars. I mean seriously, Cam lied to her through the whole book!!! This will make more semse once you read it. Which I definately recommend!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I liked jack wayyyyy better than cam!!!come dancia never let go! ughhhhh jack was perfect and cam was a phony and liar and basically her own personal stalker!! JACK COME BACK!! OVERALL LOVED THIS BOOKK!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It's a fine read but the names are mostly weird and cumbersome to read (Dancia, Henny, Walter, Judan, etc) and you want her to pick the other guy.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book and can't wait for the next one!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
IReadMore More than 1 year ago
Although The Talents was a bit predictable and the love triangle was frustrating I really liked this book. Basically by the second chapter you know Delcroix Academy isn’t a normal school. When Mr. Judan starts talking about how special Dancia is when the school is meant for geniuses and she isn’t exactly one it’s totally obvious that the school is for teenagers with powers. Even before Jack shows Dancia the practice rooms with different sizes you know there is some kind of secret society thingie going on. Honestly I hate love triangles, usually when I find out a book has one I’m like blah and don’t read the rest, but I was already so much into the book I decided to read the rest. When Dancia first meets Cam I rolled my eyes multiple times. I mean seriously “I couldn’t avoid meeting his eyes, so I looked, and instantly I got this fluttery feeling in my chest”, and that was before Jack was in the picture. At first I was like ok whatever it’s going to have a sucky romance were everyone is falling in love by looking into people’s eyes but then she and Jack become friends. After that I started hating Cam and Dancia’s relationship, even if they were only friends until the very end, more and more because I had more and more reasons to. First of all she is a freshmen and Cam is a junior, I mean gross! Second Cam has the power of persuasion and she doesn’t doubt for a second he was using on her, oh wait she does but when she sees him she can’t help forgetting to admire him! I have a ton of reasons to say why I hate Cam but then I would probably give away what the whole book is about. And then there is Jack and Dancia’s relationship, at first they’re friends but then everything changes when they kiss. Things were already changing before that like Jack being jealous of Cam a.k.a. Prince Charming and when Jack starts to getting really paranoid, but not for a bad reason. Once Jack shows his powers, which you guess about pretty fast, Dancia uses her powers and he kisses her. She ends up pushing him away, he gets mad, but brings up a very good point “They know I’m on to them. They don’t want me to lead you astray. Prince Charming’s just the bait they’re holding out to keep you deaf, dumb, and blind.” which makes sense. I don’t believe Cam really was ever trying doing that but the ‘higher ups’ probably thought he could without trying, once you get to the end you’ll agree with me. Other than that this book was amazing. I love how you get to see Dancia coming out of her shell and making friends. You can tell by the end of the book she will go to lengths to protect the ones she loves. The cliffhanger was good, well it wasn’t really a cliffhanger, the first chapter of the next book was. Again it’s predictable what is going to happen in the next book but in a good way. You can tell Dancia is going to learn more secrets about the school and we are finally going to get some information about Cam. Can’t wait for the next book, where I really hope Dancia realizes Jack is the one, called The Marked!