The Text and Beyond: Essays in Literary Linguistics / Edition 1

The Text and Beyond: Essays in Literary Linguistics / Edition 1

by Cynthia Bernstein

ISBN-10: 0817306994

ISBN-13: 9780817306991

Pub. Date: 04/28/1994

Publisher: University of Alabama Press

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University of Alabama Press
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New Edition
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Table of Contents

The Contextualization of Linguistic Criticism3
Lexico-Syntactic Cohesion in Creeley's "I Know a Man"19
Anaphoric and Cataphoric Reference in Dickens's Our Mutual Friend and James's The Golden Bowl30
Comparison and Synthesis: Marianne Moore's Natural and Unnatural Taxonomies56
Appropriated Voices in Gordon Weaver's Eight Corners of the World87
Script Theory Perspective, and Message in Narrative: The Case of "Mi suicidio"97
Conversational Style and the Form-Meaning Link in Literary Analysis123
Conversation and the Fitzgeralds: Conflict or Collaboration?157
Rosario Castellanos and the New Essay: Writing It Like a Woman179
"Policewoman," Male Dominance, and the Cooperative Principle206
The Language of Power and Powerlessness: Verbal Combat in the Plays of Tennessee Williams217
Dialects of Power: The Two-Faced Narrative227
Literary Data and Linguistic Analysis: The Example of Modern German241
Immigrant Worker Literature263
"What a Parrot Talks": The Janus Nature of Anglo-Irish Writing
"You gone have to learn to talk right": Linguistic Deference and Regional Dialect in Harry Crews's Body278

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