The Thin Black Line: A Mike Walton Thriller

The Thin Black Line: A Mike Walton Thriller

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by Simon Gervais

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Mike Walton had experienced terrorism from every angle. As a covert field operations officer, he thought he'd seen it all. But that was before terrorism struck him directly at home. Suffering devastating physical injury and unthinkable personal loss, Mike had one of two choices: give up or fight back. And giving up wasn't in his constitution. Mike and his wife Lisa


Mike Walton had experienced terrorism from every angle. As a covert field operations officer, he thought he'd seen it all. But that was before terrorism struck him directly at home. Suffering devastating physical injury and unthinkable personal loss, Mike had one of two choices: give up or fight back. And giving up wasn't in his constitution. Mike and his wife Lisa – a medical doctor and fellow counter-terrorism expert – are recruited by the International Market Stabilization Institute, a privately funded organization operating outside official channels to protect North America's financial interests. The strikes that destroyed Mike and Lisa’s household – the work of Sheik Al-Assad – are bringing the Western economy to its knees. And they are only the beginning. If the Sheik succeeds, the world will change forever, and the next attack is just around the corner. Mike and Lisa must lead a hastily assembled team to Europe to stop the madness before time runs out. Rippling with tension, raging with action, and replete with the kinds of details only a true counter-terrorism insider can provide, THE THIN BLACK LINE is a nonstop thriller of the first order. It announces an unforgettable new team of characters and a distinctive new voice to the thriller world. "Realistic, vivid, dramatic, this is a story told by someone who knows what he's talking about. I offer a bow to this exciting debut and to the newest member of the thriller-writing community. Make a note: in the years ahead Simon Gervais is a name you'll be seeing on many more book covers.” – Steve Berry, New York Times bestselling author “When Simon Gervais writes about the world of high-stakes global security, he knows what he's talking about. His world-class security expertise shines through in The Thin Black Line, a high-speed, break-neck, turbo-charged thriller that takes readers behind the scenes of the war on terrorism." – David Morrell, New York Times bestselling author of The Protector "The Thin Black Line is a refreshingly smart and blisteringly original tale that's equal parts financial thriller and cat-and-mouse game with the survival of the United States economy hanging in the balance. Simon Gervais puts his own law enforcement background to solid use in hitting a home run his first time at the plate. A major debut that places him on the level of Nelson DeMille and Brad Thor." – Jon Land, USA Today bestselling author of Strong Darkness “The Thin Black Line takes a fascinating look into Canada’s covert operations, complemented by loveable and heroic characters you will find yourself rooting for. For a thrilling spring read, check out The Thin Black Line!” – Ottawa Life “With firm echoes of the best from Steve Berry and Christopher Reich, The Thin Black Line leaves its own indelible impression, as well written as it is told while establishing Gervais as a thriller force to be reckoned with.” – Providence Journal

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Simon Gervais is a former federal agent who was tasked with guarding foreign heads of state visiting Canada. Among many others, he served on the protection details of Queen Elizabeth II, US President Barack Obama, and Chinese President Hu Jianto. He has also protected the families of three different Canadian prime ministers. Prior to this, Simon spent five years in an anti-terrorism unit and was deployed in many European and Middle Eastern countries. He now writes full-time and is a member of the International Thriller Writers organization. He lives in Ottawa with his wife and two children.

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The Thin Black Line: Mike Walton Thriller #1 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 66 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I thought this was a great story. It's a quick read and fills in a lot of the details from Everybody's Daughter (also a great read.) The whole premise of the plot makes you think. I'm looking forward to the next book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The author gives us more background on a minor character in Everybody's Daughter. My favorite part is how we we George Farmer relate to his wife and what he has to do when he takes his trips to the time of Christ. It's a violent world he has to visit, much like we have to face today. I thought  comparing first century to now was brilliant and subtle. It's a quick read so I'll go back and read it again. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is the prequel to Everybody's Daughter. I'm glad I read this first before ED. It helped me understand the mysterious situation of George Farmer. This was a very spiritual read. I liked how the author gave me some background on George Farmer and what his life was in modern times. Now, it's time to re-read this so I didn;t miss anything.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This short story is a beautifully designed look at the hardships of love. George Farmer is broken hearted in what he witnesses when he time travels back to first century Jerusalem. He wants to spend his last days with his wife instead confronting the evils of the Roman empire. It's a quick read. I think any age can enjoy it and it's not preachy. 
SelenaR More than 1 year ago
In AN ANGEL COMES HOME, Michael Sullivan takes the reader on a time travel journey filled with danger, mystery and intrigue. At the same time this book engages the reader in a soul soothing story. This novelette is a prequel to EVERYBODY'S DAUGHTER (another great recommended read), where the reader is given a glimpse into the main characters and secondary characters from Everybody's Daughter. It is tightly written with lyrical prose, vivid description that takes the reader back into biblical times and ease of transition when the story is brought to contemporary time. Inspirational and suspenseful, this short book does not disappoint.
Heart2Heart More than 1 year ago
George Farmer is a special man with a purpose directed from God. He lives however, in two different worlds. One from the historical Biblical past and one from present day. He has discovered the uncanny ability to time travel through a portal found within the basement of his church Lady by the Bay. It is here, he has discovered his higher purpose quite accidentally and one that God has found favor in. In the novelette, An Angel Comes Home by Michael John Sullivan, we, the readers, are once more transported along with the character of George Farmer, but also with a beaten down single father, Michael Stewart and his teenage daughter, Elizabeth who are trying to survive in 21st century America, while they also travel back to the biblical past to Jerusalem during the time of our Savior, Jesus Christ. This is the prequel for Michael John Sullivan's fascinating novel Everybody's Daughter and gives the readers a brief glimpse into the life of George Farmer who was a character we meet ever so briefly in the second novel in the time travel series. Yet when we meet him there is so much we don't know about his life and what kind of man he was, Michael Sullivan grants us all the opportunity to see George's life in this short novelette. Once more the story captivates the reader and we hold our breath in anticipation of what's to come and what we'll see in traveling back in time with George. He helps to rescue countless babies that are being murdered under the Roman soldier's orders and one by one, George saves them. While he knows he can't save them all, he is making a difference in the lives of the ones he does save. Now that George is getting old, he fears his purpose is about up. He struggles between choosing to live in two different periods of time for two completely different reasons. In the present day he is hoping to live out his final days with his long time wife, Cecilia whom he feels he has neglected for far too long, and in the past, he never knows if the life of the baby he saves, will be critical enough to change the history of the world by who they will turn out to be. However when George doesn't return home one evening, Cecilia fears something has gone terribly wrong. When Dennis, the pastor of the church arrives to speak with George, he learns from that George went back to the church to do something and now he hasn't come home. The one thing Dennis remembers is George's warning to make sure that Michael and Elizabeth don't travel through time any longer. He trusts Dennis to keep his world and keep them both out of the past. George has learned that what they all seek is love and meaning in a very confusing world. Having been given the gift of time-travel, he discovers that sometimes what you wish for can lead to dangerous, even tragic, encounters. I've been truly blessed with the opportunity to review all these wonderful novels and if you haven't read any of them, you are truly in for a treasure. Whether you love historical fictions, biblical fiction, romance, action adventure or even a bit of inspiration, you are bound to find it in this wonderful series of books from Michael John Sullivan. I received An Angel Comes Home compliments of Michael John Sullivan for my honest review and was not required to write a favorable one. With that being said, I've been blessed in the process. The one thing that Michael had hoped to convey to the reader through this novelette and even the subsequent novels that follow in this series is this,to breathe the air we are given with passion and meaning each day, to love those who love you most, and to accept your own flaws. Most importantly, it is a reminder to collect moments rather than objects. I personally rate this eBook a 5 out of 5 stars and have once more picked up the first two, Necessary Heartbreak and Everybody's Daughter to reread them with a new set of eyes. This is truly a series with a message of hope! At the conclusion of this story, we are gifted with an excerpt of Everybody's Daughter, but trust me, pick them all up so you can continue to journey one step at a time through history!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is the backstory of George Farmer, one of the characters in Everybody's Daughter (which I highly recommend.) The plot is inriguing and the story moves along at a quick pace. Can't wait to see what the author has up his sleeve for the next book in the series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
the prequel to Everybody's Daughter. Gave me another dimension to the minor character George Farmer. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
short story filler for Everybody's Daughter
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Time travel mystery. Short story. Seems to fit in with Everybody's Daughter story. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The novelette is a worthy read for anyone struggling with their faith. It reaches deep into one's spirituality as the story takes us from Long Island to Jersualem. George Farmer is a courageous man called upon a greater spirit to protect innocent children from the Romans. I was taken back by the ending but now I'll have to read Everybody's Daughter. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The short story caught my attention when the sequel Everybody's Daughter was recommended to me by a friend. A man from modern times is asked to protect innocent lives. He is an average man, but growing old and worried about how much time he has left to share with his family. It's heartwarming to see his love for his wife. It's a spiritual read and I thought it set up the next book well. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The novelette is a worthy read. It consists of detailed spirituality and how a level of kindness and faith can strengthen not only one's life but also the relationships. George Farmer was such a man in this story. It helped me understand the importance of George and his wife in the novel Everybody's Daughter. I await the last book in the story. 
Anonymous 26 days ago
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MissBethBC More than 1 year ago
Yes, I lost a fair amount of sleep over The Thin Black Line as I couldn't put it down.   With the very first words, I was hooked and locked in for a hair raising ride with this book. Everything I imagine our scary world to be was emmulated in this story of terrorism and heroism.   Characters were well developed and fleshed out.   The plot  flowed smoothly to a satisfying conclusion.   I desperately want to read more about Mike and Lisa Walton's journey into saving our world. This is a very fast paced, breath holding and hair raising thriller.    Words really don't convey the realism and believability of this work of art, rather Simon Gervais.   I found it to be intriguing and can't wait for more from this exciting new author!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wanted more
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Sweet tale of elderly couple finding true love
poeticwords4THEKING More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this book so much! I can't wait for Michael's next book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Paul42NY More than 1 year ago
I did enjoy this book but I was not fully clear on some of the events. The two parallels in time between father and daughter was confusing. I thought the ending could have been a little better. All that said, I did enjoy the story. Paul
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
HumbleReader2 More than 1 year ago
Sweet and short spiritual journey for George Farmer, a minor figure in Everybody's Daughter. Answered my questions in why his wife was a big part of Everybodys Daughter.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good story. Didn't know it was prequel to another book. Will read it now.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Emotionally charged novella situated in first century Jerusalem. Sweet and sober story about an elderly man seeking purpose in his last days.
lovetoreadonnook More than 1 year ago
Clean read. Good for teenagers. A spiritual book. Not preachy, sympathetic to man's hardships.