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The Third Riel Conspiracy

The Third Riel Conspiracy

by Stephen Legault

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Spring 1885 is a tumultuous time in Canada's Northwest Territories with men fighting for loyalty to the Dominion, questioning the Church's role, and catching the First Nations and Métis (mixed race) populations in the crossfire. Reuben Wake is shot to death within a military complex, and the immediate blame for his murder falls upon a Métis prisoner, Terrance Le Biche. Le Biche could have murdered Wake, but investigating military officer Durrant Wallace is suspicious of how easy and convenient this solution appears. His trusted friends, Dr. Saul Armatage and Staff Sgt. Tommy Provost, provide protection as Wallace questions folks who wonder why he's bothering. Wallace barely escapes a couple of close calls, eventually exposing no less than three conspiracies. VERDICT At first blush one might categorize this series entry (after The End of the Line) as a regional historical mystery, but that would be a mistake. Legault's mysteries—no matter which series—are admirably well researched. Consider for readers who relish the details of wartime crime investigations, such as those by Jonathan Hicks, James R. Benn, and Martin Limón.

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