The Three Hundred Million Dollar Man

The Three Hundred Million Dollar Man

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by S. G. Kiner

In the world of securities law, there is no attorney better than the brilliant and beautiful, Susanna Sloane. Since her marriage to attorney and renowned sports agent, Rusty Byers, she has been practicing law in New York City, utilizing his office, and telecommunicating with her home office in Palm Beach, Florida. A new client calls with a complaint against his…  See more details below


In the world of securities law, there is no attorney better than the brilliant and beautiful, Susanna Sloane. Since her marriage to attorney and renowned sports agent, Rusty Byers, she has been practicing law in New York City, utilizing his office, and telecommunicating with her home office in Palm Beach, Florida. A new client calls with a complaint against his stockbroker, who, he says, has been issuing false account statements to his clientele for years. He says he has lost over twenty million dollars. He introduced the broker to many of his friends, who have also lost millions. All seek representation by Susanna.
Armed with evidence of fraud, Susanna confronts the head of the legal department of the securities firm, Chandler & Sons, an old Wall Street firm. She comes away from her meeting with a check in the amount of one million dollars, payable to her. Chandler has hired her to find the missing broker and the money with which he absconded, an unknown amount, possibly as much as seven hundred million dollars.
At a New Year’s Eve party Susanna encounters one of the richest men in the world, Greek billionaire Adnan Stephanides. He offers to assist her in locating the funds. At first she refuses, then agrees. She begins her quest in Liechtenstein, surmising that the broker was attracted by the lenient banking laws and the absence of an extradition treaty with the United States. Stephanides is influential with the Liechtenstein bankers, who cooperate in locating some of the missing funds and wiring them back to banks in the United States. Susanna finds herself attracted to the Greek and begins an affair with him.

The next place to search for the balance of the funds is on Cyprus. Stephanides tells her he has a relative from whose home they can operate. Susanna declines, goes to Cyprus independently, and is joined there by her husband. A confrontation arises between Rusty and the Greek, in which Stephanides informs him he has been having an affair with Susanna, which she vehemently denies.
The broker is on Cyprus and has made a deal with a vicious Russian Mafioso to engage in a heroin for cocaine swap which will, if successful, compensate for the funds Susanna wired out of his account in Liechtenstein. The Central Intelligence Agency enlists her cooperation and that of Stephanides in thwarting the drug deal. The CIA agents convince Rusty to return home, and arrange a meeting at the Greek’s home between the gangster, the broker, Susanna, and themselves.
Things go badly when the Mafioso learns that the letter of credit taken out by the broker to pay for the heroin was bogus, and that Stephanides had used his influence with the bank to issue it. The Russian has been paid by the Colombians for his effort in brokering the deal, and fears that the Colombians will come after him. The broker is convinced to turn himself in to the American Consulate for protection against the Mafioso. Stephanides has the Cyprus bank wire the broker’s funds to the States, exactly as he had done in Liechtenstein.
Susanna returns home to learn that the furious Russian Mafioso has put out a contract on her and Stephanides. The CIA agents suggest they use the Greek’s yacht for escape while the CIA attempts to locate and eliminate him. Rusty, in her absence, learns that she has been having an affair with the Greek, confronts her upon her return, and enraged, files for divorce.
She tries the cases against Chandler, finally having to appeal the verdict. She attempts to keep busy with her caseload, refusing to see Stephanides, and wishing for a reconciliation with Rusty, which comes about with the help of an avuncular family court mediator in New York.
Susanna has managed to survive—again!

Editorial Reviews
This is one helluva novel. Wow! I couldn’t wait to get to the good parts...even though they made me blush.
This is the third in the Susanna Sloane series, and takes the reader to New York, Washington, Palm Beach, London, and deep within a terrorist compound in Afghanistan.
In the end, Susanna is faced with the choice of who she must betray...the president, the prince or her husband.

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S. G. Kiner grew up in New York City, and always dreamed of following in her grandfather's footsteps by becoming a fashion designer, but fate intervened. She met her first husband, married at age eighteen, and put college on the back burner to raise a family. She resumed her education when her youngest child entered kindergarten, receiving a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration followed by an MBA. After successful careers in advertising, modeling, and a short-lived career in politics, when the family moved to Florida she entered Law School. Retiring after twenty years of Securities Law, she decided to write a novel that incorporated some of her experiences. This began her series of novels featuring a female securities lawyer. Although each offers at least one fictionalized version of a securities case, each novel contains international intrigue, romance and erotica. In total, to date, S. G. Kiner has published seven novels, all featuring the protagonist securities lawyer Susanna Sloane. S. G. is now married to her second husband and lives in Palm Beach.

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The Three Hundred Million Dollar Man 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
DaniB26 More than 1 year ago
I bought this book, along with the first two, on amazon and started reading this series a few weeks ago and have just finished the third book. I love how this author writes; she is creative, unique and has her own style. S. G. Kiner seems to be a cool lady and I think if we ever met we would get along for sure! Not surprising, but my review is a 5 star. All of the other reviews that I had read have been pretty positive and I completely agree! This is a fun and exciting read. I think this series is one that anyone can enjoy. There is a great mixture of genres that make up this novel and I think that appeals to a wide range of readers. I recommended this series to my mom and she quickly got into the books as well, I love having someone to talk to about my favorite parts to and to call when something fantastic happens (which is a lot). My friend is currently on book two and I can not wait until she is on the 3rd so we can talk about how the characters have evolved. Susanna is a great character, I love her attitude and she never fails to surprise. It’s always easier to enjoy a book when you like the main character. Susanna’s journey through this book is eventful and non-stop excitement. When she runs into the Greek billionaire it makes you want to win the lottery, and when she has another affair you want to root for her, (as bad as that sounds, but he’s a billionaire…come on) Honestly I am not a fan of her husband, but that’s probably because I love Susanna so much. Overall the characters are perfect for this plot and it really allows the story to move along smoothly. I loved where this book began and I loved how it ended, making me want more, (can’t go wrong with that). If you have ever considered reading these books I recommend you do. So far I haven’t heard any complaints from my mom or friends and I really enjoyed my time reading them. These are the kinds of book that you can snuggle up with some cookies and milk, in your favorite chair and read until you’re done! Once again, 5 star book, worth a read and definitely worth a good review!
PDSchultzHM More than 1 year ago
A stockbroker steals his clients’ funds, and the clients hire Susanna to sue him. At the same time the brokerage firm wants to hire her to find the missing money. A Greek billionaire offers his help...with strings attached. That’s how this fascinating novel begins. How it ends I won’t tell you, and you’ll thank me when you find out for yourself. This is the best of the Susanna Sloane novels.