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by James Fortune

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  1. I Owe All  -  James Fortune & FIYA
  2. Follow You  -  James Fortune & FIYA
  3. I Trust You  -  James Fortune & FIYA
  4. I'm Good  -  James Fortune & FIYA
  5. I Need Your Glory  -  James Fortune & FIYA
  6. I Need Your Glory (Reprise)  -  James Fortune & FIYA
  7. I Wouldn't Know You  -  James Fortune & FIYA
  8. The Blood  -  James Fortune & FIYA
  9. New Day  -  James Fortune & FIYA
  10. I Want You To  -  James Fortune & FIYA
  11. F.I.y.A.  -  James Fortune & FIYA
  12. F.I.y.A. (Reprise)  -  James Fortune & FIYA
  13. There Ain't Nothing  -  James Fortune & FIYA
  14. Great Is the King  -  James Fortune & FIYA
  15. Just to Worship  -  James Fortune & FIYA
  16. Trade It All  -  James Fortune & FIYA
  17. Holy Night  -  James Fortune & FIYA

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

James Fortune   Primary Artist
Eric Darken   Percussion
Darrell Crooks   Guitar
Gene Moore   Vocals
Cedric Smith   Drums
Shawn McLemore   Vocals
Joey Woolfolk   Guitar
Nikki Ross   Vocals
Anaysha Figueroa   Vocals
Josiah D. Martin   Vocals
AyRon Lewis   Organ,Keyboards
Chester Fortune   Vocals
Jimmie Hodges   Drums
James Hodges   Bass,Drums
Rick Marcel   Guitar
Anthony Faulkner   Vocals
Lucius B. Hoskins   Guitar
Gene A. Moore   Vocals
Phillip Lassiter   Horn
Nakitta Foxx   Vocals
Zacardi Cortez   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Raymond Williams   Guitar
Kayla Freeman   Vocals
Terrence Vaughn   Organ,Keyboards
Joey Woolfork   Guitar
D. Goodman   Various
Chris Morris   oberheim
John Webb   Bass Guitar
Nick Mcnack   Bass Guitar
Kayla Freema   Vocals
Chad Brawley   Organ
Darrel Crooks   Guitar
Nakitta Clegg   Vocals
Qiana Bolden   Vocals
Tim Williams   Bass Guitar
Terence Vaughn   Various

Technical Credits

Andraé Crouch   Composer
Clyde Bazile   Art Direction
Kerry Douglas   Executive Producer
Josiah D. Martin   Composer,Vocal Producer
AyRon Lewis   Producer,Audio Production
Ernie Wells   Engineer
James Fortune   Audio Production
D. Goodman   Audio Production
C. Fortune   Audio Production
Terence Vaughn   Programming,Audio Production

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