The Travels of Marco Polo

The Travels of Marco Polo

by Richard Humble

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Highlights of the Polos' famous journey to Cathay are combined with large color illustrations on every page, using original drawings interspersed with smaller reproductions from the Book of the Great Khan , described in a caption as an early English edition of Marco Polo's travels. Coverage of the actual journey is limited by the length of the text--of the 28 pages, more space is devoted to illustrations than text. The story is therefore episodic, jumping from one event or locale to another, sometimes abruptly. Marco Polo is quoted often, adding authenticity to the descriptions, but there are no footnotes or bibliography to give the official source of the quotes. The Travels of Marco Polo is also the title of a very similar book by Mike Rosen (Bookwright, 1989). Its format is almost identical, but Rosen favors content slightly more than illustration. With smaller margins that allow more text, he includes greater historical background and information and more detailed analysis of the effects of Polo's writing on later European history than Humble does in this book. However, Humble describes more of the places Marco Polo visited while serving Kublai Khan and relates those to modern locations. The two books complement, rather than duplicate, each other. --Susan L. Rogers, Chestnut Hill Academy, PA

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