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The Trench Coat Killer

The Trench Coat Killer

by Michael Bloodwell

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Something is happening in the small town of Blackford, Indiana, that no one expected. Not just death, but brutal killings, and the criminals are still out there. At the same time, mysterious strangers renovate an old house and are welcomed to the neighborhood. Now the people of Blackford are beginning to wonder if there is a connection between all of these strange


Something is happening in the small town of Blackford, Indiana, that no one expected. Not just death, but brutal killings, and the criminals are still out there. At the same time, mysterious strangers renovate an old house and are welcomed to the neighborhood. Now the people of Blackford are beginning to wonder if there is a connection between all of these strange events. Who will survive The Trench Coat Killer?

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Copyright © 2012 Michael Bloodwell
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4772-8867-2

Chapter One


It all started on September 9th, 1999, in the small town of Blackford. A horrific tragedy was about to bring sadness and even disbelief to many of the town's people. They did not know what was about to take place after a vacant house in the neighborhood was purchased.

Construction workers soon showed up to start renovations on the old house. Jane and Ruth were the only ones to walk over to the construction workers and inquire about who bought the house, when they would be moving in, and what the new owners were like. The only answer the men could give was that they simply did not know.

"We don't know what the people are like or even know what they look like. We never met them or even talked to them," one man responded.

Ruth asked, "How do you get a job working for someone if you've never met or talked to them?"

The man explained that their company received a call from the realtor's office saying that work needed to be done to the house before the new owners could move in. Jane thought she would be clever by asking what name was on the check. George the foreman explained that their company takes the bill to the realtor's office then they pay the company in cash that they receive from the homeowner's accountant.

One of the men spoke up, "Ladies, that's all we can tell you, now return to your homes and stop nagging us with your questions! After all, we have a lot of work that needs to be done."

Jane asked Ruth, "Is it all right if I come over to your house so we can watch out the window together to see what kind of new renovations are going to be made to the house?"

Ruth said, "Sure that would be fine."

The women watched out the window together as the construction workers installed a style of windows that no one had ever seen before. Jane and Ruth watched the workers put in new, smooth, black, smoked out tinted windows all around the house. They watched as the men dug up the front walkway and started laying down smooth black brick in the middle of the walkway. They also watched them lay down smooth red brick around the edges of the walkway. The construction workers finished installing all of the smooth, black, smoked out tinted windows and laying down the smooth black and red brick. The painters showed up just a few short minutes after the construction workers had left. The painters started painting the house in gold.

It was three o'clock in the morning when Dr. Drane Tremor was out walking his dog as he watched a moving truck pull into the driveway of the house that had just been renovated hours ago. He wondered why anyone would be moving in at this time of the morning. It seemed odd to move into a house that had been vacant for so many years, especially at this time of morning.

Just as he was trying to get all of his thoughts together he noticed that no one was getting out of the truck. He took his dog back inside then turned the lights off. He watched out the window to see who would be getting out of the truck. He looked at the time and noticed it was 3:26 a.m. Dr. Drane Tremor watched the truck door open. His cell phone ringing at the same moment startled him. He jumped, and then silenced the phone, sending it to voicemail. He proceeded to watch what was going on. He saw a tall, slim man get out of the truck and stand underneath the streetlight. He could not believe what he was looking at. He had never seen anyone dress the way he was dressed. The tall, slim man was covering himself in the newest gangster fashion: a fedora hat, a thin black trench coat, red leather gloves, a silky red shirt, and shiny black wing tip shoes. Dr. Drane Tremor got a cold chill throughout his body.

Just then, the streetlight blew out, sending white and blue sparks everywhere. He jumped back from the window with a terrified look on his face while his body was shaking with fear. He watched as the stranger went into the old dark house. He didn't see him turn the lights on in the dark house and assumed a transformer must have blown. He looked at the Wahoo grandfather clock and noticed it was now four o'clock in the morning. He went back to the window that he was looking through earlier and noticed there was no change or movement from the stranger's house. He waited eagerly for thirty minutes wondering what would happen next; only the sound of howling wind filled the pitch black, calm, silent street. Dr. Drane Tremor set his alarm clock for 3:10 p.m. then went to bed.

While Dr. Drane Tremor slept, the rest of the neighbors were outside trying to figure out who had moved into the house that had been vacant for so many years.

Jeff said, "We should bake them a pie or some cookies to welcome our new neighbor's to the neighborhood. This would be a welcoming gesture of Hoosier hospitality and one way to meet these elusive new neighbors." They knocked on the door however no one answered. "Maybe they are still at work?"

Dr. Drane Tremor's alarm clock went off. Instead of hitting the snooze butt on like he normally does, he got up out of bed then got dressed. His curiosity was still peaked from last night. Dr. Drane Tremor's dog started whining because he needed to go outside. He picked up the leash, attached it to the dog's collar, and then took him for a walk.

As Dr. Drane Tremor was heading back to his house, the hair on his arms started to stand up. He gazed upon a black hearse with smoked out tinted windows from front to back passing by him on the street. As Dr. Drane Tremor got closer to his house, he noticed a few of his neighbors were standing outside watching the hearse pull into the garage. Dr. Drane Tremor approached Jodie, Jeff, Casie, Noel, and Julie to find out if they had met the new neighbors yet.

They all said, "We went over there earlier today to take them some food however no one answered the door. We figured they were still at work, so we just went back home."

Julie asked Dr. Drane Tremor, "Are you going to make some food to take over to the new neighbors?

He said, "No I'm not, something about this does not feel right."

Julie then said, "Since they are home, this is the perfect opportunity for us to welcome them to the neighborhood."

The neighbors went back home to get the pie and cookies that they had made just a few hours ago. They then took it over to the new neighbors once again. They knocked on the door and no one answered. They could not figure out why they were not answering the door. They all went over to Dr. Drane Tremor's house and knocked on his door.

Dr. Drane Tremor answered the door saying, "How may I help you?"

Kaique asked him if he knew why the new neighbors were not answering their door. He said, "I am sorry, I do not know why they aren't answering their door for you. Perhaps they are not ready to meet any of their neighbors at this time."

Julie and the others said, "Thanks for taking the time to answer our question, Dr. Drane Tremor."

He said, "You're welcome. I hope you have a nice day. Just let me know if you need anything else."

Dr. Drane Tremor went inside then slammed the door shut in their faces with the sound of the lock clicking.

Jane and Ruth were on their way out to check the mail when they saw their fellow neighbors leaving Dr. Drane Tremor's house. The two ladies approached them and asked why Dr. Drane Tremor did not want the food that they had brought over for him. The neighbors explained that the food was not for him, that it was for the new neighbors; however, they did not answer the door.

Julie explained, "We were talking with Dr. Drane Tremor trying to figure out why our new neighbors would not answer the door for us. He couldn't tell us why they would not answer the door; all he could say was maybe they are not ready to meet us at this time and to let him know if we needed anything else."

Everyone went back home for the night trying not to think about the new people that just moved in.


The small town of Blackford is a dark, quiet place late at night, as I found out walking back home from the bar at 2:35 in the morning. I was having a hard time walking and maintaining my balance on my way home. I tripped over a stick on the sidewalk. As I was trying to stand back up, I happened to look down the street. I saw something under the streetlight.

What the hell is that?

The light went out! I was unsure about what I was looking at. Distorted light, even menacing shadows, made the figure under the blown out lamp indescribable. I could not tell if it was a woman or a man. During the small moments of passing time, mere seconds, I knew to fear it. Every streetlight was blowing out as it was advancing quickly toward me. My fear had now become still panic. I could not move, still focused on the figure, knowing I should run. Distorted thinking clouded my brain.


My heart pounded in my chest, ears, and temples; fear and panic encompassed me as the dark figure closed in on me.

Closer now, steps away from this thing; this walking blur of evil closes the distance. I could only make out a long cape or coat trailing behind. Like an explosion of pure energy, my body responds to what my brain was commanding it to do. I feel my feet pounding the street with the same tempo as my racing heart. Now I know I need to run harder and faster.

With a gasping breath of desperation, a scream builds deep in my belly. It's so quiet here so everyone will hear me. Just scream and I can be saved! I yelled out as loud as I could for help, but no one heard my cry. I never realized there were hands over my mouth pushing back the never released scream.

On my back, head to toe, all I could see was the pitch black and cold star-filled night sky. I never felt the force of hitting the street, disoriented and unsure of what was happening. I hear breathing, but it is not my own. This is the calm, rhythmic breath of control. Fight now; fighting is all I can do.

The dark figure set a bag down next to me while singing, "One drop, two drop, three drop, four. The blood I take will make me want more."

I feel the quick binding of my hands and then my feet. My heart was beating faster than ever and my mind was racing with fear. I was so scared that my life flashed before my eyes. He placed one knee on my throbbing chest, holding me down. I heard the blade tearing the soft fabric of my shirt as he moved the blade down. My body was shaking so bad that I started to piss on myself. He then pulled out some tape, putting it over my mouth to stop my muffled cries for help.

He pulled out medical tweezers then waved them in front of my eyes with an evil grin on his face. With a steady hand, he proceeded to remove my right eardrum. My muffled cries and screams could not be heard. Blood was running down from my ear, making its way down to my neck and onto the cold sidewalk. He had successfully removed my right eardrum.

He started to remove my left eardrum with the medical tweezers. I kept trying to turn my head back and forth so he could not take out my other eardrum. He placed one hand on my head to keep me from moving my head back and forth. With one steady hand, he had taken out my left eardrum. Blood came pouring out of my left ear. I was in so much pain; tears were running down my soft face.

He then reached inside of the bag and clenched the cold, steel object. An ominous smile brushed across his face as he pulled out a short-handled knife with a broad crescent-shaped blade.

As the killer started to cut between each of his ribs, Jordan took his last breath. Blood slowly poured out as the man cut along the bones of his rib cage. The man looked at his watch to check the time. It was 3:40 a.m. and he knew that he had to be done by 4:00 a.m. He continued cutting Jordan between the ribs. Once finished with the ribs, he went to the next step, which was to remove the tape from Jordan's mouth and cut out his entire tongue.

The man untied the rope from Jordan's dead body, placing it back inside his bag along with the tape and knife. He then picked up his bag and started heading in the direction that he came from, leaving Jordan's dead and bloody body on the sidewalk. He vanished into the dark, cold night without a trace of him ever being there.

It was not until 7:00 in the morning that Jane and Ruth discovered Jordan's lifeless body lying on the cold sidewalk while out on their morning walk together. They let out loud screams as tears ran down their faces. Jane started to have an anxiety attack; Ruth told her to sit on the curb of the sidewalk and try to take deep breaths to calm down and to not look at the body. Ruth called 966.

The operator answered with, "966, what's your emergency?"

Ruth said, "I need to report a murder!"

The operator asked, "Where did the murder take place?"

Ruth told the operator that it was on the corner of Pike Street and Skinner Road. The operator assured her that the police would be there shortly. As Ruth turned to Jane, they could hear the sirens a few short blocks away.

The rest of the neighbors heard the sirens coming down the street. They all wondered what was happening, since nothing ever happens in the town. They all walked down to the corner to see what the commotion was about. They could not believe their eyes as they looked upon Jordan's dead body. They let out loud screams.

Matt, the lead detective, said, "We need to keep all of these people back." Some people were even starting to vomit as they saw Jordan's body lying on the sidewalk.

Matt went over to Ruth and Jane to get their statement. He asked them if they had touched the body. They both said they had not touched it.

"This is how we found the body, and then we called 966," they said tearfully. Matt thanked the two ladies for their help and told them to go back home.

He said, "If we need anything else, we will call you."

The police were starting to put up caution tape as the coroner was pulling up to the crime scene. He could not believe his eyes. In all of the years that he had been the town coroner, he had never seen anything like this. He wasn't sure how to react to the horrific tragedy that had taken place in their community. He took a step away from the crime scene for a few minutes so he could gather his thoughts. Matt went over to Daniel, the coroner, and asked, "Are you okay?"

Daniel said, "Yeah, I am okay. I just had to vomit from seeing the condition of the body. To be honest, this is my first time seeing a body like this since I have been in this line of work."

Matt then said, "I know what you mean Daniel. I must be getting back to the crime scene; I just wanted to make sure you were okay."

Matt, along with his fellow officers, started taking pictures of the crime scene and began gathering the body pieces and placing them into evidence bags. They gave the evidence bags with the body parts to Daniel. The police were done taking pictures of the body, so Daniel placed the rest of the body in an orange body bag and loaded it into the van. Matt also gave Daniel the evidence bags containing all of the body parts to load.

Daniel said, "I'll be at the coroner's office preparing my report for you."

Once the police were done with the crime scene, they called someone to power wash the sidewalk because they did not want people walking down a sidewalk covered in blood. After the sidewalk was cleaned off, they removed the police tape.

The entire town was talking about Jordan's murder. No one could believe that something like this would ever happen in their peaceful town. They were in a state of shock.

Matt went to the coroner's office to see if Daniel was done doing the autopsy report. He wanted to know what kind of weapon or weapons the killer or killers had used to commit such a cold-hearted act.

Matt walked into the coroner's office and asked, "Are you done with the autopsy?"

Daniel said, "I just finished it for you. He was intoxicated at the time of his death. I found that he was tied up by the rope markings on his hands and feet; both eardrums were surgically removed, along with his entire tongue. The killer or killers then cut between each of the ribs. The weapon that was used was a short-handled knife with a broad, crescent-shaped blade."

Matt then asked, "Was there anything else that you found?"

Daniel said, "No, that's everything." Matt then thanked Daniel and left .

Julie, Casie, Noel, Glenn, and Dr. Drane Tremor all went over to Jane's house where Ruth and Jane were. Julie knocked on the door. Jane answered, saying hello to everyone. They all said hello back.

She asked, "What can I do for all of you?"

Julie said, "We wanted to make sure you were both okay after discovering the body earlier today."

Jane replied that they were doing okay, but were still shaken up a bit. They could not stop thinking about how something like this could have happened. Julie told them that they had all been wondering about that as well since a murder had never happened here before.

"We are glad that you both are doing okay and if you need anything, just let us know," said Dr. Drane Tremor. Ruth and Jane thanked everyone for coming to check on them, as it was really appreciated.

Julie and the others said, "We have to look out for each other, as a community! Again, please let us know if you both need anything at all and take care, ladies."

As the sun was setting over a long sad day, everyone noticed the streetlights were not coming on. Casie called the local power company, asking them to send someone out to replace the bulbs along their street.


Excerpted from THE TRENCH COAT KILLER by MICHAEL BLOODWELL Copyright © 2012 by Michael Bloodwell. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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