The Triumph of Liberty: A 2000-Year History, Told Through the Lives of Freedom's Greatest Champions

The Triumph of Liberty: A 2000-Year History, Told Through the Lives of Freedom's Greatest Champions

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by Jim Powell, Paul Johnson

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The Triumph of Liberty: A 2000-Year History, Told Through the Lives of Freedom's Greatest Champions 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
In reviewing the extraordinary lives of many freedom fighters, Jim Powell has done us a great service. The bios are short and to the point. You can learn about many aspects of the lives and works of these great men and women and be introduced to many others you never knew. The friends of freedom are few, as Lord Acton reminds us, and their contributions are sometimes mainly intellectual. Some are thinkers, like Adam Smith, Milton Freedman and Frederick Hayek. Others are doers, like Wallenberg and Dr King , but none would have done what they did without the conviction that liberty is an invaluable human characteristic. A sine qua non of human nature. Jim Powell has made a significant contribution to our understanding of that crucial point. His book deserves to be read and kept nearby to return to it frequently.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this book thoroughly. However, the Laura lady who writes her review prior to mind on this website needs to stop 'showing off' her supposed knowledge. What is she trying to prove? She needs someone to listen to her I guess. A lonely gal she must be,
Guest More than 1 year ago
An excellent book.However written from Euro Centric point of view.The compilation of data on suppression of liberty in the western hemisphere is decent.However the data and research on atrocities committed in India for over 1300 years under tyrants and imperialistic powers, has been sketchy.As even in India historians were mostly the imperialists,whose version is dished out by infamous marxian historians of the JNU, who did no original research.But suppressed the atroicities committed by Muslim rulers for supporting the Marxian idealogies of Jawahrlal nehru who was a commited socialist, a friend of Stalinistic Russia, a compulsive hater of Hinduism. Since 1947 The gang in JNU under Irfan habib,Romila Thapar and disciple/s historians have white washed all the history of past atrocities.The other objective was to win over the muslim voters. India under Hindus did never have slavery as practiced in other parts of the world.It did have its own version of untouchaabilty,which was more of social distancing for religious purity,not for physical exploitation and NOT for sale of the 'Body-of-the-Person'.It was non violent, and even benign as there was dependency between the upper castes and untouchables in all secular activities. Jews and hindus were the most persecuted races on earth.But the hsitory of jewish persecution by Hitler for 6 or 7 years has been well documented and researched..The 1000 years of rule under Muslims was a 'Matter of Pure Life And Death for the Hindus ' does not find a place in the Book.An estimated 80 to 100 million hindus perished,in the torture chambers of Muslim kings.More than 3000 Hindu temples were destroyed and their Booty carried to Mecca. The Bhamini sultans put to death 100000 Hindus on a single day also does not figure in the book, nor does it figure in any other popular books of Indian history' which are mostly white washed versions available for foreign consumption'.so thorough has the the History been sanitised for Political purposes.By all colonial historians,{indologists starting with Max Muller who was paid by Robert Clive of the east india company to concoct,William Wilber force painted the dark pictures of India in the british parliament, paving the way for missionaries. The Jesuits, the franciscan frairs killed six thousand muslims on the west coast of India ,in Goa, in 1428 AD.The Goa inquistions do not find mention at all.All Hindu temples and Brahmins were put to death by jesuits under mandate from portugal. The french were not behind: Under the rule of Duplex, Madamme Duplex destroyed the Hindus and their temples in pondicherry.} After much struggle some facts have been brought out by researchers, like SITA RAM GOEL,RAM SWARUP,KOEN RAD ELST,K.S.LAL,and others. or indologist& activists@yahoo search. The arrival of the britishers into India helped the christian missionnaries;the Portugese,the French added their own quota of killings ,torture,and destruction.The policy of Britishers and the subsequent famines resulted in the death of millions of Hindus in the 17,18th centuries.This has to be documented and further research carried out to give a complete picture, to the 'Triumph of Liberty'. The final debut after 1300 years of struggle came in the form of Mahatma Gandhi who threw out the Britishers. The fact that Hindus survived intact itself is a miracle after 1300 years of Rule by tyrants, speaks volumes to the resilence of the religion and people elswe India would have joined the species of vanished civilisations of 'GREECE,ROME, AZTECS,INCAS, EGYPTIAN,PERSIAN,PRE CHR