The True Account of Adam and Eve

The True Account of Adam and Eve

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by Ken Ham

When you unlock the door to biblical compromise, the door gets pushed open wider with each generation. The Church is now debating the validity of Genesis as actual history, the reality of hell itself, and even if Adam was a real person. Trying to change the biblical time-line to fit with the secular concepts of millions of years has led many in Christian academia


When you unlock the door to biblical compromise, the door gets pushed open wider with each generation. The Church is now debating the validity of Genesis as actual history, the reality of hell itself, and even if Adam was a real person. Trying to change the biblical time-line to fit with the secular concepts of millions of years has led many in Christian academia to reject the literal interpretation of the Bible itself. Perfect for children, The True Account of Adam & Eve helps them discover the truth about the first man and woman, and how their disobedience led to the need for Jesus Christ.

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The True Account of Adam and Eve 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
MarineCorpsNomads More than 1 year ago
Back in 2008, we visited the Creation Museum for the first time. While we were there, I picked up a copy of The True Story of Noah's Ark (with audio CD and pull-out spread) for my daughter. The illustrations were absolutely wonderful, so when I saw that Bill Looney also did the illustrations for The True Account of Adam and Eve, I knew that we were in for a treat. Now, obviously, a book isn't all about the illustrations, but full-color, beautiful illustrations do help capture the attention of readers (young and old) which is, in my opinion, a huge plus. Ultimately, it's the words contained within that will have the biggest impact on the reader. Ken Ham takes the reader on a journey from the very beginning (when Adam was created) to the end (when our eternal fate will be decided). He shows readers the importance of a literal creation week and a literal Adam. The book goes back and forth between the retelling of the scriptural account of Adam and Eve, their creation, and later sin and what it means to us in the present day. From the beginning of the book, he stresses the importance of always starting with the Bible. He even includes key scripture passages at the conclusion of the book for easy access to readers. The illustrations enhance Ken's detailed account of the creation, the fall of man, and later the redemption of man. The center of the book features a full spread picture of the Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden prior to sin. When readers open the pages, they see the results of sin on the world. A list shows how sin changed the world for all of man and all of God's creation. This book gives readers, children, parents, teachers the opportunity to really think about creation, sin, and salvation. It's not a traditional "children's" story that glosses over information. I appreciated the fact that the book had depth to it which makes readers think about what they are reading. Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from the publisher to help facilitate the writing of a frank and honest review. A positive review is not guaranteed and all opinions are my own.
PJtheEMT4 More than 1 year ago
The True Account of Adam & Eve by Ken Ham and illustrated by Bill Looney, chronicles the Genesis account of the bible starting with the 6-day creation- in a children's storybook format. Yet the simple format should not decieve the reader as this book isn't simply a storybook, but a simplified theological commentary about the book of Genesis, the account of Adam and Eve and its significance for each and every one of us. It introduces children to the concept of apologetics- in which one defend's one's belief with facts. The story is presented as a true historical account, based on the bible. The author begins by addressing the young reader to explore the answers to common questions that every child wonders about- and it shows how the bible provides the answer. In fact the introduction is the perfect spring board by which the account of Adam and Eve can be introduced. In fact for parents facing the dilema of how to introduce their children to the bible and to the Genesis account, this book provides the perfect context to introduce such a discusiion. The Genesis account is chronicled fact by fact chronologically. This storytelling method gives weight to the authenticity of the bible. Far too many other children's bible story books make the bible to appear no different from fairy tales and bedtime stories in the fantasy -like way the stories are normally portrayed. Life- like art work, in contrast to simplistic cartoons, accompany each part ot the account so that young readers can visualize the events. Even scripture references are inserted. This is not simply a re-teeling of the account but an application. For example, the basis of marriage is discussed as well as the common points that man, as a unique creation, have in common with God, the creator. The issue about sin and its long lasting, far reaching consequence is discussed in detail. In most simplified accounts where it explains that Eve was tempted and ate the apple, this book actually discusses the consequences of sin from that single act of disobediance and how all mankind has inherited sin, and the effects oin society- even today. This book goes beyond the account of Adam and Eve, and covers other topics related to the Genesis account. There is a brief introduction to discussion of the problems of the theory of evolution and how fossil evidence supports the creation account. Additionally, dinosaurs are depicted as among one of the animals created with the other animals. The implication is that dinosaurs co-existed with man and that most likley died out in the worldwide flood. There is also a discussion of specific issues such as the population, and how a population of tday could have come about based on the inhabitants of the ark alone. The reader is warned about the dangers of sin and the deception of Satan. In fact, the connection between Satan and how sin entered into the world is established in easy to understand language. The good news of the gospel message is presented. Although the illustrations are inviting to the younger child, I feel that older children will most likely be better able to grasp all the concepts discussed. As a blogger I received this book published by Master Books, a division of New Leaf Publishing Group, for the purpose of writing this review.
OhioSarah More than 1 year ago
This isn’t your typical children’s picture book and here is why, the story is longer than a typical book and the illustrations aren’t as child friendly – which, to me, is a good thing. There are times for short stories with child friendly illustrations but when you’re learning or teaching about Creation and God sometimes you need a book that goes beyond your child’s limits and expect them to rise to learning and knowing more. With The True Account of Adam and Eve written by Ken Ham and illustrated by Bill Looney published by Master Books, a division of New Leaf Publishing Group this book will be instrumental in walking your child (and you) through the Creation of the world, then man and how their sin affected the world and still continues to affect us today. The book is 64 pages and each page has a full colored illustration with the words on the facing page, making it easy to read aloud and have the child watch the pictures. If you desire to teach your children that Creation did not take place over millions of years, that it was a literal six days then this book is a great place to begin instructing your children in the Biblical truth of Creation. If you want your child to learn and know that Christianity is based on real history, that the Bible isn’t just a bunch of “fairy tales”, then begin by reading this book that will begin to show your child that the Bible is the only true and accurate history book of all time. There is nothing I get excited about more than a wonderfully done book that supports our belief in the One True God and His Creation, and in this book Ken Ham has done another superb job in getting the point across that the Bible is true, it’s HIStory and our story – not only of Salvation but also of our genealogy from Adam and Eve and down through the centuries. It isn’t a book to tuck away on the shelf but one to pull out time and time again and just let the truths of the Bible enmesh themselves in your heart and mind. **Disclaimer: I was provided a copy of this book from Master Books in exchange for my honest opinion, no other compensation was given.
Theophilusfamily More than 1 year ago
The True Account of Adam and Eve, written by Mr. Ken Ham and illustrated by Mr. Bill Looney, his art work is lovely. The fresh, dewy garden of Eden with bumble bees and chameleons makes you long to be there. The True Account of Adam and Eve is published by Master Books, a division of New Leaf Publishing Group this book is offered free for review and you can sign up for this and other wonderful books right here!!! What I loved about this book was the firm belief in a literal Genesis and its Scriptural foundation. The illustrations were beautiful and very realistic, I loved the paintings of Adam and Eve in the garden, with the wooly mammoth! The 38 inch painting of Paradise on one side and a dry, sandy desert crushed by sin as Adam breaks the ground and toils the earth on the other side is impressive also. The text inside helped explain alot of questions that children have, especially about evolution, one of the pressing and controversial issues in our culture. The Gospel message is the central theme is this book as it is in Genesis. As the book noted the very first prophecy about Jesus Christ is Gensis 3:15. It was presented truthfully and in words children could understand but I did see one thing in this book that I feel parents should have a conversation with their children about. This book emphasized humans sin nature and how being sinful would seperate us eternally from God, as a child I thought that God could never send anyone to hell and that a good God wouldn't judge and these former misconceptions are why it concerns me, We do not go to hell just because we have a sin nature, we go to hell because we reach a point when we know that we are sinning and continue sinning and rebelling agaist God, this is what sends us to hell, a life time of rejection and rebellion, not only the fact that we have a inescapable (without God) sin nature , all the followers of God still have a sin nature but what would have condemned them is if they had chosen not to follow God. My fear is that if children misunderstand the reason why people go to hell and think it is simply because of Adam and Eve they will not understand the real human sin in its fullness, and Hell will not make sense. I think the evil of sin is adressed here by showing the beauty of Eden spoiled, of course as children grow we can begin to give them more examples of human depravity and explain that NO ONE is good at heart- God does not send any "good" people to Hell. . I believe that they spoke more on sin nature because the book was about Adam and Eve who were responsible for our sin natures. We must start with Scripture, presented and explained all through a childs life. As Paul said to Timothy- From a Child you have known the Holy Scriptures. This book taught well on sin and salvation, and this book will make a wonderful book for parents and children to read together. As all of Answers in Genesis Books do, of course!!! I recieved this book free from New Leaf Publishing Group in requirement for providing an honest impartial revie
Anonymous More than 1 year ago