The Truth about God, 2012-2022 Ascension, and Who We Really Are: How an Ex-Prophet and I Left Religion and Discovered Universes Beyond and Within

The Truth about God, 2012-2022 Ascension, and Who We Really Are: How an Ex-Prophet and I Left Religion and Discovered Universes Beyond and Within

by Theresa Talea

This ground-breaking book was written for people who want profound love and truth. It addresses every important topic in this tumultuous time surrounding the religious and New Age hype of 2012 and Armageddon up to the hope of ascension.

Theresa Talea bravely exposes the realms of the gods and angels because she grew up the daughter of a prophet,


This ground-breaking book was written for people who want profound love and truth. It addresses every important topic in this tumultuous time surrounding the religious and New Age hype of 2012 and Armageddon up to the hope of ascension.

Theresa Talea bravely exposes the realms of the gods and angels because she grew up the daughter of a prophet, receiving numerous prophecies until she gradually realized something off about the messages. Her quest for the truth, no matter how difficult the path, uncovered the many layers of not only herself but also the cosmos and beyond. She presents significant history of the Earth and Milky Way galaxy, showing our position and options toward a proactive and hopeful future.

Talea believes knowledge is power, and the insightful knowledge she provides will connect the dots that her predecessors misrepresented or left unanswered. She does not use the word truth lightly-this book's bold assertions are based in reality. It is up to the reader to choose to accept reality while learning to gain true love and strength, or to lose oneself to the sleeper state of religious and spiritual programming.

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How an Ex-Prophet and I Left Religion and Discovered Universes Beyond and Within
By Theresa Talea

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2012 Theresa Talea
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4697-3793-5

Chapter One

No Longer a Prophet: My Mother's Path to the Source

My mother's journey into the development of her deeply prophetic abilities started through the eyes of a little girl in Catholic school. She went to daily Mass and sat in the church pew, gazing upon the altar in awe. She sensed a spiritual or etheric element beyond her but did not understand what it was; she grew up wanting to know more.

After she got married, she moved to Germany to join her husband who was stationed there during the Vietnam War. She joined a women's prayer group at the army base's Catholic church. The women started to speak in tongues, something she never heard before. She was so intrigued that she stopped the session to tell everyone, "I want that!" They were impressed and wanted to share their "gift" with such an eager newcomer, so they sat her on a chair, laid their hands upon her, and told her to receive the Holy Spirit. Within seconds, she felt warm energy go down from her head to her toes. The women told her to speak whatever came to her mind. She started to talk normally, but they interjected and told her to instead speak by faith. She tried but could not do it, so she left disappointed.

Another day, one of the women came to her house to pray over her again. The woman explained, "Don't use your mind. Just let the Holy Spirit naturally flow through you, and open your mouth."

My mother relaxed, and then it happened. She spoke in a new language! She recalled, "It sounded strange, but it was exciting. I was happy that I could praise God in a special language."

Something else happened to her from that "baptism with fire" experience that first night—her sixth sense or "third eye" was opened.

My mother was working in a German shoe factory during that time. She got sick from the glue that she used, so she wanted to work at a different position in the factory. She wondered what time her boss would come to talk with her about the change, and she instantly saw "10:30" imprinted upon the front of her mind. Surprisingly, that is when her boss arrived! She was intrigued by this occurrence and wanted to test its validity. She started the process of asking various questions in her mind, and without fail, she received answers.

Soon afterward, my mother started to hear a voice telling her what to do. The voice did not ring in her ears, but it came from a spiritual communication like how Christians say that God speaks to them. It was an internal dialogue with what sounded like a voice in her head along with words that are seen.

She asked questions to this voice of God about her life, and then she paused to see if an answer would pop into her mind along with her internal hearing. The mental projection of God's thoughts carried words and sound vibration. Upon receiving an answer, she wrote it down to document her new communication skills.

She describes that she did not feel altered, but she felt as though she had a dual connection with something beyond her that was simultaneously with her. It felt natural to her because of this easy exchange between her and her adored God. God was with her continually, as though He was walking with her every day like the famed religious poem "Footprints" describes. The communications became increasingly elaborate the more involved she became in this practice.

My mother went to several prayer group meetings in which she learned about various spiritual gifts. She could speak in tongues, discern spirits, and dialogue with God, but what soon occurred that was most startling to her was the automatic writing. She sat alone in her room, became engrossed in a praying state, and then her arm naturally moved to pick up a pencil or pen to write perfectly coherent words on paper. These words flowed through her effortlessly like she was an empty vessel. Soon, God would prompt her to write, and her body would sometimes shake under His energy. Her mind played no part in the initiation or delivery of the prophecy.

My mother is certain that on the night of her "baptism of fire" in the prayer group, she took upon herself a spirit, which was what she believed at the time was a measure of God's Spirit, i.e. the Holy Spirit, and it used her to give messages not only for herself but for others. The prophecies corrected and taught people, and they broadly predicted our futures to keep our faith in check.

What took my mom many years to notice, with the help of my engagement and questions, is that the answers she received were not often in direct relation to our concerns. The prophecies that she received were usually one-sided messages that God wanted us to know. We wondered why He sometimes did not answer our questions or give more detail because God was supposed to know everything. We then remembered a Scripture that said, "[M]y thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts," (Isaiah 55: 8-9). We ignored our initial reaction because we believed that God was everything we needed and more.

Because of her close relationship with God, my mother felt like she could not often distinguish between herself and Him due to the amount of control He had over her life. He awakened her out of sleep by projecting her name into her hearing and then giving her commands: write this down, tell this person something, do this. She had countless, interrupted nights of sleep during which He would not stop talking to her.

Because these communications were so frequent, and they were reinforced by the Bible and the Church that she must commune with God above all things, she actually became dependent upon them to direct every facet of her life. If you cannot stop it, and it is said to be good for you, then surely you must need it, right?

My mother willingly gave her power away in her continual state of prayer. She was the quintessential Christian woman. She became afraid to make her own decisions in case she would choose something against God's will. She became a blank canvas, and when doors closed on a potential direction of her life, whichever door opened was said to be from God's leading.

My mom has been a very visual person in the spiritual realm. She saw angels in the form of tall men (never women, strangely) and little winged cherubs. She saw very ugly, impish creatures sitting alone or attached to people's backs, smoking a cigarette along with the person, for example. She saw the sun jump around the desert sky of California City, California when a convening mass of people prayed to the "Virgin" Mary on one of her "holy" days. In a Catholic church, she saw the spirits of saints walking before the altar. She also saw Mary standing beside her statue.

During the night of her first charismatic experience in Germany, she had a vivid dream-like experience that she thought was the Hereafter. "I was carried up into the clouds by two angels, and I came to New Jerusalem, this huge land. I could see a river with blue, crystal clear water. I felt there was someone walking and talking with me. I thought I was walking alongside Jesus Christ. I saw in the distance a city of crystalline white and gold."

"All through the years in my 20s, I had visions of wars and how I would be helping in the last days, helping as a nurse the people who got injured. There was so much. It was every day that I had a vision or could see into another realm. I just felt so open that it was coming and going through me. I took note but wasn't sure how much I was supposed to really take it to heart and live it. Looking back, I think I was a portal like on the TV show "Stargate" that has the big open gate through which you can go back and forth. I felt like part of my being was going back and forth to the entity realm so they could connect to me there. But I rather think there was a way that they could enter into my consciousness, leave, and then come back to me at any time. I was connecting with something outside of myself; they were thought-forms and energy, but I could not easily tell where I was in the midst of it all."

My mother was spiritually open, so the way which she could discern something was when it felt "off" or "bad." She felt something on the outside around her, and her inner knowing would confirm that it was something evil. It could seem that she was filled, otherwise known as possessed, by God's Spirit since she heard it inside of her, but according to her explanation, she was rather a portal for telepathic thoughts from this God entity. This confirms that her mind was not her own when He gained control over it to transmit messages. There were times when this God took control of her body, as I have witnessed and will explain shortly, but it did not stay; it was more in control of her etheric "spiritual" body.

My mother encountered many negative experiences. Many were typical beliefs that the Devil was doing the harassing because all we heard from Christians was that the Devil is the only real enemy. That always confused me because Christianity taught me that Satan, or Lucifer, could not be everywhere at the same time like God. The Scripture that said Satan tempted Jesus in the wilderness underscored the Devil's finite nature.

I wondered what this Devil really was, though. This "Evil One" talked in a low voice to my mother at different times when I was a teenager, saying to her, "I am going to get your daughter." It also threatened her, but because she took responsibility toward me, she was more worried for me than herself. That entity knew how to harass her by involving her loved ones.

When I was 16 years old, I was lying on my back about to fall asleep, and I felt an extreme pressure on my chest that prevented me from moving. I then heard that low voice that said, "I'm going to get you." I panicked, but I quickly put my focus onto myself and Jesus and then prayed it away. The pressure on my chest returned a year later in a similar situation, but I prayed to Jesus before I could hear that creepy voice. My mom endured similar night terror experiences when she was younger, and so did a couple of my friends.

My mother remembers a day when she was asked by a woman from her Catholic church to accompany her to a friend's house that felt unseasonably cold and scary. My mother expected an exorcism, so she came prepared. When they entered the house, my mom saw imps everywhere. In typical movie fashion, she held a cross and told them to leave in Jesus' name. They left, and the house immediately regained its warmth.

The same coldness filled a hospital room one night when she was working as a professional nurse. Her fellow nurses avoided that room as much as they could because they thought the patient was possessed—he was acting wildly and sometimes yelling. They knew my mother was a devout Catholic, so they sought her out so she could address the situation. She entered the room cautiously and saw the patient lying there unsettled and awake. My mother talked calmly and briefly to the patient but then went to the bathroom to directly talk to the offending spiritual entity; she spoke to it from within her spirit.

She said, "You don't belong here. Go away."

"I'm not leaving," it replied.

"You are leaving. You're going."

She did not say "in the name of Jesus" because she already called upon Jesus before she entered the room. She also believed in her personal capacity.

The entity left.

These incidents are known as exorcisms, but she regularly tells unwanted visitors to leave. Whether or not the evil entities are like those in movies that portray exorcisms necessitating a grand protocol, she effectively extradited those entities and continues to do so today. The main difference today is that she never calls upon Jesus' name or any name. Our story will illuminate why.

Looking back, my mom wonders how much it was her or God that helped dispel those demons. For example, another patient told her that he could see an aura around her hands while she was touching his feet, and he continued to see her energy field glowing as she moved up his legs. This was her own healing energy that she exuded. I always feel that comforting heat of her hands along with the love she so freely gives.

My mother has many stories to tell about her experiences; I will recount a few more examples that she has told me over the years. She saw cherubic angels on all four sides of her car. She saw tall, men-like angels standing around her house, in the midst of us, and behind me from time to time. She saw a monkey-like imp sitting on the window sill next to my bed. She saw a claw over churches. When I was 22 years old, she saw a winged demon inside of me while I was extremely depressed (she and a pastor made it leave in an exorcism sans religious paraphernalia). While driving in her car, she can see imps or demonic creatures in trees and on other cars. She also saw a 50-foot tall Jesus walking along the freeway ahead of her, watching the cars below.

She could not help but often wonder if what she was seeing was true, but she was grounded enough in the world as a mother, wife, professional, and friend to know that she was not crazy; I wholeheartedly concur, as do others whom she has helped. Many people in the world say that they hear from God or see strange things, so how can others who have not yet had these experiences say that these people are not experiencing something real and valid?

When my mother and her husband were at a crossroad with their jobs, she prayed to see where they should move. The only answer she could see in her mind was the name of a city. This was a city in which they knew no one. My mother preferred to move back near her family, but she trusted this message and hoped to find a better place for us, including help for me because I was chronically ill. My health struggles were a heavy weight upon my mother's heart, and she put a lot of time, energy, and money toward my care.

In this new city, she met a woman who told my mom that I would receive healing at the hands of a unique pastor in the United Pentecostal Church (UPC). My mother was desperate for help and was open to anything. She believed in healing powers and hoped this would be the answer, the fully open door instead of the partials that we had received from God's words through her and the Bible's prophets.

She dragged my staunchly Catholic step-father and half-brother to what they perceived was a dramatic, loud, and emotional service. My mother and I got caught up in the storm and soon afterward were baptized by full water immersion in Jesus' name. We cried often and raised our hands in the air, calling upon the name of Jesus as the God-man who was proclaimed to save us, and we both took on his healing power by faith that could now supposedly heal my body.

Although this church was new to us, we were excited to be there because we felt more active with our faith, unlike the ritualistic motions of the Catholic Church. All the emotions and hype of the church did raise us to a higher frequency that connected us to something beyond. Whether it was good or bad, at the time, the active nature made us feel empowered. Ironically, we also gave more of ourselves through full submission. We wanted my healing along with that love and truth relationship with the Almighty God; therefore, whatever we were told to do, we followed. The church's instructions were supported by stories of other people getting healed. Many people testified that they were happier than ever before.

We were told that our new relationship with Jesus was an experience, so it is real. God is real. We realized this emotionalism was a big experience; since we also felt it and added our measure to the pot with desperation and devotion, we felt its realness and therefore could not stop believing. We knew the realness of it anyway from the intimate relationship my mother had with God. I wanted the exact same relationship as hers to make my walk with God more tangible, however, my daily Bible studies, emotional prayers, and spiritually heightened nature were decent, tangible experiences of my own. That heightened nature was like a speeding up of the mind and body to where my mind was aware of its surroundings, but it was also bypassed by the overwhelming "spiritual experience" that affected me more physically and emotionally than mentally. The mind cannot process all of that activity. It is like we are connecting to a bigger motherboard of a NASA computer when ours is a laptop made in the year 2005.


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