Ultimate Soca Gold Collection

The Ultimate Soca Gold Collection


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Vp Records

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Disc 1

  1. Feels Like I'm Home Again
  2. Blame It (On De Music)
  3. Hickey
  4. Oil Pumping
  5. Take That and Cool It
  6. Woman By My Side
  7. Soca Train
  8. Lorranie
  9. Wukking Up
  10. Tempted To Touch
  11. Hold You
  12. Soka Junkie
  13. Tight
  14. Turn It Around
  15. Looking Hot
  16. All Inclusive
  17. Musical Healing

Disc 2

  1. Jump
  2. Nasty
  3. Trinidad
  4. Gimmie Ah Bligh
  5. Respond
  6. Mor-Tor
  7. Handle Ya Bizniz
  8. Bacchanal
  9. Display
  10. Thelma
  11. Carnival Feeling
  12. Fete is Fete
  13. Breathless
  14. Get On Bad
  15. Expose
  16. Magician (I Command You)

Disc 3

  1. [Untitled]
  2. [Untitled]
  3. [Untitled]
  4. [Untitled]
  5. [Untitled]
  6. [Untitled]
  7. [Untitled]
  8. [Untitled]
  9. [Untitled]
  10. [Untitled]
  11. [Untitled]
  12. [Untitled]
  13. [Untitled]
  14. [Untitled]
  15. [Untitled]
  16. [Untitled]
  17. [Untitled]
  18. [Untitled]
  19. [Untitled]
  20. [Untitled]
  21. [Untitled]
  22. [Untitled]
  23. [Untitled]
  24. [Untitled]
  25. [Untitled]
  26. [Untitled]
  27. [Untitled]
  28. [Untitled]
  29. [Untitled]
  30. [Untitled]
  31. [Untitled]
  32. [Untitled]
  33. [Untitled]
  34. [Untitled]

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Machel Montano   Producer
Clarence Edwards   Composer
Nicholas Brancker   Producer
Clarence "Oungku" Edwards   Composer,Producer
Pelham Goddard   Producer
Winston Henry   Composer
O'Kelly Isley   Composer
Ronald Isley   Composer
Rudolph Isley   Composer
Christopher Chin   Executive Producer
Edwin Howell   Executive Producer
Mikey Hulsmeier   Producer
Anderson Armstrong   Composer
Nigel Lewis   Composer,Producer
Edwin Yearwood   Composer,Producer
Neil George   Composer
Anand Yankaran   Producer
Keith Israel   Composer,Producer
Scott Galt   Producer
Terry Arthur   Composer,Producer
Peter Coppin   Producer
Darryl Braxton   Producer
Dale Rudder   Composer
Darron Grant   Producer
Neil Bernard   Composer,Producer
Rupert Clarke   Composer
Junior "Ibo" Joseph   Producer
Nadia Batson   Composer
Rikki Jai   Producer
Dwain Antrobus   Composer,Producer
Kerwin DuBois   Composer,Producer
Destra Garcia   Composer
Fay-Ann Lyons   Composer
Dale   Producer
Rohan Hector   Producer
M. Hulsmeier   Composer
Ian Alvarez   Composer
Peter Wiggins   Composer
Julio Nelson   Producer
Ivan Feder   Producer
Edghill Thomas   Composer
Ricardo Johnson   Composer
Windell Edwards   Composer
Samraj Jaimungal   Composer
Deron James   Artwork
Andy Joseph   Producer
Eddie Charles   Composer
Flora Petricien-Galion   Composer
Rishi Gayadeen   Producer
Maurice Issa   Composer
Kernal Roberts   Composer
Shawn Layne   Producer

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