The Ultra Americans: The U.S. Role in Breaking the Nazi Codes

The Ultra Americans: The U.S. Role in Breaking the Nazi Codes

by Thomas Parrish

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The now well-known and well-documented story of Allied success in breaking wartime codes of Germany and Japan is capably expanded by this book. Those familiar with F.W. Winterbotham's The Ultra Secret ( LJ 2/1/75) and Ronald Lewin's Ultra Goes to War ( LJ 12/15/78) will learn of the efforts of U.S.intelligence workers in breaking and interpreting German World War II radio messages. The book is a fine self-contained review of land and sea codebreaking by British and U.S. experts in Europe and, briefly, the Pacific. There are interesting and sometimes entertaining details on the operations at Bletchley Park, British home of the Ultra operations. Recommended for lay and more specialized readers. George H. Siehl, Library of Congress

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