The Uncensored Gospel

The Uncensored Gospel

by David Pierce Jr Ii

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The Uncensored Gospel

The Eternal G
By David Pierce Jr II


Copyright © 2010 David Pierce Jr II
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4490-7129-5

Chapter One

A Nation of gods and goddesses

Those chosen by God or the infinite souls,

Children of God born with Heavenly goals,

Follow the Spirit where ever it goes,

Lamb, they will follow where ever he goes,

Go through the cities proclaiming the woes,

Speak by the Spirit, no fear of your foes,

Mouths of religion and demons you close,

Divine is the Nation so who will oppose.

Meet God

He is Healing to those whose insurance is old,

Provider of food when there's none to be sold,

One we must fear so in Him we are bold,

Riches we seek which are purer than gold,

Light that will shine on that soon to be Day,

Heavenly Judge who in time will repay,

God we must worship who hears when we pray,

Eternal Parent who shows us the Way.

The All In One

Making a way where no way could exist, Proud you resist but the low you assist, Spirit, unite with a spiritual kiss, Give us awareness so you we won't miss, Sins you forgive but the world keeps a list, Ruler of Heaven and time on my wrist, Fight not the physical, love with your fist, Life is eternal if self you resist.

Our Provider

Money we need if we want to succeed,

To have it is good but to love it is greed,

Father supplies it according to need,

Don't worry or doubt for His children He feeds.

Happy Days

Enjoying the present-forgetting the past, Lending my hand to those finishing last, Hearts of a lion are stronger than brass, After ascension your glory will pass, Patience, contentment is what we must have, Planning, preparing and doing the math, Some days are happy and others are sad, But always discovering reasons to laugh.

A New Day

Wasted my energy, wasted my time,

Wrongs are forgiven, the past is behind,

Above and beyond is the mountain I climb,

A light for the others, the future will shine.

Song of my Soul

This music of mine is with rhythm of words, Like sounds of the heart from the songs of a bird, Or songs of the Heavens you never have heard, Like stress and depression when being deferred, Or death of dysfunction and birth of a soul, Like spring, when the hot is in tune with the cold, Or sun after rain, pleasure after the pain, Like expecting a little when more you will gain.

Child of Liberty

I take pleasure in life and the battles I fight, I challenge myself everyday, every night, Increasing in knowledge-enhancing insight, Born into ignorance, now in the light, Seek higher principles-spiritual rights, I'm ready for takeoff-ready for flight.

A Real Life Myth

I'd rather enjoy it than live life depressed, In peace and security-spiritual rest, No death and destruction or trouble from stress, No richer or poorer-no greater or less, Where all are original all are the best, When curses are broken then all can be blessed, When east is a wife and a friend to the west, All will be family and earth our nest.

The Philosophers

By reason they conquered the demons they fought, Remembering love and the people they taught, For years they invested and hours they sought, Fishing for answers-in time they were caught.

Dream Catcher

Something to keep you distracted from doubt,

To keep you inside when the danger is out,

Prize that your mind keeps you thinking about,

You live in the future away from the drought.

The N

Perceived as a thug and a prisoner of sin, To some only cages and death is your end, Poor with no money or credit to spend, But God chose the lowly not powerful men.

Black Star

Tupac Shakur - thug angel of war, King of the 90's and prince of the poor, Rapper to many and brother to more, Forever remembered- a son of the Lord.

Book of Right

* * *

Right is the child of love.

God Or Man

Like the head without the body is a home without a man, The ground without a seed is like a home without a man, A branch without a vine is our home without a man, Trust in God without all your heart He's more than any man.

Lying Tongues

Old Covenant preachers and teachers of error, Promising riches but profiting terror, Judging the world while they turn from the mirror, Claiming they're righteous- correction is nearer.

Spiritual Reality Check

Accepting reality, life isn't fair, Many the givers but few truly care, Rich in the front and the poor in the rear, Deaf to conviction then self you will hear.

Me Vs Myself and I

Mastering self and the trials I face, Controlling my thoughts so my actions will trace, Living as equal, ignoring my race, Mistakes are required, forgiven by grace, Perfection of self is the glory I chase, Stumbling while running regaining my pace, War has an earthly and spiritual base, Battling self in my personal space.

Heavenly Identity

Knowledge or ignorance- both can deceive, In love or religion- which do you believe? God and His Kingdom- what man can conceive? Perfection in Christ- what we hope to achieve, People imprisoned by evil we grieve, Lost their position like Adam and Eve, Faith is your power so you can be free, Zero to hero- it happened to me.

Sincere Error

Some actions are bad but intentions are true, The givers are many the lovers are few, Judgment will come for they know what they do, Methods are old they disguise them as new.

Reasonable Facts

If your heart is with the Father then His Presence you will feel, Truth you have discovered when you know which life is real, Children are the future so before them we should kneel, Many vote for peace but then her makers they will kill.

Divine Psychology

We are what we do and we do what we see, Change your behavior then you you will beat, Slave of the ego or master of mind, We function correctly when thought is divine.

Life Construction

Seeing the outcome, escaping the fall, Your greatest regret is ignoring the call, Build on your dream by investing your all, Before you can walk you must first learn to craw.

Mental Submission Holds

Emotional injuries hold us in place, A knot in the heart only God can unlace, Conquer your anger, look fear in the face, Rulers of self live their life at their pace.

Universal Law 1

What we sow is what we reap, What we see is what we get, What we spend is what we have, What we lose is our debt, If you find it hard to listen your mentality is set, If you gamble and you lose then your decision you regret.

Universal Law 2

If the truth can be sought then the truth can be found, Answers are deep so they're far from the ground, God can be heard by intuitive sound, What's done to another will come back around.

7 Spiritual Heart Diseases

Pride-contends humility for peace or false tranquility, Greed-causes theft and soon right after much distress, Anger-is the fuel that will give the ego rule, Envy-makes you plan and plot to harm you fellow man, Lust-is the fire that enslaves you to desire, Lazy-is the one in lack of motivation, Gluttony-to eat though you will never feel complete, Know the heart diseases and yourself you will defeat.


Watching my steps and avoiding a fall, Escaping the problems of others I saw, Faced with decisions-the past I recall, Trouble is close so I quickly withdraw.

Wise Eye

Surmounted my enemies-no one to fear, Deception is tricky, a veil hard to tear, Burden of love for the weak I will bear, Methods we need to survive I will share, Time quickly ceases so quickly prepare, See from your heart then your path will be clear, Know your surroundings from front to the rear, Far from perfection but still you are rare.

Colliding Forces

In it not of it so free though inside, Choosing my destiny-dead or alive, King or a peasant which one you decide, Where there is space good and evil collide.

Poor Man's Anthem

I endeavor to survive in an unconscious state of mind, Seeking for the Truth but see the Truth is hard to find, Thinking optimistic of the struggle not the crime, Living in apocalypse and running out of time, Weary from the stress and burden life has given me, Body not in chains but my mind is never free, Thinking from an angle that I never thought before, Life is like a battle so reality is war, Dreaming is a way I close my eyes then I escape, Blinded from a world that evil men will devastate, Run the narrow road to reach the golden city gate, Death before I wake I pray my soul the lord will take.

Civil Confusion

Century 21 and still divided in our views, Life can give us Heaven or a world of violent news, We are not a nation where the rainbow colors fuse, If we stay divided none will win and all will lose, Looking for solutions but we're missing all the clues, It's a puzzle-every little piece we have to use, Some will match descriptions but refuse to wear the shoes, All enjoy the cheers but only few will bear the boos.

Power of U

Manifestations of self in the physical, All is symbolic so nothing is mythical, Knowing yourself and your purpose is critical, Doubting a miracle witnessed is cynical.

Prisoner of Love

Burdened by forces-emotional holds, Compassionate feelings are driving the bold, Love is their purpose and leadership role, Slaves to conviction are powerless souls.

World Changers

Prepare for your challenges- conquer your fears, Think independent-ignore evil steers, Live life in joy while extending your years, Speak with your actions so everyone hears.

The Balance

Creatures, which dwell in the land of the mother, Neighbors we are-they are also our brothers, Sea is for one and the land for another, Earth is for man-in God's image no other.

Center of Man

The basis of man-is ego and love, His home is below but his Source is above, As violent as beasts and as harmless as doves, Hearts that can hurt or a heart you can rub.

Servant King

Imaging things as the way they should be, Perceiving the needy as if they were me, Fill me with love when my heart is on E, Servant of man is a king on a knee.

Soul Food

Friends we have lost but in time we will cross, Make sure you discover from problems-the cause, Believing you're rich without wisdom is false, Ignoring advice from the Father-a loss.


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