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The Unexpected When You're Expecting: Clear, Comprehensive, Month-by-Month Dread

The Unexpected When You're Expecting: Clear, Comprehensive, Month-by-Month Dread

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by Mary Moore

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The laugh-out-loud answer to the guide that has terrified millions!

So the pregnancy test is positive, and the only thing growing faster than your appetite for anything fried is your list of questions: How long until I have to pay through the nose for maternity wear? Is there anything I can do to prevent the scrapbooking instinct from kicking in?


The laugh-out-loud answer to the guide that has terrified millions!

So the pregnancy test is positive, and the only thing growing faster than your appetite for anything fried is your list of questions: How long until I have to pay through the nose for maternity wear? Is there anything I can do to prevent the scrapbooking instinct from kicking in? Relax. The advice in this book will be as easily digested as the now - forbidden caffeine you used to chug by the vat.

Sure, having your kidneys double as someone's couch sounds like kind of a downer, but that's just all the more reason why every pregnant woman needs this hysterical send-up. Mary K. Moore not only covers the 40 weeks of pregnancy but also tackles the stupor that is baby's first six months, including:

  • Naming baby: fruit or action verb?
  • Birth plans: your dreams, a doctor's comic relief
  • The politics of choosing diapers: landfill landmines or inconvenient napkins?

Spotlighting the absurdity of pregnancy and shaking the sugar-coating off symptoms - get ready for the breasts of a stripper and the bladder of a Shriner - The Unexpected When You're Expecting is a must-have for anyone with a uterus.


"The advice is useful. But most of all, this book is funny."
Austin-American Statesman

"Hilarious! A witty, laugh-out-loud take on the classic. It's the perfect gift for every woman who has ever felt like throwing What To Expect When You're Expecting across the room (or at her husband). I love this book - it is exactly what a parody should be."
Risa Green, author of Notes from the Underbelly

"The Unexpected When You're Expecting is smart, dry, and divinely anti-guidebook. Mary K. Moore's laugh-out-loud glimpse into pregnancy is the perfect gift for your gloriously hip friends who are currently sporting glamorously elastic waistbands."
Austin Kidbits Blog

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Chapter 1

Preggers: Yes or No?
You think you might be pregnant. Immediately, you have visions of your glowing, radiant body blossoming into motherhood (except, of course, your arms, legs, butt, and face.) You'll buy a few empire-waist dresses, temporarily trade your heels for cute flats, and try to get used to being the center of attention. Think again. Welcome to invasion of the body snatchers. Only this time, it's an inside job. Congratulations. You're pregnant.

If you're Caucasian, say goodbye to those pink nipples, sweetie. You're headed to brown town.

"The pregnancy tests and my ob-gyn say no, but I just know that they're wrong. Could the doctor be messing with my head or dipping the wrong woman's urine?"

You're delusional. Snap out of it. You can always have a vagina like a garage later. Go have a drink and a cigarette-even if you're not a smoker-for all those women out there for whom fun and vices will soon be a bitter, distant memory.

Knowing for Sure: Test Time
Welcome to the section of the pharmacy you didn't know existed. Move away from the lubes and products with silhouetted lovers and go toward the cooing infants. This is because there is no truth in advertising. If there were, you'd be looking for the image of the woman slapping her forehead or molesting a pint of ice cream. And get ready to piss on your hand. If you're normal, you'll have no idea about the trajectory of your own urine. If you're a marksman, it's probably because of some bizarre sorority pledging rite, which might be why you're here in the first place.

But first you must pick a predictor. You'll find everything from off-name brands (Wee &Weep) to commercial favorites (E.P.T. Early Pregnancy Test: "What if you could know the moment you became pregnant?" or its lesser-known companion, E.P.T.E.S.P: "What if you could know if you'd become pregnant in the future?") The choices are limitless, unlike your clothing options in the months ahead.

The display results vary with each test. Thanks to nervous women glutting up the pharmaceutical company's 800-number in double-line denial, wise product engineers have devised tests that now say "pregnant" or "not pregnant." (The standard "positive" or "not positive," as it turns out, all depends on your perspective. Just ask a jubilant-then-immediately-devastated teen.)

The In-Office Verdict
Now it's starting to sink in. You know you're pregnant. You're at the clinic, for chrissake. A blood test is just going to tell the doctor what you already know-you're terribly absent-minded when you're horny.

Testing 1, 2, 3...
A do and don't guide for testing intelligence:

DO: Dispose of used wands in a covered garbage container.
DON'T: Use as impromptu hair chopsticks.
DO: Take a picture of your positive result for your scrapbook (if you've been trying for a long time.)
DON'T: Use it to construct a new wing of the dollhouse you built from years of failed tests.

DO: Test more than once for accuracy.
DON'T: Use leftover wands for cocktails stirrers.
DO: Test a few days later than your scheduled period for the most precise result.
DON'T: Test a few months later to see if God and your post-sex purity pledge made it go away.

Let's Get Physical

This will be performed by either your ob-gyn or, if you're generally misguided, a midwife. You'll be asked to position yourself on the examining table or kitchen counter (see latter) with legs in stirrups. If given the choice, ask for a male physician. Then close your eyes and pretend you had a nice dinner together. Honestly, this is the last time in many months a man will look directly at your sugar walls without silently lamenting, Do I have to? Enjoy.

Of note, it is possible to experience all of the symptoms of pregnancy and not be pregnant at all. That's either called being crazy or dating a star NFL/NBA player.

Breaking the News...
Once you know for sure, it's time to share it with the person you now have by the balls. Here are some creative ways to make it official:
- Leave the positive test on the sink and scrawl on the bathroom mirror: "Meet me at Babies "R" Us with your wallet and a U-haul."
- Give him a sterling silver rattle with "I think it's yours" engraved on it.
- Have the waiter place a personalized message in a fortune cookie: "Confucius say a third of your paycheck is now mine."

Meet the Author

For ten years, Mary K. Moore worked as an editor and writer for a variety of New York publications including Cosmopolitan, Redbook, and Marie Claire. She's also written for Glamour, Self, Newsweek, and Texas Monthly, among others, with a focus on news features and essays. She's appeared on Inside Edition, New York One, Extra, Access Hollywood, and Good Day New York, speaking on topics ranging from parenting and relationship advice to celebrity news. She lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband, T.J., and their three-year-old daughter, Scarlett, and is secretly in love with motherhood.

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The Unexpected When You're Expecting: Clear, Comprehensive, Month-by-Month Dread 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
My first pregnancy, I wanted all the info and read through mounds of informational month-by-month guidebooks. For my second pregnancy, I just wanted a good laugh and this is it! This is the perfect book to make you laugh-out-loud at those little talked about effects pregnancy has on a woman. Buy this book if you are pregnant for the first time, the second time or the fifth (and beyond). This is definitely a must-have for your baby shower gift basket!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I'm pregnant with my first child and I want to read and learn and I thougth this could be a fun way to read this book as the debrief said. At my surprise now I feel like Mary K. Moore just stole me 8 usd. It's like the worst book ever and I don't really think it's funny at all when she makes everything and every real thought that a pregnant woman may have a cheap joke, like "Do I have to worry about my age? Not at all, you don't need to worry if you are 42 and pregnant because you won't be able to hear or see when your child turns into a teenage". I really think it is not funny and less, I really find it so offensive that all the real doubt one can have are just a joke for this woman. I don't recommend it under any circumstance.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago