The United States in the Cold War: 1945-1989

The United States in the Cold War: 1945-1989

by Christopher Collier

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After World War II the United States and its wartime ally, the Soviet Union, came to an ideological parting of the ways that left the world divided for nearly fifty years. This armed confrontation of capitalist and communist states has come to be known as the Cold War. During the decades of the Cold War millions of people living in nations across the globe perished. Millions of others were forced to live in poverty or in dictatorial states while the world's superpowers struggled for dominance. Wars were fought in places such as Korea, Vietnam and Afghanistan as client states were used as proving grounds for the opposing philosophies. The Cold War, a time period when the world came close to nuclear disaster, is the subject of this volume in "The Drama of American History" series produced by Collier & Collier. As with other books in this comprehensive series, The United States in the Cold War provides a tremendous amount of information in a compact and illustrated format. Readers will learn the basic history of the Cold War as well as meet some of the people who lived through it. The authors provide a balanced perspective that points out shortcomings and strengths on both sides of the confrontation. This book is a strong addition to a personal, home or school library collection and one that handles a critical time in world history. 2002, Benchmark Books, $29.93. Ages 10 to 14. Reviewer: Greg M. Romaneck

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Cavendish Square Publishing
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Drama of American History Series, #21
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7.70(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.50(d)
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10 - 14 Years

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