The United States

The United States

by Nicole Frank, Nicole And Frank, Elizabeth Berg

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Children's Literature - Heather N. Kolich
The cover of this "Welcome to My Country" selection features a brightly costumed Native American child rather than a more representative kid-next-door. George Washington gets one sentence; Hollywood gets a full page. In fact, the motion picture industry and food are the only aspects of U.S. history and culture that receive a full page of attention. The authors whip from the Pleistocene era to America's first president in two paragraphs. The first two pages of the "People and Lifestyle" chapter present photos of recent immigrants, including a two-thirds page photograph of an immigrant protest march featuring Mexican flags and contentious signs. The accompanying paragraph incongruously touts assimilation. Other chapters cover Language, Arts, and Leisure Time. A very brief chapter skims U.S. government and economy. While there are some gorgeous photographs of U.S. landscapes, the photo selection collectively gives the impression of a racially segregated population that is divided between urban dwellers and those who live in tents in the wilderness. There is no view from the suburbs or the heartland. Children rarely appear in the abundant illustrations, and only on the disingenuous cover is a child the feature focus. American inventiveness, independence, perseverance, and equality among all citizens are ignored. In addition to the usual glossary, index, and sources for more information, back matter includes a map of the United States and some "Quick Facts" on U.S. population, size in square miles, and state names. Reviewer: Heather N. Kolich
Children's Literature - Jody Little
The United States is a melting pot of peoples and cultures. The festivals celebrated in this country are no exception. Many American festivals are a mix of beliefs and traditions from another country, with new traditions developed in the United States. Mardi Gras is a traditional Catholic holiday, celebrated with American flair in the city of New Orleans with Dixieland marching bands and Cajun rhythms. Many Americans celebrate Ireland's patron saint, Patrick, with lavish parades and the wearing of green. Easter, a Christian holiday, is often celebrated in the United States with egg hunts and the appearance of the Easter Bunny. Halloween festivities often include carving pumpkins and trick-or-treating. Uniquely American festivals include the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, and President's Day. This well-organized, concisely written book will fit nicely into social studies curricula that emphasis cultures, diversity and traditions. Book includes activities popular during certain festivals such as making valentines, wreaths, and pumpkin pie. Glossary and index will assist young students in report writing. Reviewer: Jody Little

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Welcome to My Country Series
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