The Universe: Past, Present and Future

The Universe: Past, Present and Future

by David J. Darling, Jeanette Swofford

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Gr 4-7 Two books that are attractive and useful, but not without problems. In addition to a readable, serviceable text, each book features vocabulary highlighted in bold type, a glossary, suggested readings (generally more difficult than the text), a fact sheet, a question-and-answer section, activities and color photos and drawings. Other Worlds discusses the possibility of extraterrestrial life and sending as well as searching for messages from other civilizations. The Universe includes passages on the big bang, the universe's expansion, red/blue shifts, curved space, dark matter and open vs. closed universe theories. Both are up-to-date (the 1984 discovery of planetary body VB 8B is mentioned). Illustrations range from excellent to dreadful, but, overall, they are appealing and clarify the text. Likewise the experiments vary in quality. The question-and-answer sections present some fascinating information; however, they are well beyond the rest of the books' reading level, they demand background knowledge beyond the readers' experience, and they do not follow an always logical sequence. While the books have contents that are worthwhile and, in places, excellent, it is unfortunate that their trappings detract from their appeal. Jeffrey A. French, Rocky River Public Library, Ohio

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Silver Burdett Press
Publication date:
Discovering Our Universe
Age Range:
9 Years

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