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The Unquiet

The Unquiet

3.9 13
by Jeannine Garsee

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When Rinn Jacobs moves to a new town she hopes it will be a fresh start-a place where nobody knows about her past. At first, everything goes according to plan. She falls in with the popular girls at her new school and falls for the very cute boy-next-door Nate. But River Hills High School has a secret. The ghost of a girl who died back when Rinn's mom was a student


When Rinn Jacobs moves to a new town she hopes it will be a fresh start-a place where nobody knows about her past. At first, everything goes according to plan. She falls in with the popular girls at her new school and falls for the very cute boy-next-door Nate. But River Hills High School has a secret. The ghost of a girl who died back when Rinn's mom was a student supposedly haunts a hallway. Rinn's not sure she believes it, but when strange things start happening to her friends, Rinn decides there's only one way to know for sure. She needs to ditch her bipolar meds and see what the voices are really trying to say...

Fans of films like Black Swan will be fascinated by this psychological thriller.

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The Unquiet is a swirling, marvelous journey into madness... or out of it. You decide.” —Lisa McMann, New York Times bestselling author of the Wake trilogy and Cryer's Cross

“Filled with romance, madness, and dangerous ghosts, The Unquiet is a haunting read you shouldn't miss.” —Melissa Marr, New York Times bestselling author of the Wicked Lovely series

“Garsee plays on our worst psychological insecurities in this eerie depiction....The authentic setting and breezy teenage repartee make the pool deaths, the bizarre parent personality changes, and the bully revenge even spookier. The Unquiet is a paranormal page-turner that will leave readers guessing as to what's real and what's imaginary, even after they close the book for the final time.” —Booklist

New York Times bestselling author of the Wake tril Lisa McMann

The Unquiet is a swirling, marvelous journey into madness... or out of it. You decide.
New York Times bestselling author of the Wicked Lo Melissa Marr

Filled with romance, madness, and dangerous ghosts, The Unquiet is a haunting read you shouldn't miss.
VOYA - Blake Norby
Recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder, Rinn Jacobs has extreme feelings of guilt over her past transgressions when she hurt others and herself, and she and her mother are looking to start over when they move back to her mother's hometown in Ohio. The fresh start is going well when Rinn meets her cute, farm-boy neighbor, Nate, and quickly falls in with the popular crowd at school. But the good feelings Rinn has about her new home are short lived, as she soon finds out that her school is haunted by a young girl who died in the now-condemned pool room. Rinn becomes obsessed with learning more about Annaliese and figuring out what she wants, but when her friends start getting hurt, Rinn runs the risk of being Annaliese's next victim. Like many ghost stories, The Unquiet walks a fine line between being truly creepy and a little cheesy. The description of Rinn's bipolar disorder and the frustrations she faces are accurate and believable but lend very little to the story. The concept of whether there really is a ghost or just the fantasies of a crazy teenage girl is attention-grabbing, but the story becomes a little convoluted when a lot of side details are introduced with no direct connection to the ghost story. The story loses its creepy feeling once the ghost story is fully exposed and spelled out for the reader, but it could still be a good pick for teens looking for a little scare factor. Reviewer: Blake Norby
Children's Literature - Heather Kinard
Hoping to leave a past full of secrets behind them, Rinn Jacobs and her mother move from California to her mother's hometown of River Hills, Ohio. At first, things seem to go well for Rinn. Her medications for bipolar disorder are working, and she has managed to catch the eye of the most popular boy in the high school. But River Hills has secrets too, and it does not take long before Rinn is caught in the middle of it all. Rumor has it that the high school is haunted by the ghost of a student who died many years earlier. Rinn does not believe in ghosts, even when strange things begin to happen. But when she starts to hear voices and people begin to die, Rinn becomes a believer. She discovers that when she does not take her medication, she can connect with the ghost. This makes others wonder if Rinn really has a special ability, or if her mental illness has reached a new level. Rinn is determined to prove she is not crazy, but in order to do that she must embark on a dangerous journey; in the process, she may uncover her mother's role in the death that occurred so many years ago. This book will definitely appeal to those who love a creepy thriller. There is some need for caution because the subject of mental illness is sensitive, and changing medications without supervision is dangerous and irresponsible. For this reason, and because of some language, the book is best suited for older teens. Reviewer: Heather Kinard
School Library Journal
Gr 8 Up—After a series of traumatic events, Rinn Jacobs and her mother move from southern California to her mother's hometown in Ohio. While the Midwest is not immediately a perfect fit for Rinn, she is hoping for a fresh start now that her meds have evened out her bipolar disorder and she is no longer deemed a threat to herself and others. But when townspeople disappear; teens start dying; and otherwise sane people snap, including some of Rinn's new friends and her own mother, Rinn starts to question her hard-won sanity-especially when all of the events point her toward an unlikely source: a vengeful ghost haunting the school and causing chaos. The line between mental illness and demonic possession is the central conflict in the novel, which is both fascinating and a bit irresponsible. Rinn must go off her meds in order to connect with the ghost. At one point, she questions how far a reach the ghost has, which calls into question her own bipolar episodes. Nonetheless, despite some unexplored characters (why is one girl so mean, for example), some unnecessary verbiage (it takes Rinn much too long to figure out what she and her friends have in common), and some details that don't quite go anywhere, fans of Lauren Myracle's horror novels, such as Bliss (2008) or Rhymes with Witches (2005, both Abrams), and the "Final Destination" movie series will enjoy this psychological ghost story.—Jennifer Miskec, Longwood University, Farmville, VA
Kirkus Reviews
Even small towns have urban legends. Since 16-year-old Rinn's last manic episode resulted in the death of her grandmother, she and her mother have uprooted from California to relocate temporarily in her mother's rural Ohio hometown. With her bipolar disorder under control for the moment, Rinn's new life seems promising--until she discovers that a tunnel built to bypass the gym at her high school is rumored to be haunted by Annaliese, a teen who drowned in the school's swimming pool 20 years ago. After a séance conducted by fellow classmates unleashes the ghost's full powers, strange "accidents" begin occurring around the school. The story builds in intensity as both Rinn and Annaliese show their determination to overtake each other's will. Their power struggles highlight Rinn's constant battle to overcome her disorder and appear normal again. But how can a bipolar teen, already known for hearing strange voices, seeing hallucinations and experiencing psychotic episodes, convince those around her of the ghost's homicidal plans? To stop Annaliese, Rinn may just have to find out what started her haunting in the first place. A steamy romance with the best catch at school adds just the right balance to the novel's chilling effects. A shocking, spine-tingling ending proves that ghost stories never go out of style. (Supernatural thriller. 14 & up)
NYT-bestselling author of the Wake trilogy and CRY Lisa McMann

The Unquiet is a swirling, marvelous journey into madness...or out of it. You decide.

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Bloomsbury USA
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12.90(w) x 8.30(h) x 1.40(d)
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14 - 17 Years

Meet the Author

JEANNINE GARSEE is the author of Before, After, and Somebody In Between and Say the Word. She never wanted to be anything except a writer--until she fell under a strange, insidious spell and found herself in the nursing profession instead. Now in addition to writing, she works as a psychiatric nurse in an inner-city hospital.


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The Unquiet 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
pagese More than 1 year ago
I admit, I added this to my to read list with very little thought. The cover seemed cool and the description was just enough to peek my interest. I was thrilled when I was approved for review through Netgalley. I wish I had read this sooner! I was nothing like I expected. Rinn is unlike any other lead character I've had the pleasure reading about. For lack of a polite term, she's crazy. As the book opens, we learn she's bipolar and currently heavily medicated. We know something really bad happened previously and she needs a fresh start (and maybe a little bit of space). I was completely engrossed in learning her story. From her hallucinations to the role she really played in her grandmother's death. The psychology background in me honestly loved watching her as she went off her meds. Her bipolar cycle was spot on. Her lack of sleep, manic talking, and loss of time was just awesome. I loved when her mother came in and she has torn a giant hole in the wall and hadn't realized it. I think getting a first hand looks and what happened when she was off her medication showed how things spiraled out of control the first time. It did an excellent job of showing both the manic episode along with the depressive episode. I like a good ghost story as well. This was one was crafted very nicely. A ghost who haunts a specific hallway and pool. I thought it was intriguing that those who had some sort of psychiatric medication could not see or hear the ghost. I also liked the connection between Rinn, her mother, and the ghost. It might have been convenient, but it worked with the story really well. I was really impressed with this book. I will be looking for this author again!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I havent finished the book yet, but so far it is really creepy and eerie.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Charged for the book, says it's in my library, but it's not!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was great in my opinion.. I must admit I was a little crushed when a certain someone had a certain thing happen to him.. :( but the book picks up and moves on as did I.. throughly enjoyed the book..
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved it
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This one's a real page-turner!
KDH_Reviews More than 1 year ago
The book starts out rather slowly. It took a while to get the story moving and the creepiness to set in. While some people (not me in this case) may decide the book isn't worth continuing, I say stick it out. After the first fourth or so of the book, things start moving along at a quick and steady pace. I admit that I figured out the big climax before Rinn did. It's always slightly disappointing to figure things out before it's revealed in a book, but I realize that's just the way things go sometimes. At the end of the book, I was just a little confused. I'm still not sure what I make of the ending and whether or not I liked it. After everything that happened in the book, I feel like the ending was a letdown. Overall, it was an interesting and slightly creepy book. The writing was solid and I'd likely read something written by Jeannine Garsee again.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This usually isn't the types of books I go for, but this one had me sucked in from the beginning. I loved it! I read it within a day. I couldn't put it down. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. :)
OtotheD More than 1 year ago
I love a good, creepy ghost story and this one certainly delivered. Corinne (Rinn) Jacobs has had quite the tumultuous life. Rinn is bipolar, and her manic mood swings have landed her in a ton of trouble including a psych ward and the death of her beloved Nana. When her mother and stepfather split, and her mother moves them back to her small, hometown in Ohio, Rinn is less than enthused. That all changes when she meets her cute neighbor, Nate, and after she meets a few girls at school who actually want to be her friend. It seems that maybe Rinn's life is finally starting to turn around, and Ohio won't be so bad, even if she is living in a house whose previous resident hung herself -- in Rinn's bedroom no less. When Rinn hears the stories of Annaleise, a girl who drowned in the school's pool twenty years ago and now supposedly haunts the school corridor, she figures it's nothing more than a local ghost story. But when her friends begin acting strange after spending time in the haunted room, Rinn begins hearing voices and people start to die. Rinn can't help but wonder if maybe the ghost of Annaleise is real. But who is going to believe a girl with a history of psychotic episodes? Is Annaleise real, or is it Rinn's bipolar disorder acting up? The Unquiet moved at a perfect pace. There is plenty of twists, creeps, romance and action. Ms. Garsee does a wonderful job of keeping the reader guessing -- is it really Annaleise or is it Rinn? While the resolve wasn't a total surprise, I did enjoy the story, and it ended just the way I like my ghost stories to end -- wondering "And then what happened?" Creepy, atmospheric and filled with plenty of teen angst, The Unquiet is perfect for any lover of ghost stories.
Laurab68 More than 1 year ago
Jeannine Garsee captures the essence of mental breakdowns and ghostly encounters with grace. Rinn Jacobs is a 16 year old girl who is bi-polar. And because of this, she is to blame for the death of grandmother who died in a fire under mysterious circumstances. So mom and Rinn leave California and move across the country to her mom's hometown in podunk Ohio. Once she arrives in Ohio strange things begin to happen. She meets up with some friends who are really mean girls in disguise. But she does meet the kindly-hearted Nate who takes an instant liking to the feisty Corinne. However, once Rinn finds out about Annaliese, she becomes obsessed with finding out more about her and the circumstances of her death twenty years earlier. When strange things begin to happen to Rinn's friends, she believes that Annaliese is haunting them, but some people think that Rinn is imagining everything because she's not exactly the most mentally stable person in the world. Even Nate begins to question Rinn and her illness. I absolutely enjoyed this story and I read several versions of this, but the finished product was perfect. I read an advanced copy so not a completely clean copy, but the message and the hysteria of the novel was dead on. You never knew if Rinn was just going crazy or if she was really seeing things that Annaliese wanted her to see. Rinn is not a very reliable nor credible main character, you're constantly second guessing yourself especially with the way that Garsee writes. Being a nurse for a busy psychiatric ward in Downtown Cleveland probably gives you more than enough credibility to write with such aplomb. The ending of the book is by far once of the more scariest and unbelievable turn of events that I've ever read and it will remind you of that final secret in THE SIXTH SENSE. I remember finishing the book and just sitting there with mouth wide open wondering what the hell. Damn you, Jeannine! If you like a ghost story, a human interest story and one that has a slight love angle, then you'll really love this book. It's creepy, scary and downright bizarre in a good way. The twists and turns keep the reader on edge and you will find no cheese between those pages. You get pulled into the story and feel like you are Rinn and all her craziness. I highly recommend this one and with the Halloween season coming upon us, it'll be a great time to dive into THE UNQUIET. It just might scare the bejeezus out of you.