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The Usborne Healthy Cookbook

The Usborne Healthy Cookbook

by Fiona Patchett, Howard Allman (Photographer), Joelle Dreidemy (Illustrator)

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Gwynne Spencer
Wow! This is not really a cookbook for kids. In fact there is never a mention of it being a children's cookbook at all but a cooking course in one title that even kids would love. It is spiral bound inside a hardcover with 200-pound coated stock, every single page in full color. The illustrations of processes are the best I have seen in a cookbook, with little elves or miniature children (never quite sure, but charming nonetheless) doing the chopping, cutting, draining, mixing, beating in cartoonlike pictures with photographs in yummy detail of the finished product. No disempowering mention of "let an adult do the cutting and chopping and baking" as in some cookbooks either, so this assumes (it is British in origin, so that might make the difference) a level of competence on the part of the reader/cook. Hooray! Recipes in this treasure include "Fresh Fruit Salad," "Fruit Smoothies," "Golden Granola," "Pea and Ham Omelet," "Creamy Tomato Soup," "Honey and Seed Bread," "Open Sandwiches," "Toast Toppings," "Super Salads," "Delicious Dips," "Chicken Fajita Wraps," "Potatoes," "Roasted Vegetables," "Tuna Pasta," "Herby Falafels," "Mini Pizzas," "Chicken Stiry-Fry," "Cauliflower Curry," "Salmon in a Packet," "Barley Beef Stew," "Cabbage and Mustard Mash," "Crispy Fish Fingers," "Leek and Mushroom Quinoa," "Lamb Kebabs," "Bean Burgers," "Brown Rice Risotto," "Peachy Crumble," "Honey Berry Swirl," "Baked Apples," "Chocolate Bananas," and "Carrot Cupcakes." And an "Index." Each recipe includes variations, greatly expanding the actual number of recipes to about 100. Each page has a little sidebar with "Healthy Food Facts," which collectively are like a whole �nother book inside a book withnutritional nuggets on every ingredient included, from avocadoes to zucchini (I counted fifty so I will not list them here, but suffice it to say they include prawns, mackerel, leeks, cod, red lentils, and other out-of-the-ordinary ingredients). However, there were several problems with the book in hand. It was missing pages 8 to 17, not all the pages were numbered, and in one case ("Thai Soup") the title of the recipe was missing altogether. The recipes include some that I doubt kids would choose ("Cauliflower Curry," "Mackerel Pate") but there is a nice variety of unusual entries (tzatsiki, for one) and no stinting on non-beef ingredients (salmon, shrimp, tuna, tofu, beans, rice, chicken). This would be a fantastic resource for a life-skills classes (you could spend a whole semester on it without much difficulty) and would work well for adults in TESOL or those with limited skills. The illustrations never look childish—the little creatures that do all the processes look more like elves than kids. For instance, one "elf" uses a knife the size of a small tree to cut an onion; it takes two "elves" to manage a stick blender; the "elf" uses a spoon the size of a snow shovel. It is a great technique to show process, which is most often lacking in cookbooks for inexperienced cooks, so this is a serious plus for this one. And the price is unbeatable for an all-color, heavy duty, photographic cookbook. Most highly recommended! Reviewer: Gwynne Spencer

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EDC Publishing
Publication date:
Children's Cooking Series
Product dimensions:
9.50(w) x 10.70(h) x 0.60(d)
Age Range:
9 - 12 Years

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