The Use of Human Beings in Research: With Special Reference to Clinical Trials / Edition 1

The Use of Human Beings in Research: With Special Reference to Clinical Trials / Edition 1

by S.F. Spicker

ISBN-10: 1556080433

ISBN-13: 9781556080432

Pub. Date: 05/31/1988

Publisher: Springer Netherlands

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Springer Netherlands
Publication date:
Philosophy and Medicine Series, #28
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6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.04(d)

Table of Contents

Section I / Human Experimentation and the Legacy of Nuremberg.- The Search for Universality in the Ethics of Human Research: Andrew C. Ivy, Henry K. Beecher, and the Legacy of Nuremberg.- Section II / The Development in Medicine of the Imperative to Conduct Research with Human Subjects: an Historical Analysis.- Cultural Contents in the History of the Use of Human Subjects in Research.- Reflections on the History of Human Experimentation.- Comparative Models and Goals for the Regulation of Human Research.- Moral Appropriateness in Human Research.- Public Control over Biomedical Experiments Involving Human Beings: An Israeli Perspective.- Section III / Ethical and Epistemological Issues in Randomized Clinical Trials.- Diagnosing Well and Treating Prudently: Randomized Clinical Trials and the Problem of Knowing Truly.- Research Risks, Randomization, and Risks to Research: Reflections on the Prudential Use of “Pilot” Trials.- Epistemological Presuppositions Involved in the Programs of Human Research.- At What Level of Statistical Certainty Ought a Random Clinical Trial to be Interrupted?.- Comment on Michael Ruse’s Essay.- Section IV / Obligations and the Avoidance of Injury.- Is There an Obligation to Participate in Biomedical Research?.- Physicians Experimenting on Themselves: Some Ethical and Philosophical Considerations.- Protection of Human Subjects: Remedies for Injury.- Israel Health Regulations: Experiments on Human Subjects - 1980.- Notes on Contributors.

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