The Vampire De Sade

The Vampire De Sade

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by Mary Ann Mitchell

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Since Sade lost his beloved niece to zombie vampires, he has kept his emotions in check. But in his sleep of death what dreams may come? Dreams of Lilliana, his niece... Dreams driven by spells cast by the Voudou Queen Marie Laveau.


Since Sade lost his beloved niece to zombie vampires, he has kept his emotions in check. But in his sleep of death what dreams may come? Dreams of Lilliana, his niece... Dreams driven by spells cast by the Voudou Queen Marie Laveau.

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Mary Ann Mitchell
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Marquis de Sade, Vampire , #5
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By Mary Ann Mitchell

Dorchester Publishing

Copyright © 2004

Mary Ann Mitchell

All right reserved.

ISBN: 0-8439-5417-5

Chapter One

"Do you dream, Uncle?" The child was fair, with long hair
streaming down her slight shoulders. Her eyes were wide and
expectant, waiting for her uncle's answer. She had flung her
bed clothes away and grabbed the soft cotton of her uncle's

"I'm free when I sleep, Liliana. Witches, wolves, and
spirits don't chase me the way they do you. No longer do I

"You almost sound sad about that, Uncle. Why would you miss
such horrible ogres?"

"I don't. Liliana, I miss you. No one else means as much to
me as you do."

"But I'm here, Uncle, sitting upon your lap. How can you
miss me when I am so close to you?" The child tilted her head
to the side and strands of hair fell over one eye.

Uncle Louis tried to squeeze her arm, but no matter how much
pressure his hands exerted, he couldn't feel his niece's soft
flesh. Liliana didn't cry out in pain. She sat quietly
waiting for an answer.

"I never dream," he repeated. "I never dream because I'm

"Will I someday be dead like you, Uncle?"

"Many pray for a different kind of death than mine."

"But will I die, and can I spend forever with you?"

His hand sought the smoothness of her cheek and surprisingly
found the softness beneath his fingertips, and he cupped her
chin. Her pale eyes looked into hiswith great love.

"I would share all that I have with you, Liliana. Even

"Will you ever regret it, Uncle?"

"There is nothing that I regret. When I've taken, it has
been because I wanted possession. What I've cast off, I've
cast off in boredom. Each moment is fed its own needs, and I
do not beg forgiveness for any of my desires."

"Will I grow old like you before I die?"

Sade laughed and hugged the child to his body.

"I never will be old and neither will you." He brushed her
blonde hair off her shoulder, revealing her slender, delicate
neck. He wrapped his hand around her neck and felt her pulse
against his flesh. Her neck was so tiny that he thought of
the chickens he had seen his servants kill. The chickens
squawked just before the servants so easily wrung their necks.
His hand tightened on the child's neck but she did not make a
sound, did not fight him.

As a joke Liliana stuck out her tongue, rolled her eyes and
made believe he was really choking her.

"Don't mock me, Liliana," Sade said.

She pulled free from his grip and rose up in his lap and
kissed his cheek. His skin burned where her lips had been.

"You must go back to sleep, Liliana."

"I can't sleep after those horrible nightmares. Tell me a
story. A nice story where princesses meet fairies and bad men
don't exist."

"I wish you were a princess, my little dumpling."

"Would you be my knight and slay all the bogeymen and dragons
for me?"

"Ah, yes. Especially the ones that make my princess wake
crying in the middle of the night. I'd chop off their heads
and bury their bodies deep in the ground."

"And what would you do with the heads, Uncle?"

"Burn them to ash, so that they couldn't return and bother
you ever again."

The little girl's fingers touched his lips, outlining the

"That tickles, Liliana." He laughed and playfully attempted
to bite her fingers.

"What will you do with my head, Uncle?" Her face looked as
though it were made of stone. The eyes didn't blink, the nose
didn't twitch, and the lips were hardened into double lines.

"Your head is attached to your shoulders. Right where it

"What did you do with my head?" Her lips barely shaped the
words, but he clearly understood what she said.

"I don't know what you're talking about, child. It's late,
and you are tired." He tried to lay her back on the silk
sheets, but he couldn't budge her. "What are you doing,
Liliana? Do you want me to call your grandmother?"

"Grandma," she sung out.

"Shhh! She doesn't like me visiting you."

"She didn't come when I cried out in fear. You did. She
can't complain about that."

"Yes, she can. Please, lie down and go back to sleep and I'll
promise to bring home a special gift for you."

"Will you make me whole again?"

"Stop this silliness and go to sleep."

He stood, but she knelt and grabbed onto his forearms.

"Don't leave me, Uncle. I'm afraid of the dark. Afraid of
the beasts that will come to rip me apart."

"They won't come again, Liliana."

"How do you know?"

"Because you are much older when the insane vampires rip you

Suddenly Sade stood in an old cemetery. He yelled out
Liliana's name several times.

"Ma petite chère!"

"Mon enfant!"

Tilted crosses surrounded him. He couldn't walk without
tripping over twigs and bark. The soil smelled of age and
decay. He tripped and fell to the ground. A hand reached out
of the soil, and he tried to take hold, but a wind rose that
swirled the leaves and blocked his view. His hands were numb.
They felt nothing, but his knees felt the twigs and branches
biting into them. He flung his body forward in a last attempt
to find Liliana.


Excerpted from THE VAMPIRE DE SADE
by Mary Ann Mitchell
Copyright © 2004 by Mary Ann Mitchell .
Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Meet the Author

Mary Ann Mitchell has published 11 books. Her first book, Drawn to the Grave, was a final nomination for the Bram Stoker Award and won the International Horror Guild Award. She held officer positions with the Horror Writers Association and with the Northern California Sisters in Crime organization. She is now making her books available as e-books.

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Great Book. I can't put it down! I bought this one first, and now I can't wait to read the others. Anything vampire has my attention, but Sade is irresistible.