Very Best of Mick Jagger

Very Best of Mick Jagger

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by Mick Jagger

The Very Best of Mick Jagger is the first-ever single-disc survey of the Stones frontman's career. Spanning over 30 years of music, the collection includes Jagger's solo version of "Memo from Turner," recorded for the 1970 cult film Performance, his 1985 hit "Just Another Night," and duets with Peter Tosh, David Bowie, and Bono. Among the threeSee more details below


The Very Best of Mick Jagger is the first-ever single-disc survey of the Stones frontman's career. Spanning over 30 years of music, the collection includes Jagger's solo version of "Memo from Turner," recorded for the 1970 cult film Performance, his 1985 hit "Just Another Night," and duets with Peter Tosh, David Bowie, and Bono. Among the three previously unreleased tracks is the John Lennon-produced rarity "Too Many Cooks (Spoil the Soup)."

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All Music Guide - Stephen Thomas Erlewine
There is no rock star greater than Mick Jagger. There are plenty other as great, but nobody eclipses Mick in terms of art and influence, as he virtually created the modern-day rock & roll rebel. Given that, why is it that almost nobody takes his solo recordings seriously? Even his longtime partner Keith Richards is quoted on record calling Jagger's 2001 album Goddess in the Doorway "Dogsh*t in the doorway," a tacit signal that all the dismissive reviews of Jagger's solo stuff were not only justified, but appropriate -- a judgment that may be a bit extreme, but in a way it's understandable, because Jagger's solo recordings showcased his least lovable aspects, particularly his relentless social climbing and obsession with style. In the Rolling Stones, this trend-chasing clashed with Richards' stubborn traditionalism, a creative tension that often resulted in tremendous music, but on his own Jagger was able to indulge his taste for fleeting fashion, which gave his solo albums a brittle, dated sound that also accentuated his cold, mercenary edge, which, in turn, made them feel a bit desperate. The Very Best of Mick Jagger, the first-ever compilation of his solo career, doesn't erase that impression, but it does illustrate some merit in it. By not relying strictly on hit singles and mixing in solo cuts from the '70s, when Jagger had yet to start his solo career in earnest, this 17-track set paints a better picture of what Jagger was attempting to achieve outside the Stones, capturing a rocker desperate to leave his status as the leader of the greatest rock & roll band ever far behind. Only "Memo from Turner," his contribution to the 1970 film Performance, truly treads close to the Stones, a cover of Sonny Boy Williamson's "Checkin' Up on My Baby," an unreleased track from his 1993 session with the L.A. blues band the Red Devils, coming in a close second. Jagger's solo career was all about running away from the Stones, but it's nice to have that reminder of his strengths here, since so much of his solo career is so carefully competent, playing to the sounds of the time, whether it's the stiff Nile Rodgers dance-rock of "Just Another Night," the tasteful classicism of the Rick Rubin-produced Wandering Spirit, or the featureless studio sheen of Goddess in the Doorway. More than anything, it's the productions that hurt the Jagger solo albums, as they lack the heart and muscle of the Stones, substituting it for careful craft. At least that sense of craft could still be heard in many of the songs, and many of the best are here, including his first solo hits "Lucky in Love" and "Just Another Night," but also latter-day songs like the lively "Put Me the Trash" and the terrific country tune "Evening Gown." These are solid songs; they're only weighed down by the professional polish, so determined to fit into the mainstream that it winds up being too bland. And that's why all the odd detours that are sprinkled through the album stand out so much: not just "Memo from Turner" and "Checkin' Up on My Baby," but his duet with Peter Tosh on "(You Got to Walk And) Don't Look Back," his goofy duet with David Bowie on "Dancing in the Street," and especially, the John Lennon-produced disco of "Too Many Cooks (Spoil the Soup)," heavily bootlegged but unreleased until now and easily the highlight of this collection. These are times where the music is alive and unpredictable, a perfect contrast to Mick's meticulousness -- which, of course, means they feel like the Stones, which is why Jagger never followed their path on his actual solo albums.

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  1. God Gave Me Everything  - Mick Jagger
  2. Put Me in the Trash  - Mick Jagger
  3. Just Another Night  - Mick Jagger
  4. Don't Tear Me Up  - Mick Jagger
  5. Charmed Life  - Mick Jagger
  6. Sweet Thing  - Mick Jagger
  7. Old Habits Die Hard  - Dave Stewart
  8. Dancing in the Street  - Mick Jagger
  9. Too Many Cooks (Spoil the Soup)  - Mick Jagger
  10. Memo from Turner  - Mick Jagger
  11. Lucky in Love  - Mick Jagger
  12. Let's Work  - Mick Jagger
  13. Joy  - Mick Jagger
  14. Don't Call Me Up  - Mick Jagger
  15. Checkin' Up on My Baby  -  Red Devils
  16. (You Got to Walk And) Don't Look Back  - Peter Tosh
  17. Evening Gown  - Mick Jagger

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Mick Jagger   Primary Artist,Acoustic Guitar,Harmonica,Percussion,Vocals,Background Vocals,Clavinet,Slide Guitar
Wally Badarou   Synclavier,Ob Xa
Jeff Beck   Acoustic Guitar
David Bowie   Vocals
Jack Bruce   Bass
Jim Capaldi   Drums
Ry Cooder   Bottleneck Guitar
Kooper   Keyboards
Lenny Kravitz   Bass,Drums,Electric Guitar,Tambourine,Background Vocals
Harry Nilsson   Background Vocals
Billy Preston   Organ,Piano,Clavinet
Earl Slick   Guitar
Pete Townshend   Guitar
Ruby Turner   Background Vocals
Steve Winwood   Bass
Jon Faddis   Trumpet
Omar Hakim   Drums
Herbie Hancock   Synthesizer,Fairlight CMI
Bill Laswell   Synthesizer
Courtney Pine   Saxophone
David Sanborn   Saxophone
Jesse Ed Davis   Guitar
Kevin Armstrong   Guitar
Jimmy Maelen   Percussion
Steve Nieve   Keyboards
Simon Phillips   Drums
Rabbit   Synthesizer
Ian Thomas   Drums
Jocelyn Brown   Background Vocals
Jim Keltner   Drums
Bill Evans   Saxophone
Phillip Ashley   Keyboards
Bill Bateman   Drums
Benmont Tench   Organ,Piano
David Bianco   Moog Synthesizer
Curt Bisquera   Drums
Lester Butler   Harmonica
Lenny Castro   Percussion
Matt Clifford   Synthesizer,Piano,Hammond Organ,Background Vocals
Ray Cooper   Percussion
Richard Cottle   Keyboards
Lynn Davis   Background Vocals
Craig Derry   Background Vocals
Aiyb Dieng   Shaker,Water Drums
Sly Dunbar   Drums,Gato
Anton Fier   Drums
Guy Fletcher   Synthesizer
Bernard Fowler   Background Vocals
Luther François   Soprano Saxophone
Marti Frederiksen   Acoustic Guitar,Background Vocals
Dean Garcia   Bass
Stan Harrison   Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Rob Rio   Piano
Bobby Keys   Saxophone
Brenda King   Background Vocals
Donald Kinsey   Guitar
Danny Kortchmar   Guitar
Trevor Lawrence   Saxophone
Chuck Leavell   Organ
Robert Lyn   Organ,Piano,Clavinet,fender rhodes
JayDee Mannes   Pedal Steel Guitar
Jean McClain   Background Vocals
Larry McDonald   Percussion
Ally McErlaine   Guitar
Peter Tosh   Acoustic Guitar,Autoharp,Rhythm Guitar,Vocals,Clavinet
Denzil Miller   Keyboards
Cindy Mizelle   Background Vocals
Tessa Niles   Background Vocals
Brendan O'Brien   Guitar
Pedro Ortiz   Percussion
Jeff Pescetto   Background Vocals
Greg Phillinganes   Keyboards
Lenny Pickett   Baritone Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
John Pierce   Bass
John Regan   Bass
Vernon Reid   Rhythm Guitar
Craig Ross   Guitar (12 String Acoustic)
Matthew Seligman   Bass
Robbie Shakespeare   Bass,Guitar
Chris Sharrock   Drums
G.E. Smith   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Phil Spalding   Bass
Helena Springs   Background Vocals
Keith Sterling   Keyboards
Doug Wimbish   Bass
Neil Conti   Drums
Jimmy Rip   Guitar,Percussion,Rhythm Guitar
Frank Simes   Guitar
Yolanda Charles   Bass
Mikey Mao Chang   Guitar,Moog Synthesizer,fender rhodes
Ron Magness   Synthesizer
Pat Seymour   Keyboards
Mike Rowe   Keyboards
Paul "The Kid" Size   Guitar
Kris Fredriksson   Bass
Steve Knightley   Cello
Jim Barber   Rhythm Guitar
Royce Nelson   Background Vocals
David A. Stewart   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Dave Lee Bartel   Rhythm Guitar
Harrison College Choir (Barbados)   Background Vocals
Karis Jagger   Background Vocals
Sweet Singing Cava Leers   Background Vocals
Sticky   Percussion

Technical Credits

Ivory Joe Hunter   Composer
David Bowie   Collaboration
Marvin Gaye   Composer
Mick Jagger   Composer,Producer,drum machine,Audio Production,Collaboration
Lenny Kravitz   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Audio Production
John Lennon   Producer,Audio Production
Smokey Robinson   Composer
Bill Laswell   Producer,Audio Production
Clive Langer   Producer,Audio Production
Jack Nitzsche   Arranger,Producer,Audio Production
Nile Rodgers   Producer
Angelo Bond   Composer
Carlos Alomar   Composer
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Jon Bavin   Engineer
Stephen Benben   Engineer
David Bianco   Engineer
Geoffrey Chung   Engineer
Richard Chycki   Engineer
Roy Cicala   Remixing
Bob Clearmountain   Engineer
Matt Clifford   Producer,String Arrangements,Audio Production
Keith Diamond   Programming
Ronald Dunbar   Composer
Sly Dunbar   Simmons
Marti Frederiksen   Producer,String Arrangements,Audio Production
Henry Hirsch   Engineer
Dave Jerden   Engineer
Stephen Marcussen   Remastering
Peter Tosh   Arranger,Producer,Audio Production,Collaboration
Stephen McLaughlin   Engineer
Karl Pitterson   Remixing
Keith Richards   Composer
Olle Romo   Programming
Bob Rosa   Engineer
Rick Rubin   Producer,Audio Production
Mark Saunders   Engineer
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Alan Winstanley   Producer,Audio Production
Dave Stewart   Composer
Jimmy Rip   Arranger,Composer,Music Direction
Martin "Max" Heyes   Engineer
Ashley Beedle   Remixing
Manu Guiot   Engineer
Reggie Collins   Discographical Annotation
Tony Wadsworth   Executive Producer
Charles Shyer   Executive Producer
Edith Wayne   Composer
Ned Douglas   Programming
Masaki Koike   Art Direction
David A. Stewart   Producer
Robin Eggar   Liner Notes
Lisa Portman   Executive Producer

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