The View from Space: American Astronaut Photography 1962-1972

The View from Space: American Astronaut Photography 1962-1972

by Ron Schick, Julia Van Haaften

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YA This title will excite novices as well as expert space buffs. The authors have carefully chosen exquisite color photographs of space and highlighted them with descriptions and commentary by the astronauts involved in the spaceflight. Some of the classic as well as new high-quality photos show man, the earth, the moon, and space in awe-inspiring detail. The photographs are not indexed, but are presented in chronological order by mission from Mercury 4 to Apollo 17. With the addition of the astronauts' comments, the book helps readers feel the mood and expanse of spaceflight. This timely subject will gather interest as new manned space flights begin again. Susan Penny, Houston Public Library

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