The View from the Kingdom: A New England Album

The View from the Kingdom: A New England Album

by Richard Brown, Reeve Lindbergh

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
``The kingdom'' (a name bestowed by native son, Senator George Aiken) is 2,000 square miles and three counties of northeastern rural Vermont where Reeve Lindberg (daughter of Charles and Anne) and her husband, photographer Richard Brown, have lived for seven years. As chroniclers of regional life, they capture not just the spectacular scenery of Vermont, but the quality of the peoplestubborn, egalitarian and attractive in their homeliness. Lindberg's essays are graceful evocations of the farmer's year: ``Spring, the adolescent of seasons; Summer lives longest in the imagination.'' The photographsquintessential Vermonters, tomatoes ripening in serried ranks on a sill, lambing, sugaringare equally eloquent. This is a stunning rendering of life defined by land and climate. (October 5)
Library Journal - Library Journal
This is the perfect book for the person who has at least sampled the charms of Vermont. Eighty-five color photographs by a master photographer with a feel for the land and twelve charming essays at times lyrical and often lightly humorous make this book a rare treat. It combines the talents of Brown and Lindbergh (author of the novel Moving to the Country ), who, with their children, live on a farm in Northeastern Vermont. Several of Lindbergh's essays, grouped by seasonal themes in the book, have been printed in Vermont Life and Country Journal, among other publications. Libraries with large regional collections will want to acquire this. Allayne C. Heyduk, Riverside Sch. Lib., Oneonta, N.Y.

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