The Vivaxis Connection: Healing through Earth Energies

The Vivaxis Connection: Healing through Earth Energies

by Judy Jacka, Judy Jacka

The Vivaxis is your life axis, your energy "umbilical cord" to the planet. It is the place where you plug into the Earth and its life-supporting energies. Discovered by Canadian reasercher Fran Nixon in the 1960s, the Vivaxis connection is fundemental to human life and health. It sustains and renews us, and affects every aspect of our lives-it even affects how we


The Vivaxis is your life axis, your energy "umbilical cord" to the planet. It is the place where you plug into the Earth and its life-supporting energies. Discovered by Canadian reasercher Fran Nixon in the 1960s, the Vivaxis connection is fundemental to human life and health. It sustains and renews us, and affects every aspect of our lives-it even affects how we digest foods and resist illness. This unsuspected link between our body and a particular spot on the Earth can make all the difference between health and illness, says Dr. Judy Jacka, the world's leading authority on the new science of Vivaxis. But your Vivaxis connection can be harmed, polluted, or distorted. It can be damaged by chemicals, electromagnetic fields, even lightning. A disturbed Vivaxis connection can make you ill, but restored and vibrant, your Vivaxis connection can keep you healthy. In this ground-breaking book, Dr. Jacka presents more than two dozen easy-to-follow how-to exercises that take you step-by-step through the science of Vivaxis. You'll learn how to energize your Vivaxis, heal it, work with it, and use it to improve almost every aspect of your life. You can even use it to improve the energy health and feel of your home or workplace. The discovery of the Vivaxis connection is a crucial milestone in the field of alternative medicine, showing how energetic connections between the planet and our bodies determine health and how natural therapies actually work. The Vivaxis connection-it's your direct link to the healing energies of the Earth.

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An important contribution to 21st century medicine.

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Chapter 1

The Vivaxis Discovery

In 1961 Frances Nixon discovered a phenomenon claimed by some physicists to be equal to the discoveries of Albert Einstein. She named this discovery the Vivaxis, which means "axis of life." Her research took place after she had retired with her forester husband to Thetis Island, an idyllic place off Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. Fran had always been a lateral, intuitive thinker, and because of her training and work in art, she was sensitive to the finer energies in nature. As a result of her husband’s work in forestry, Fran spent many years of isolation in the Canadian forests and was able to explore some of nature’s subtler energies. Sketching and painting the flora and fauna of her environment enhanced Fran’s skills of observation.

There was no piped water to their retirement property, and Fran taught herself to dowse energies. Dowsing is an ancient art whereby the practitioner uses a degree of clairsentience, or extrasensory touch, to examine the environment. A pendulum, a metal rod, or, traditionally, forked willow twigs, are aids often used for this purpose. In her dowsing experiments on Thetis Island, Fran used an angled wire made of galvanized iron. It is known as a dip wire, because it dips up and down when you test energies.

When the dip wire was resting on the center of her right index finger pad, it moved a number of times on either the horizontal or vertical plane, depending on how she held her left hand. She realized there was an interplay of energies between her two hands. When she held various insulating objects in her left hand such as wood, paper, or lead, Fran found the objects had no effect on the dip wire. She picked a leaf from a nearby plant to see the effect of holding a living object in her hand. Instead of recording the usual vertical dips, the wire now pulled vigorously in a horizontal direction toward the mother plant from which she had plucked the leaf. Repeated experiments with other plants revealed the same "homing" characteristic. Fran felt this pattern of energies contained definite information, and a fascination to understand the phenomenon grew in her. Fran postulated that all living things might have a homing characteristic, an energy connection to their point of origin, just as this single leaf had for its mother plant.

First Discovery of Human Vivaxis Energies

In 1961 Fran was helping to relieve the pain of a friend dying from cancer by using magnetic waves from blocks of ice placed near the woman’s painful areas. Fran’s friend was convinced that healing required the use of our own magnetic sense to test energies. Together they discussed the possibility of a person somehow aligning with their own energies to enhance their health and well-being. Fran’s friend created in her the spark of desire to probe these secrets of the universe further. Immediately after the death of her friend, Fran awakened one morning with the strong impression that we must learn to harness our own energies for healing.

Fran used two old-fashioned bathroom chains to find her own Vivaxis, or energy point of origin, in the following way. Standing erect and with feet apart, she turned slowly clockwise a few degrees at a time and noted the movement in the chains held in each hand. At the point where she faced her birthplace in Vancouver City, the chains swung back and forth in an alternating movement. The same movement took place when she faced in the opposite direction, and when she turned at right angles to Vancouver, the chains swung in unison.

This early-morning discovery was the first step toward the realization that we can influence our subtle body energies by aligning to our Vivaxis, our energy point of connection. Fran was able to help her husband with a long-standing back and muscular problem by alignment to his Vivaxis. Early in her research, she found that the Vivaxis energies to and from the body traveled in both horizontal and vertical planes.

Fran’s subsequent research proved we are permanently connected by energy links to the Vivaxis sphere of energies formed at some time in the last weeks before our birth. Fran named this sphere of energies the Vivaxis from the Latin words "viva," meaning life, and "axis," meaning a central line around which a rotating body moves. She observed that a person’s life force rotated about this central point. The Vivaxis sphere remains permanently vibrating in the same geographic position however far away a person travels, remaining even after death. The size of the Vivaxis is the same as the curled-up fetus in the mother’s uterus. As suggested, the two-way link to the Vivaxis from the person may be over a thousand miles in length, depending on how far the individual travels from their Vivaxis.

Fran worded a more technical description of the Vivaxis as follows: "A Vivaxis is created when a group of ambient forces relative to time and space are drawn into a common core. It is a sudden fusion of forces that are grounded to the Earth, usually through a solid that is a suitable conductor. The atomic particles within the Vivaxis energy sphere become aligned and magnetized to the geophysical field in which the Vivaxis is created. There is a magnetizing of energies, which causes a wave link to be established between the Vivaxis and its entity owner. This wave-link remains constant regardless of distance."

Our bones are the chief carriers of our Vivaxis forces, possibly because our skeleton is the most stable part of our physical body. A permanent magnetic alignment is introduced into the atomic structure of our bones as they solidify before birth at the geographical point of the Vivaxis. This point is usually near our birthplace, but its actual placement depends on where the mother was located at the time the Vivaxis was formed. Near the time of birth, when this process in the bones takes place, the magnetic pattern becomes fixed in the bones and acquires the specific magnetic characteristics of that position on the Earth’s surface. By means of this connection, we can detect a two-way link to our own individual Vivaxis. The energies flow toward us from our Vivaxis via the left hand and foot and toward the Vivaxis via the right hand and foot. This is our Vivaxis connection.

As the Vivaxis is established at some imprecisely known time during the last weeks of pregnancy, it may not be situated in the home of the mother, but it might be found at a location visited by the mother in the weeks before the birth. It is interesting to speculate on the possible health effects from this geographical position. There could be the future possibility of industrial development with noise, chemical, and electronic pollution at the site of our Vivaxis. This may cause an input of chaotic energies to our energy field via our Vivaxis connection. The individual concerned may suffer severe exhaustion, pain, and general imbalance of their own energies. This means that some individuals may perhaps suffer disrupting effects to their health from the human-made technology near their Vivaxis. Fortunately, as you will discover, we can relocate our Vivaxis quite easily. However, this process is only undertaken after we have explored other, more immediate, causes of ill health.

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