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The War Of Megiddo

The War Of Megiddo

by Nick Mulder

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The final days of Earth are approaching as both Heaven and Hell prepare for one last battle. God sends Auron to tell Jack Watts he is to lead the armies of Heaven against the forces of Sammael. As the world is consumed by war Jack makes the decisions which will ultimately help shape the fate of humanity. Everyone involved quickly finds out that the line between good


The final days of Earth are approaching as both Heaven and Hell prepare for one last battle. God sends Auron to tell Jack Watts he is to lead the armies of Heaven against the forces of Sammael. As the world is consumed by war Jack makes the decisions which will ultimately help shape the fate of humanity. Everyone involved quickly finds out that the line between good and evil is not as clear cut as they were lead to believe. With the rise of a global government is on the horizon Jack must find a way to fight such a powerful force.

In the beginning Sammael went to the holy city of Ermon Hill to protest the actions of God to the Holy Council made up of the most powerful angels in Heaven. Sammeal quickly builds an army of one third of the angels in Heaven to rise up and fight against God. The Archangels Michael and Gabriel led Heaven to victory and those who fought against God in the uprising where cast out of Heaven to Earth on the opposite side of the Veil of the Senses to await Judgement Day.
Now the final days of Earth are approaching as both Heaven and Hell prepare for one last battle. God sends Auron to tell Jack Watts he is to lead the armies of Heaven against the forces of Sammael. As the world is consumed by war Jack makes the decisions which will ultimately help shape the fate of humanity. Everyone involved quickly finds out that the line between good and evil is not as clear cut as they were lead to believe.

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Book I: The Alfa
By Nick Mulder


Copyright © 2011 Nick Mulder
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4685-3641-6

Chapter One

Between Heaven and Hell

In a dark alley many horrors emerge, and in this dark alley a young girl had been murdered. The FBI was called in because the police believed this was the work of a serial killer. One of the agents of the violent crimes unit in the FBI had been called in to look at the body. Special Agent Jack Watts has an uncanny sixth sense for finding serial killers and bring them to justice.

He sees things that no one else can. He says he knows what happened because he watches the crimes occur through his mind's eye. Rather than separating himself from a case he becomes all too involved which has cost him greatly. Jack continues to fight to capture those who take the lives of others no matter the personal cost to himself. All the violence never seemed to end after innocent after innocent was butchered day after day in an endless nightmare that his life had turned into. As Jack stood in the alley he could smell the strong odor of death and trash in the air which was all too familiar.

For years Jack studied the criminal mind in Iowa so he could try and understand how human beings could do the atrocities he saw every day. Jack believed the heart of evil lied dormant in every man and woman on the face of the earth waiting to be let out. Over time Jack realized the brutal crimes he saw everyday were affecting him more than he was originally willing to admit. It was always the deaths of children which kept Jack up at night. Jack then examined the body further, and turned her over to see what evidence the victim was hiding.

Jack was taken back at first. Jack saw no way this girl could have been out of elementary school. It was clear for a girl her age she was very pretty which would have made her a prime target for a predator. As time went on it seemed like the order of the world was fading away. Everything just seemed to be so random. Jack had seen much younger children killed, but none of them were killed this violently.

Those cases usually did not require much help because it was mostly a matter of finding out who the girl is in order to catch the killer. This is because most of the time the killer is usually a friend or relative. From what Jack saw he did not think this was a random act of violence. As he examined the body further what he saw linked it to a number of a number of cold cases in the area. It was possible for this case to go on for years without a conviction. Jack had been more numbed to the deaths of adults, but anytime he was put on a case dealing with a child always caused him an endless amount of pain and suffering.

John Russell, Jack's partner, walked over to him with a man who claimed he saw the killer. The man said, "Hello, my name is Auron Niska, I believe I can help you find the man responsible."

Jack replied, "Good, hop in my car so we can talk. I want so to catch this son of a bitch tonight."

Auron said, "Well Mr. Watts you could start by staking out where he works at Globo Soft. I don't know him personally, but I do know what he looks like so he shouldn't be too hard to find."

Russell told Jack he would stay and finish documenting the crime scene. He knew Jack would need the information from the finger prints so they could be compared against any new evidence. Russell thought if they split up he would be able to go though the files so he could give Jack the information he needed to help solve the case as fast as possible. Jack and Auron got into the car so they could discuss what he had seen.

The case seemed to be cut and dry for Jack; he was used to cold cases which sometimes took years just to get a suspect. He already had a working profile of the person in his mind which could carry out such a cold blooded murder. Jack thought something else going on here because killers usually weren't this open with their crimes. Then Jack realized the killer was trying to make a statement he had not yet revealed.

Jack pulled the car over to the side of the street to see if they could spot the man they were looking for. Auron looked like he knew what he was looking for which for some reason raised more questions than answers. As they were looking for the killer Auron tried to break the ice by telling Jack about the war between Heaven and Hell. Jack did not understand what the war between the Heavens and Hell had to do with anything but Jack decided to just go with it to pass the time as they waited.

The Beginning

At the start of time there was nothing, and then God told the universe he wanted light and there was a great explosion which some would come to call the big bang. Later God created the Heavens and the Earth along with all those presided there. At first God had two sons Jesus and Sammael. Jesus followed the will of God to the letter and was the son that Heaven looked to for leadership. Sammael did not share God's views on the direction of Heaven which placed the humans on Earth above the angels in Heaven.

One day Sammael went to the holy city of Ermon Hill to protest the actions of God to the Holy Council which was made up of the most important angels in Heaven of various ranks. Sammael told them, "God has pushed us aside for lesser beings which only look like angels, but they are flawed and only serve themselves."

The Arch Angel Michael stood up and said, "The same could be said about you. You may be a part of the holy family but your actions go against everything that God has worked so hard to achieve."

Sammael looked around the room and told the council, "We are far superior to the humans, and God should see that. My father is not omnipotent like you would like to believe. This is a falsehood and I have come here to show Heaven that I have a better way."

Raphael who never liked Sammael's politics said, "What would that better way be? Time has proven your arrogance has made you a disgrace to the Holy Family. I think this is nothing more than an act of rebellion."

Sammael became angry and said, "I came here offering you a better way and you mock me. My brother only follows blindly without question, and that is what we have built our society on. I say we stand up to God and tell him we will not accept humans as our superiors. I say that we are their superiors. I am calling for all those who agree with me to stand up and make their voices known. We will not bow down to the race of man."

In a effort to ease the rhetoric Uriel said, "You might not know it by looking at them, but the humans are beloved by God above us for a reason. No matter how much you may fight it the humans do have their place here in Heaven. That place is above us whether we like it or not."

Sammael stood up and said, "How dare you speak with me like that. At the end of the day I am one of the sons of God. It is God's blood which flows through my veins."

Gabriel was worried about what Sammael was planning and said, "You come here with a new vision for Heaven. This all begs the question of what you are planning to do to achieve your goal. Unlike God, I and the rest of Heaven are not able to gaze into the future to see what you are up to."

Sammael had enough and told the council, "I will do whatever is necessary. If you have not been paying attention there are many others like me that are not willing to bow down to the humans. Our numbers are growing by the day. When my forces are ready Heaven can choose to talk to us and resolve this peacefully, or we can resolve this with brute force."

Then Michael began to lose his temper and told Sammael, "God and the armies of Heaven will stop you at any cost. As General of the Holy Army I will make sure you will be punished for raising an army against God. I am sure you understand there is no chance of winning a war with Heaven.

Sammael became furious and said, "You underestimate me. I assure you if I go to war with Heaven I will win. The only question I have is what will happen once we take over."

Sammael stormed out of the room and started spreading his word to the angels in the Heavens. At first there was a strong opposition against him, but then slowly the angels in Heaven became more accepting of Sammael's views. As support grew many started talking about revolution and going to war with God. At first the Holy Government saw the rebellion as a bad joke which started becoming a major issue. Angels at all levels started looking to Sammael for leadership, but the question now was how many of those angels would go up against God.

When talk about civil war grew loud enough God sent Jesus to help the situation. Jesus prepared a statement to the angels of Heaven which was broadcast all over the Heavens. Jesus said, "Times are changing in Heaven, but it has been made clear not everyone agrees it has been for the better. I am here to talk to the people of Heaven to let you know God is aware of the issues you have. Humans have shown they can believe blindly in God as an act of devotion which is something the beings of Heaven can not relate to."

Some individuals were happy with the statement and decided to stay with the current system even though they did not always agree with it. Census taking angels figured around one third of Heaven sided with Sammael. Within that third a growing number of angels were getting ready to fight for what they believed in. Jesus put out another statement a few days later stating if anyone marches on Heaven they would be dealt with severely.

Sammael was not the only one speaking out on the issue. Many felt the humans should not be as important as the angels. Many angels speculated why God made the decision he did. Some thought it was one way for the angels in Heavens to have their loyalty tested like the humans. Battle lines were quickly being drawn as families were being divided over the issue.

Sammael addressed the Heaven saying, "We have shown there are many of us who will not stand by as God pushes us aside and makes humans his most prized creation. If our demands are not met we will meet the armies of Heaven with force. This war is not impossible even though they would like us to believe it is. This is the final warning to God to restore the true inhabitants of Heaven to their rightful place on the holy hierarchy of Heaven."

All throughout Heaven all the ranks of angels discussed what they should do. For some there mind was already made up as they prepared for the war on the horizon. Some decided they did not want any part of the war and they would side with whoever won. Those who were unwilling to fight received the scorn of both sides and were branded cowards.

Sammael grew stronger with every passing moment. Then it was revealed Sammael was able to enlist the help of Beelzebub and Lucifer. With their help Sammael's rebellion grew to over a billion angels strong which was over one third of all Heaven. Among those ready to fight against the Holy Family was Gog and Magog who were two of the fiercest warriors Heaven had ever known. They were once in charge of protecting Heaven, but now they sided with Sammael working to destroy everything they once swore to protect.

Soon the battle lines were drawn and the Angels of the Rebellion struck a simultaneous attackat Euphoria and Ermon Hill. The Archangels of the Four Elements split up to lead Heaven's Army. Michael and Gabriel went to protect the city of Euphoria where Sammael was leading his unholy troops against God. Uriel and Raphael went to protect Ermon Hill where Lucifer was leading the unholy troops. In the background Beelzebub was masterminding the attacks.

As the cities of Heaven burned Michael and Gabriel fought against Gog and Magog as they attempted to reach God as Sammael fought to become the ruler of Heaven. The holy forces of God where able to stand their ground and began to push Sammael's troops back. Gabriel flew above the troops giving orders while Michael separated himself from the fight looking for Sammael in the fog of battle.

It did not take Michael a long time to find Sammael because he wanted to stay out in the open so all of his troops could see him in battle. God knew Sammael's greatest sins where arrogance and pride so God had Jesus set up a battle plan to exploit those weaknesses. Then once Sammael was spotted many of the reinforcements were sent to Euphoria to fight. What followed next was the largest and bloodiest battle in the history of Heaven.

The battle seemed like it was never going to end, but slowly God's army began to defeat Sammael and his troops. God decreed those who fought against him would face expulsion from Heaven. The Earth was then split into two and the Veil of the Senses was created to divide the separate parts of what existed on Earth. Human beings and all that God created to gaze upon were placed in the living world. On the opposite side of the veil was death as it was known in Heaven being separated from all that was good.

Slowly Heaven's superior numbers began to overpower Beelzebub tactics. As large chunks of Sammael's forces were defeated the forces of God threw them to Earth for their betrayal. Once on Earth the former angels found themselves on a barren wasteland which was a huge change from the paradise they once knew. After the fall from grace those who were once angels called themselves the fallen angels. Heaven called them as demons in a new battle of semantics.

On the ninth day of the war God's forces were able to weaken Sammael's forces to the point where Michael was able to reach Sammael. The two fought with the blades that they had on them. Sammael used his sword and shield as Michael used a spear and shield. Michael also had a short sword as back up if it was needed. Michael and Sammael fought hard taking chunks out of each other's flesh. In the end Michael's skill proved to be superior as Sammael fell to the ground in defeat.

Michael stood over Sammael with his spear at his throat and asked, "Why have you done this? Has not God given you all that you would have ever needed?"

Sammael defiantly told Michael, "No. I will not be a slave to the humans. We are better than them, and it is the humans that should serve us."

Michael said, "That is not up to you. Our power has always been meant to be limited; we are but servants of God. That role as never suited you since you have never cared about anyone but yourself."

Jesus stood back and watched as Sammael was cast out of Heaven along with the others who fought in the rebellion. The Archangels of the Four Elements gathered where those who rebelled against Heaven were cast out. Uriel said, "Even though this is a moment of great sadness I am thankful it is all over."

Michael took a deep breath and said, "It is not over. No matter how long it takes Sammael will rebuild his army and attack again. Only God knows the time and place it is going to happen, and I am told it will remain that way until Sammael attacks again."

Raphael put his hand on Michael's shoulder and said, "On a brighter note I am told the third son of God was born. Even in this dark era the third child gives me hope for a brighter tomorrow."

Gabriel could not believe the significance of what had just happened as he said, "What has happened today will forever alter the course of the third child's life along with the rest of all of God's creations. It will be up to us to make sure the third child does not follow in Sammael's footsteps."

Michael began to see the silver lining and said, "With the birth of the third child comes a tipping point in the war to come. Today we won but this was only the battle in a much larger war. If the third child joins forces with Sammael I fear he will become Sammael too powerful to stop."

Raphael could not help feeling overwhelmed and asked, "How do we make sure the third child does not follow in the footsteps of Sammael? No matter what we do the choice will ultimately be up to the third child because like the rest of God's creations he will be given the gift of free will."

Michael tried to remember all the past problems with Sammael and said, "Part of the problem with Sammael was he was always looked over since Jesus was the first child. I fear Sammael became who he is because he always wanted to become a great angel, but no matter what he did the Heavens always looked to Jesus for guidance."

Uriel sarcastically said, "Well Sammael will be remembered now. But the question remains, how are we are going to prevent this from happening again after the third child grows up?"

Michael had to think about it for a second and then said, "We invest all of our time and effort into the third child. Then when the time comes God can put him in charge of the Holy Army so he can defeat Sammael."

Gabriel thought of all of the angels who were thrown out of Heaven and said, "I can't believe things have gone this far. I guess all we can do now is wait for our orders from God because there is not much we can do until the child is old enough to learn about honor and duty."


Excerpted from THE WAR OF MEGIDDO by Nick Mulder Copyright © 2011 by Nick Mulder. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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