War That Made America: The Story of the French and Indian War

The War That Made America: The Story of the French and Indian War

by Brian Keane

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  1. Early Americans
  2. Washington's Blunder in the Woods
  3. The Half King
  4. Round Dance (Traditional Six Nations)
  5. Young Washington's Theme
  6. French Tavern (after 18th century French folksong)
  7. War Breaks Out
  8. Braddock's March (after Handel)
  9. Battle at the Monongahela
  10. D'une Nouvelle Terre (after 18th century French folksong)
  11. Vanishing World
  12. Bloody Morning Scout
  13. Mary Jemison's Theme
  14. Deportation From Nova Scotia (after 18th century French folksong)
  15. Battle Of Lake George
  16. William Pitt's Deal (after Handel)
  17. Louisburg Falls
  18. Versailles (after Lully)
  19. Easton Treaty (after Six Nations (Native American) folksong)
  20. Washington Goes Home
  21. Guyasuta Tries
  22. Trouble Comes to Fort Michilimackinac
  23. Smallpox (after Six Nations (Native American) folksong)
  24. A Few Acres of Snow
  25. Conastoga / Revolution
  26. Declaration Of Independence

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Brian Keane   Primary Artist,Synthesizer,Percussion,Harpsichord
Joe Bonadio   Percussion,Cymbals,Drums,Bass Drums
Marshall P. Coid   Violin,Counter Tenor (Vocal)
Douglas Spotted Eagle   Flute,Percussion
Jay Elfenbein   Bass,Viola Da Gamba,Baroque Bass
Jill Jaffe   Viola
Tony Kadleck   Trumpet
Bob Zubrycki   Violin
Robert Ingliss   English Horn,Oboe
Robert Mealy   Violin
Tom Zajac   Pipe,Recorder,Wood Flute,Hurdy-Gurdy,Hammered Dulcimer
Paul Shipper   Guitar,Fife,Recorder,Tambourine
Marc Goldberg   Bassoon
Peter Gordon   French Horn
Grant Herreid   Theorbo,Tenor Lute,Bass Lute
Roxanne Bergman   Violin
Ronald Hawkins   Harpsichord
Kurt Coble   Violin
Michael Terry   Synthesizer
Dan Barrett   Cello
Salon Spruce   Percussion,Vocals
G. Peter Jemison   Vocals
Marshall Coid   Violin,Counter Tenor (Vocal)
Dan Hill   Flute
John Block   Percussion,Vocals
Blaine Tallchief   Percussion,Vocals
Josh Johnny-John   Percussion,Vocals
Joe Firecrow   Flute
Robert Zubrycki   Violin
Thomas Zajac   Pipe,Recorder,Wood Flute,Hurdy-Gurdy,Hammered Dulcimer

Technical Credits

George Frideric Handel   Composer
Jean-Baptiste Lully   Composer
Brian Keane   Composer,Sound Design
Steve Roach   Sound Design
Ron Bacchiocchi   Sound Design
Billy Anderson   Sound Design
Tommy Skarupa   Engineer
Jeff Frez Albrecht   Engineer
Robert Blatt   Engineer
Sean Moffitt   Engineer
Ron Bacciochi   Sound Design
Bill Anderson   Sound Design
Keith Chergwin   Sound Design
Ann Marie Pascale   Administrative Assistant
Jeff Frez-Albrecht   Engineer

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