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The Warrior

The Warrior

4.8 9
by Heather Grothaus

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England, 1075, a time of raging feuds and men who pledge their sword for king and country, an era brought masterfully to life in this epic tale of a powerful Norman warrior and the woman who is his destiny...

Tristan D'Argent returns from battle to claim the keep bequeathed to him by King William, only to find his lands under the ruthless control of a


England, 1075, a time of raging feuds and men who pledge their sword for king and country, an era brought masterfully to life in this epic tale of a powerful Norman warrior and the woman who is his destiny...

Tristan D'Argent returns from battle to claim the keep bequeathed to him by King William, only to find his lands under the ruthless control of a treacherous rival--a man who has secured Tristan as his stepdaughter's betrothed. Determined to get his due without being trapped in marriage, Tristan prepares to win by any means necessary, only to be confronted by the beautiful face of the woman who haunts his dreams. She is Haith, the half-sister of his bartered bride.

Haith never imagined seeing the man of her moonlit visions in the flesh, or worse, as her greatest tormentor. Caught in the bitter treachery of sworn enemies, neither Tristan's strong words nor tender promises can quell her fear that their destinies have not yet begun to play out...in a time where the might of men rules with a vengeance, and the warrior who fights for love takes the greatest risk of all....

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Medieval Warriors , #1
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Penguin Random House Publisher Services
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The Warrior 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This has a lot of...Not magic because that is an illusion...But a seeing the future and able to alter surroundings when needed. The villians are disgustingly vile...Hooray...And do they get theirs in the end?? well...Do read the book. If you wait with baited breath for any real romance don't...It comes on nearly the last page and is barely eluded to...Could have been done better and i am certain the author will get over aversion to writing loves scenes.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is one book you will not put down until it is finished and then you'll be anxiously awaiting its sequel....Tristan's determination to wed the lovely, temperamental, surprisingly vulnerable Haith is just the beginning of this saga. The book is filled with such descriptive and insightful writing that you will become enmeshed in the storyline, while laughing, crying, and holding your breath at the beauty of this love story! Sometimes, as I read, I would just stop and think 'how did she (the author, Heather Grothaus) know that?!! It's the details of life in the 11th. Century that brings to light how it really was in the days of knights, kings, and lovely 'ladies in waiting'.. It's a 'sell-out' book for sure. Can't wait for your next book, Heather!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
*An excellent medieval romance...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Kensington Zebra Debut is putting out some high-powered talent in the likes of Cynthia Breeding, Deborah MacGillivray and Heather Grothaus. For a reader who loves historicals this is such a welcome trend. These are strong historicals. Each writer has a very different in style and form, but all able to deliver strong, emotional stories. Grothaus is on my pre-order list as are Breeding and MacGillivray from this point on. I am checking out more Zebra Debut Historicals. Great price, great reads. Tristan D'Argent is another strong hero that just captured me. Haith was a haunting heroine who has to fight the hand of fate to win her true love. I have pre-ordered Grothaus' next book and simply cannot wait.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Could not put this bood down. I am a hopeless romantic and this offered both romance and a good story line. Tristan was both strong and sensitive and Haith a wonderful compliment to him. I hope to hear more from this author.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Set in 1075 England, THE WARRIOR takes the reader on an epic adventure filled with love, hate, magic, and destiny.The story begins with Tristan D'Argent returning from battle to claim his lands. Tristan is ready to take what is his but a dangerous rival is determined to trap him in marriage, much to his dismay. Tristan vows to regain his position without marrying. There is one small problem, her name is Haith. Haith is the half-sister of Tristan's bartered bride. Tristan is shocked when he realizes that she is the woman he has dreamed about his entire life, she is his soul-mate. Haith never thought she would see the warrior that haunts her dreams but Tristan can be no other. Of course destiny can never be so easy and Tristan and Haith must be prepared to face insurmountable odds if they want to fullfil their dreams.This story is filled with unforgettable characters who will make you laugh, cry, hope, and dare to dream. Fans of historical romance will certainly be on the lookout for future titles from debut author, Heather Grothaus.
harstan More than 1 year ago
In 1075 Lord Tristan D¿Arhgent accompanied by his best friend dark Pharao Tak¿Ahn arrive at Greanly Manor to claim ownership. He notices few people are here, but meets Sheriff Barrett who explains they are at Seacrest owned by the odious Lord Nigel. William has paid Nigel to care for the peasants until Tristan can take possession and wed Bertie, the daughter of the previous lord.----- At Seacrest Tristan sees Bertie¿s half-sister Haith and recognizes her from his dreams but is upset that she is apparently engaged to an odious commoner even as Pharao and Bertie keep staring at one another. After dinner, Tristan warns Nigel he better not cause trouble. Tristan leads his villagers home.------ At Greanly, Tristan kisses Haith and tells her he will ask William to stop his marriage to Bertie, but Haith says she cannot do this to her beloved sibling. Meanwhile Bertie invites Pharao into her room. The next day Haith visits Bertie and sees the blood stained sheet. She assumes that Tristan had sex with Bertie and is angry with him. She knows he is her soulmate that she has dreamed of for years, but he belongs to Bertie. Haith plans to help stop Nigel, but then leave for the home of her maternal relatives.------ The strong lead couple and excellent secondary cast especially the heroine¿s aunt who is a witch, his ¿dark¿ friend, and her half-sister, make for a delightful Conqueror romance with a touch of the paranormal. The story line is character driven as Tristan and Haith take turns mistrusting one other, but team up to prevent Nigel from causing any further harm. Though Bertie¿s mom gets off too easily from her actions, historical romance fans will enjoy this stirring eleventh century tale.----- Harriet Klausner