The Warrior

The Warrior

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by Ty Patterson

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You are Zeb Carter, a deep black, special-ops agent based in New York. You work for a U.S. agency that doesn't exist. You are the go-to man when no other options exist.

You are in the Democratic Republic of Congo to track down rogue mercenaries linked to the agency. They are killers, suspected of training rebel forces who are planning a coup.

Locate. Observe.


You are Zeb Carter, a deep black, special-ops agent based in New York. You work for a U.S. agency that doesn't exist. You are the go-to man when no other options exist.

You are in the Democratic Republic of Congo to track down rogue mercenaries linked to the agency. They are killers, suspected of training rebel forces who are planning a coup.

Locate. Observe. Record. Do not engage. That's your mission brief.

You travel in the Congo and come across their trail of violence and death. You make your dossier and as you are preparing to leave, you come to a village. You witness an atrocity of such magnitude that even your seen-everything-before eyes are shocked.

The mission comes foremost for you. You have never failed one. You have never violated a mission brief. This time you do and you find yourself on the run hunted by both friend and foe.

You are a master of the killing game.

Just how good are you at dying?

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Meet the Author

Ty discovered reading at an early age and the backs of cereal cartons, and the fine print on shampoo bottles, were frequently part of his reading diet when nothing else was at hand.

His journey to being a writer has included life experiences such as digging trenches by the side of highways for storing water during drought,selling loose tea to street-side tea stalls, working with fishermen, selling exotic leather goods, and living on a couple of continents.

He took to writing at an early age - writing pieces of humor and fiction, some of which are yet to see the light of day and others that got published in journals that are now deader than the T-Rex.

Ty started writing The Warrior on a challenge by his better half and son. The Warrior is now the first in a thriller series - a series that fundamentally is about friendship, loyalty, and invisible things that make a man.

Ty is privileged that his wife and son shape their lives to accommodate his writing. They also humor his ridiculous belief that he is in charge.

In his spare time, Ty plays tennis and badminton, badly. If you need a playing partner whose butt you want to whip, Ty is your man.

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The Warrior 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
luna-jones More than 1 year ago
I love adventure books and I must this is one was a real page turner. I couldn't let the book down. I grew fond of the main character, Zeb carter but I also really enjoyed the secondary characters a lot. The narrative will grip you so much that you'd better start early, because you will be staying up way into the wee hours of the next morning. Great job Mr Patterson!
PureJonel More than 1 year ago
The premise behind this novel is very intriguing. Although following the basic model of an action story the overarching case that the characters are dealing with is unique [for a fictional story]. It leads to a very intense story. I found a couple of spots in the novel to be a bit choppy, but as a whole it was quite well written with a flow to the narrative. However, it does alternate between very slow and quite fast paced. I did appreciate the fact that Patterson wrote an action novel without something blowing up every few pages. There is definite substance to the storyline. I tend to appreciate a fair amount of character development within the novels that I read. I found that by the end of this story you don’t really know any of the characters at all. You find out bits and pieces about certain characters and their histories. Other than that, the only thing that you really learn about a character is their chosen profession. One thing that I’m slightly perplexed with at this point is how this is the first book in the Zeb Carter and Booker series when one of those characters does not make it out of the novel. However, I assume that this will be explained in further novels in the series. As a whole, this was a decent way to spend an afternoon. It was an easy to read novel that I enjoyed. I would love to know more about the characters and their very unique missions.
Sheri-A-Wilkinson More than 1 year ago
The Warrior by Ty Patterson  Zeb Carter, a military man comes back from the Congo where he is witness to horrific and unspeakable crimes. Soon he finds his life in danger and the hunter becomes the hunted. A fast paced thriller which takes us from the Congo to New York, as Zeb tries to solve a crime and save his own life. Fast paced, page turning thriller. A cast of characters, some I liked others I despised. The plot was intense I could not put it down. Murder/Thriller lovers will enjoy this great read.
WolfFaerie17 More than 1 year ago
Zeb Carter is a freelance security consultant that has been doing odd jobs for the Agency for the last four months. What Zeb sees at the end of his job will haunt him unless he can make the men responsible pay for their actions. He wittles the group down from 6 to 3 and tries to get the Agency to listen to him about these men but nothing doing. So Zeb goes on a personal crusade to make these men pay. His sister Cassandra's neighbor Rory wants to make sure that Zeb isn't causing harm to her which amuses him. Rory likes Zeb who wants him to teach him how to pitch. Zeb is constantly on the move to keep everyone around him safe and sound while he's chasing Holt. The Agency asks Zeb to back off of Holt because Holt is willing to share intel on Taliban. Will Zeb get his man? Will his family and friends be safe? Will Holt come after Zeb? Your answers await you in The Warrior. Interesting inside story about the ins and outs of the military's former soldiers. I really enjoyed reading this book. I love a good mystery wrapped up in intrigue. I find books like this to be interesting and page turners.
EvPowers More than 1 year ago
Author Ty Patterson’s first novel and thriller THE WARRIOR introduces a unique and kick-ass main character named Zed. With a name like Zed you’d think the guy was old, but he’s not. He’s a young Zen-Ninja. While reading the book I was reminded of the James Caviezel character on “Person of Interest,” John Smith. Like Smith, while not an imposing physical presence Zed has skills that set him apart from the rest of us ordinary folks, skills he learned doing clandestine  and likely illegal jobs for various U.S. agencies Patterson calls “We Don’t Exist” agencies. Every time my wife and I watch an episode of Person of Interest, and Caviezel has just kicked someone’s ass, my wife remarks, “He’d be a good friend to have.” Zed’s someone you want on your side, someone to have your back at all times. Zed is aloof, speaks only when he has to, plays an instrument called the tabla (which I’d never heard of), isn’t afraid of anyone, and has an unfailing sense of justice. While it took me two or three chapters to warm to him, I really came to like him. If tied down and threatened with dismemberment by chainsaw, I’d have to admit I liked him mostly because of his martial arts skills and unflinching calmness. The character called The Broker was also a favorite of mine.  Patterson’s prose is non-standard and thus was difficult for me to get used to. His characters don’t speak like most people I know, in contractions. They say “do not” instead of “don’t”, “have not” instead of “haven’t”, etc. The action scenes were written so well, and Zed is such a kick-ass guy, that the awkward prose faded into the background at times. Also frustrating was his use of single quotation marks instead of double quotation marks. I never really got used to that and it led to some confusion when people were quoting others, or when the rare contraction was used.  My last minor gripe is, the story dragged at times. There’s a scene where Zed is walking through New York City at night, not a safe place to walk by yourself, unless you’re Zed, when he encounters a mugging in progress in an alley. I was like, “Alright! Finally Zed gets to kick someone else’s ass!” Zed and some family and friends went on a campout, a perfect setting for an ambush of some sort. But nothing happened. Well, almost nothing. Zed did have a face-to-face with a bear, which, of course, he survived. He somehow Zenned the bear. The ending wasn’t one of my favorites. I’ll just leave it at that so as to not leave spoilers. I’ve given THE WARRIOR four stars, mainly for the way Zed was written, but also because I liked the story. Some books by first-time authors are a chore to get through. I looked forward to picking up THE WARRIOR, to see what Zed was up to. Everett Powers Author of  CANALS, THE MIGHTY T, and DEATH OF A MATADOR
1dachsmom 4 months ago
HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! Now one of my favorite authors. Don't miss this series.
donadee More than 1 year ago
Zeb Carter is an agent working for the government for a group that is considered deep ops but no one will admit that the group or Zeb exist. His mission is in the Democratic Republic of Congo and he is to hunt down a group of rogue mercenaries that they believe are working with the rebel forces getting ready for a coup. His job was to find, observe and report only. DO NOT ENGAGE! Zeb is one of the top agents, he has never turned down a job nor has he never not completed his mission. As he is tracking them he is following a trail of nothing but death and destruction. You witness an atrocity of such magnitude that even your seen-everything-before eyes are shocked. Zeb has been trained that the mission comes before anything but does it? What did I like? As a beta reader sometimes I am so surprised and this book is one of those books. Zeb Carter is one of a kind. I know that there are men out there like that but I just fell in love with Zeb. He struck a note inside of me that I couldn't let go of. I love his method of thinking, always one step ahead. The other thing that I liked was the camaraderie that he had with all of the other characters in the book. Men that would drop whatever they were doing to back up a friend in need. What will you like? A book that is full of hard-as-nails action, suspense, crime and an action thrillers that will keep you glued to the pages. I read this in two sittings only because I just could not keep my eyes open and then picked it up again as soon as I woke up. I would hope and pray that there really are men like this out there and they would do what Zeb did if they happened on the same situation. It would be nothing but right. The ending will totally blow you away. I NEVER expected it and loved it so much that I was in tears. If this is an example of his work in this series I can't wait to read the next book and I think you will agree with me. I just love being a beta reader having the chance to read work from New authors.
PaulettePM More than 1 year ago
In the flavor of Ludlum and Grisham, Ty Patterson, weaves a great tale in The Warrior. Zed Carter is a mercenary who witnesses atrocities in the Congo that drives him to seek justice, a personal revenge he is destined to fulfill. His trek takes him to New York, into corrupt politics and a network of federal agents, a journalist, and an innocent boy and his mother who become pawns to lure him into a trap. Carter is a character that marches to the beat of his own drum, fearless in his efforts, to do right by his own conscious, the reader likes him, is drawn in by him, like we are to Jason Bourne. The action is crisp and fast paced with an intensity that had me glued to the page right up to a surprising end which makes for an overall great read that lingers long after the last page is turned and the book closed
Anonymous 8 months ago
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