The Well-Mannered Monster (We Both Read Series)

The Well-Mannered Monster (We Both Read Series)

by Marcy Brown

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Children's Literature
If you have a monster for a friend, hopefully it is well-mannered! This idea works well in this selection from the "We Both Read" series. The series consists of leveled readers from levels K through 2. The workable format is one that balances a left-hand page written for an adult or good reader with a facing page geared to be read by a student reader. The student page consists of large-print words that move the story forward in a fun way. This specific tale focuses on Pat and her monster friend Matt. They share many activities throughout the day. Some are jumping rope, playing ball, helping Mom, safely crossing the street, and greeting the mailman. The adults they meet are surprised to see Matt at first, but they come away knowing that Matt is a very polite monster. Areas that are emphasized include sharing, helping, keeping a promise, safety, taking turns, being a good listener, and correctly using "Please" and "Thank You." This is a fun read that allows learning to be enjoyable. The entire text is backed up with excellent, silly illustrations. The publisher's Web site ( offers plenty of positive feedback from educators and reading specialists. 2006, Treasure Bay, and Ages 5 to 8.
—Nancy Garhan Attebury
Children's Literature - Kimberly O'Meara
Would it not be great if we all had someone to help us remember our manners? Pat does, but Matt is a monster and his presence causes quite a stir in this story. This "We Both Read," Level 1 book is not just entertaining for children but is also specially designed to encourage participation from young readers. Each page alternates between an adult-read page with more complex words and sentence structures, and a first-grade-level page with fewer and less complex words. Shared reading is an excellent way to facilitate increased decoding skills in early readers by allowing them a break to listen to the fluency, rhythm, and rhyme of a story. Highlighted words, which are at the upper range of first grade, allow the reader to build a bank of sight words to increase fluency. The illustrations are detailed and colorful, which helps the reader to further understand the text or relate it to real life. Easily purchased from the "We Both Read" web site, this book and others are bargain priced and an excellent way to share time with your child, or to supplement the reading programs of any school district.

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Treasure Bay, Incorporated
Publication date:
We Both Read Series
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6.80(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.40(d)
Age Range:
4 - 9 Years

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