West [Original TV Soundtrack]

The West [Original TV Soundtrack]


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  1. "The West" Title Theme
  2. Colorado Trail
  3. Sweet Nebraska Land
  4. Cheyenne March Song (Black Kettle's Theme)
  5. Morning Prayer
  6. Old Chisholm Trail
  7. Bare Necessities
  8. Steal Away and Shine Like a Star (The Exodusters)
  9. Lakota Flag Song (Sitting Bull's Theme)
  10. Git Along, Little Doggies
  11. Wind That Shakes the Barley
  12. California Humbug
  13. Acroos the Wide Missouri
  14. Amazing Grace
  15. Joseph's Honor Song (Chief Joseph's Theme)
  16. Come, Come, Ye Saints
  17. Farewell Tae Kemper (John Love's Theme)
  18. Railroad Medley: Wabash Cannonball/Jesse James/Jerry/Go 'Lle That Car
  19. Prairie Love Song
  20. Days of '49
  21. Klow a Ruffle Dance
  22. Death Runs Riot: Hidatsa Woman/Quantrill's Raiders/Fetterman's Hymn/San
  23. West Title Theme (Reprise)

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Seamus Egan   Low Whistle
Naná Vasconcelos   Percussion
Peter Calo   Guitar
Matthias Gohl   Synthesizer
John Kirk   Guitar,Percussion,Violin,Clogs
Molly Mason   Banjo,Bass,Guitar
L.E. McCullough   Harmonica,Percussion,Penny Whistle
Jacqueline Schwab   Piano
Andy Stein   Bass,Violin,Viola
Jay Ungar   Banjo,Harmonica,Mandolin,Violin
Dominic Derasse   Trumpet
Bernard Cottonwood   Vocals,Voices
Larry Swalley   Vocals,Voices
Malvin Youngbear   Vocals,Voices
Dennis Yerry   Flute,Vocals,Voices
Andy Tierstein   Banjo
Jeff Robeff   Recorder
Dane LeBeau   Vocals,Voices
Kenneth Little Hawk   Flute,Vocals
Dominique Derasse   Trumpet

Technical Credits

Matthias Gohl   Arranger,Producer,Engineer
John Kirk   Contributor
L.E. McCullough   Contributor
John Newton   Composer
Jeff Robeff   Engineer
Tom Conway   Engineer
Dayton Duncan   Liner Notes
Geoffrey C. Ward   Liner Notes
Ward L. Chandler   Composer
James F. Ryan   Composer

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