The White Bicycle

The White Bicycle

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by Beverley Brenna

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The White Bicycle is the third title in the Wild Orchid trilogy following the adventures of Taylor Jane, a young woman with Asperger's Syndrome. In The White Bicycle, Taylor travels to the south of France with her mother and her friends. She is going to be working for the summer babysitting for the Phoenix family. While on this journey Taylor will embark on another

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The White Bicycle is the third title in the Wild Orchid trilogy following the adventures of Taylor Jane, a young woman with Asperger's Syndrome. In The White Bicycle, Taylor travels to the south of France with her mother and her friends. She is going to be working for the summer babysitting for the Phoenix family. While on this journey Taylor will embark on another quest for independence both personal and universal as she casts her mind back to her earliest memories.

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"One cannot help but observe this more mature Taylor and reflect on who she was two books ago and marvel at how she has grown. This novel rounds out Taylor's development perfectly, and the reader is hopeful for her future... 4/4 stars,Highly Recommended."
--CM Magazine

"Taylor Jane is a fictional character to whom her author has given a distinct and dynamic personality. It will be hard for Brenna not to give us another installment of what could easily become a saga."
--Star Phoenix

"Set in an attractive area of France, this novel gives valuable insights into the mindset of individuals with Asperger's syndrome."
--Winnipeg Free Press

VOYA - Sharon Blumberg
In this third entry in a coming-of-age series, Taylor is a unique teenager who happens to have Asperger's syndrome, a form of autism. Over one summer, Taylor travels to the southern part of France in the Lourmarin area, where she takes on the assignment of personal care assistant, but many circumstances complicate her life. A good part of this novel revolves around the landscape and artistic culture in this part of the world. If only taking on a work assignment would be that easy, Taylor often ponders as she tells us her story in the first-person. Her father left her and her mother when she was still a child. Taylor reflects on this as she inwardly blames herself. Her overbearing mother accompanies her to France. In some ways, this stifles and smothers Taylor. In fact, it is Taylor's annoying, yet well-meaning mother who complicates Taylor's life throughout the novel. Taylor has to choose how to navigate this rough landscape. With her trusty white bicycle by her side and her fighting spirit, can Taylor overcome her life's obstacles? The author's personal background brings many unusual aspects to the creation of this third novel in her series. Her background in theater and her connection to her own late mother and autism blend well together. This is a great read for young adults who would like to figure out their identity in a choice-filled world. They will not be disappointed. Reviewer: Sharon Blumberg

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Beverley Brenna is a Saskatchewan special education teacher who lives near Saskatoon with her husband and three sons. Her previous titles for children include Daddy Longlegs at Birch Lane, Spider Summer, and The Keeper of the Trees. Her young adult title, Wild Orchid, also from Red Deer Press, was shortlisted for a Young Adult Book Award from the Canadian Library Association, a Manitoba Readers' Choice Award, and the Silver Birch Award. The second book in the Wild Orchid trilogy, Waiting for No One was shortlisted for the 2011 Canadian Library Association Young Adult Book of the Year Award and was a 2012 "Woozles' Battle of the Books" Teen List title.Taylor Crowe is an artist and lecturer on topics related to autism. He is a graduate of The California Institute of the Arts, where he majored in Character Animation. Taylor was diagnosed with autism after undergoing extreme behavioural changes and losing almost all of his language skills by age three. Years of therapy, along with the persistent involvement of family, friends and other individuals in and outside the school environment ultimately provided Taylor the communication skills and social skills he needed to successfully interact with others. Once discovered, his artistic capabilities and gifts were nurtured, not only as a source of enjoyment and fulfillment for Taylor, but as a strategy to further enhance his social capabilities. Taylor’s lectures cover topics such as his recommendations to teachers, therapists and families of individuals with autism as well as techniques for developing positive and meaningful relationships with neurotypical peers. Taylor also gives presentations on topics related to art, animation and giftedness in autism. His art is in collections throughout North America.

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The White Bicycle 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
ptilton More than 1 year ago
POWERFUL READ! Taylor Jane Simon, a 19-year-old girl with Asperger’s Syndrome, is back in the conclusion to Beverley Brenna’s Wild Orchid trilogy. Although the books in the series are stand-alone, each story features the spirited and strong-willed Taylor Jane. In The White Bicycle, Taylor travels to the South to the South of France with her mother, where she has a job as a “personal care assistant” for Martin Phoenix, a boy in a wheelchair who is unable to speak without special equipment. She has agreed to take the job because she wants to put in on her resume. She cares for Martin, but her free time is spent traveling the French countryside on her white bicycle, trying to make sense of her past so that she can move forward in her life. Along the way she meets an unlikely mentor who is somewhat of a mirror for Taylor. Taylor has one goal in mind — to become independent. Why I like this book/series: First of all, the story is told in first person so that the reader has a front row seat into how Taylor thinks, feels and responds to the world. The story is Taylor’s private daily journal. Brenna has a gift of getting into the mind of her character so that the reader experiences Taylor. Her characters are well-developed and you find yourself cheering for Taylor on her journey. Secondly, this is the first series I have read where we actually follow a teenager with Asperger’s Syndrome, graduating from high school, going to college, getting a job, leaving her comfort zone and traveling to a foreign country, transitioning from adolescence to adulthood before our eyes and struggling to gain independence from her mother. This is a typical response, but even more powerful from a young woman with Asperger’s. With so many children in the Autism Spectrum who will be making this transition in coming years, the Wild Orchid trilogy this is an important story for families, teenagers and teachers. I enjoyed watching Taylor’s steady growth and strong spirit in the series. Another point of interest point is the beautiful cover art for The White Bicycle. It was done by artist Taylor Crowe, who was diagnosed at a young age with autism. His artistic talent was nurtured by family and therapists. Today he lectures about autism to educators, behavioral therapists, and families – a real success story.