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Who's Tommy [Original Cast Recording]

The Who's Tommy [Original Cast Recording]

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The Broadway cast album of Tommy (called The Who's Tommy presumably to alert Who fans that this really is the stage version of the group's 1969 "rock opera" and not some unrelated Tommy) is the best recording of Peter Townshend's song cycle since the Who did the original; Beatles producer George


The Broadway cast album of Tommy (called The Who's Tommy presumably to alert Who fans that this really is the stage version of the group's 1969 "rock opera" and not some unrelated Tommy) is the best recording of Peter Townshend's song cycle since the Who did the original; Beatles producer George Martin was in the recording booth, and a stellar cast led by Michael Cerveris sings fervently. That's the good news. The bad news is that Townshend has radically rethought his ideas in 24 years, and rewritten nine songs to reflect his many changes of heart. Artists rarely improve their work by changing it years later, although they frequently succumb to the temptation, and anyone familiar with the original who tries to sing along to this album is in for a rude surprise. The Broadway Tommy has been secularized and domesticated; no longer a messiah, he now longs for normality. It's too bad that Townshend didn't have the wisdom to bring Tommy to the stage intact. (The Who's Tommy tied for the 1993 Tony Award for Best Score.)

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Rca Victor Broadway

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Tracy Chapman   Vocals
Lee Morgan   Vocals,Track Performer
Sanford Allen   Violin
Michael Arnold   Vocals,cast
Charles Descarfino   Percussion
Crystal Garner   Viola
Todd Hunter   Vocals,cast
Maria Kitsopoulos   Cello,Viola
David Kuhn   Bass
Kevin Kuhn   Bass,Guitar
Jesse Levy   Cello,Viola
Giles Martin   megaphone
John Meyers   Percussion
John Putnam   Guitar
Luther Rix   Drums,Snare Drums
Ann Labin   Violin
Ted Baker   Keyboards
Dale Stuckenbruck   Violin
John Putman   Guitar
Michael Cerveris   Vocals,cast
John Dexter   Viola
Kaitilin Mahony   French Horn
Jeanine Levenson   Keyboards
Anthony Barrile   Vocals,cast
Paul Dobie   Vocals,cast
Jonathan Dokuchitz   Vocals,cast
Romain Frugé   Vocals,cast
Jody Gelb   Vocals,cast
Donnie Kehr   Vocals,cast
Tracey Langran   Vocals,cast
Lisa Leguillou   Vocals,cast
Marcia Mitzman   Vocals,cast
Carly Jane Steinborn   Vocals,cast
Timothy Warmen   Vocals,cast
Buddy Smith   Vocals,cast
Maria Calabrese   Vocals,cast
Joseph Church   Conductor
Paul Kandel   Vocals,cast
Alexandra Cook   French Horn
Alice Ripley   Vocals,cast
Bill Buell   Vocals,cast
Michael McElroy   Vocals,cast
Henry Aronson   Keyboards
Victoria Lecta Cave   Vocals,cast
Tracy Nicole Chapman   cast
Cheryl Freeman   Vocals,cast
Christian Hoff   Vocals,cast
Pam Klinger   Vocals,cast
Norm Lewis   Vocals,cast
Sherie René Scott   Vocals,cast
Tom Flynn   Vocals,cast
John Meyers   Percussion
Cecilia Hobbs Gardner   Violin
Kaitilin Mahoney   French Horn
Lee Morgan   Vocals,cast

Technical Credits

Pete Townshend   Composer,Lyricist,Liner Notes,Book,Liner Note Art
Keith Moon   Composer,Lyricist,Additional Music
George Martin   Producer
Rupert Coulson   Remixing
John Entwistle   Lyricist,Additional Music
Steve Margoshes   Orchestration
Alan Snelling   Engineer,Remixing
J.J. Stelmach   Art Direction
Joseph Church   Director,Musical Director,Direction
Doug Johnson   Logo,Cover Art
John Arnone   Scenery
Wayne Cilento   Choreographer
Frank Hartenstein   Production Stage Manager
Steve Canyon Kennedy   Engineer,Contributor
McAnuff   Director,Book
Sandy Carlson   Company Manager
Hughes Moss   Casting
Brian Chavanne   Casting
Foy   Contributor
Gary Gunas   Executive Producer
Wendall K. Harrington   Projection
Rita D. Jacobs   Liner Notes,Liner Note Art
Mary Margiotta   Casting
Gregory Meeh   Special Effects
Steve Rankin   Contributor
David Strong   Executive Producer
David C. Woolard   Costume Design
Scott Zeiger   Executive Producer
Doug Johnson   Logo,Cover Art
Joseph J. Stelmach   Art Direction
Emily King   Librettist,Liner Notes

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The Who's Tommy [Original Cast Recording] 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
After many versions of TOMMY ( Sound track, live tapes etc ) this G.Martin recording is the best CD set after THE WHO´s Original & DELUXE & ( ... what better technology will come next ). The acteurs, musicians & technicians were brilliant. And if Rock Music will influence "Broadway" ( e.g.RENT ) THE WHO´s TOMMY will be still alive when I am a "veteran". When I was teenie, I could not imagine to love Old King Cole PORTER, but ROCK. Some decades later I love both & and these record has shown me the way. Thanks to Pete & Martin !
Guest More than 1 year ago
After bashing the movie soundtrack (though I was fair enough to point out the more tolerable moments), I figured reviewing this would only be fair. Besides, talking about good stuff is more fun! Kudos to George Martin, who produced this and conducted the orchestra. Also, Pete Townshend has changed some of the words and the ending of the original to make it more cohesive and perhaps more believable. Here, you have Tommy, who after witnessing his father's arrival back home thinks he's become deaf, dumb and blind after his parents warn him "You didn't hear it, you didn't see it, etc." This leaves the parents going crazy for a solution. A street vagabond suggests to the father that they visit the Acid Queen for their problem. It's not long before they realize the Gyspy is little more than a cheap prostitute. However, Tommy finds his "miracle cure" by a pinball machine and becomes an overnight hero. Pete Townshend has added 2 new songs "I Believe My Own Eyes" and "Sally Simpson's Question." I will admit I stubbornly boycotted this on Broadway after Ken Russel's lackluster movie. When it comes to my area again, I will see it (I promise!). In the meantime, we all have this soundtrack to enjoy