The Windy Day

The Windy Day

by G. Brian Karas

On a pleasant day in a quiet town, a strong gust of wind causes quite a stir. As the townspeople lament the whirling wedding cakes, airborne alarm clocks, and bouncing bananas, one little boy greets this wonderful wind and gets a taste of how exciting the world can be. Full color. See more details below

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On a pleasant day in a quiet town, a strong gust of wind causes quite a stir. As the townspeople lament the whirling wedding cakes, airborne alarm clocks, and bouncing bananas, one little boy greets this wonderful wind and gets a taste of how exciting the world can be. Full color.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Karas (Home on the Bayou) foreshadows the imminent arrival of the wind in a "tidy town" right from the dedication page, where newspapers fly, heads are unhatted and a girl chases after her jump rope. The story opens as a curl of wind looms large over the earth then hits an orderly community hard. Karas fashions a simple village of a bakery, flower shop, school, a factory with double smoke stacks and an array of boxy homes with pointy rooftops. A little boy starts his day in a neutral brown, navy blue and cream-colored bedroom with a perfectly made bed and a bureau filled with primly stacked shirts, then heads to school. But the wind interrupts his regimented routine. With the bluster's arrival, Karas introduces purple, gold and scarlet into his palette; the carefully aligned buildings now bob on the horizon like so many harborless ships. The type, too, whirls and swirls across the page. But while pandemonium strikes the villagers, the boy seizes the moment, inhaling "the breath of long-ago kings and queens" as Karas adjusts his style to one brimming with medieval images of castle turrets and crowned heads. His illustrations link past and present, characterizing the wind as a timeless force to be reckoned with, as well as a fleeting glimmer of nature's power. Readers will likely feel they've been carried away on a journeyand may see the next gusty breeze quite differentlyafter experiencing Karas's fitting homage to a natural wonder. Ages 4-8. (May)
Children's Literature - Meredith Kiger
Did you ever wonder what happened to the words spoken by all the people from past ages? Are they floating around on the air out there somewhere? This is the story of a young boy who wonders just that, and more, when a huge wind blows into his town. His imagination runs wild as he faces the wind and shouts, "My name is Bernard". And as suddenly as it came, the wind moves on. Simply, yet creatively illustrated, it's a Children's Book-of-the-Month Club pick.
School Library Journal
K-Gr 3When a wind sweeps through a tidy town, upturning its "ho humness," one boy notices not the havoc it creates, but the wind itself. He breathes in all the places and times the wind has been, and sends his own name with it as it travels on into someone else's afternoon. Karas's quiet, simple text is carried by his whimsical and exuberant illustrations. Scenes of the tidy town begin in neat, straight pencil drawings on beige paper. The wind brings in color (gouache and acrylic paints), movement, tilting perspective, and general excitement. Sidelights of the tidy town's occupants and their comments create a good variation of pace. The book is a well-conceived whole from its title page verso to the textured paper used in the illustrations that communicate the thrill and wonder of a windy day. As a quick read-aloud or favorite lap book, this is certain to be a pleaser.Nina Lindsay, Vista School, Albany, CA
Professing inspiration from the remembrance of a windy day in his boyhood, Karas gives character to the wind that brings its sweeping ways to a tidy boy's tidy town. With his hair slicked down and his shirt neatly tucked in, Bernard begins each ordered "H-o-o-o-o-hummmmmmmm" day. Unlike the townsfolk who resent the wind's intrusion ("Oh, you foul wind!" "Eeek! What a breeze! "Blast, you horrible draft!"), Bernard awakens to a world beyond tidiness. He is energized as well as disheveled by the wind, whose breath contains the past of Viking ships, dinosaurs, and "long-ago kings and queens" as well as the geographic vastness of a present that embraces the Great Wall of China and the North Pole. Wishing to claim his part in the wind's illustrious and venerable parade through time, he yells his name-and it is literally swept up as part of the wind's history. Karas's childlike doodles of buildings and their simple silhouetted citizenry portray the town's stolidity. The wind, rendered in erratic swirls of rainbow colored pencils, gouache, and acrylic paints, blows across the pages-even a school-child's spelling test on yellow composition paper floats past: its words ironically and prophetically wind, windy, windier, windiest. When Bernard is roused to its majesty, Karas's wind, while no less scrawly, gains a depth and richness as it explodes with stylized ocean waves and volcanic eruptions. Working on "the windiest-looking paper he could find," Karas admits to the inclusion of "bits of grass, newspapers, and flowers" to create this vivid, blustery book. Hold on to your hats!
Kirkus Reviews
Curling away from a trade wind, a breeze gathers strength and blasts into a very calm town, sending hats, wigs, homework, clocks, spoons, and even lines of type sailing into the sky. A tidy lad breathes it in, thinks of all the exciting places it has been, then shouts his name into it to carry away as it departs. Applying paint, pencil, bits of flowers, newspaper, and grass to "the windiest-looking paper he could find," Karas captures the wind'sþand the boy'sþexuberance in swirls of simply drawn buildings, people, and small airborne objects. A cheeky, bracing take on a popular picture-book subject. (Picture book. 5-7)

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1 ED
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